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Prodigal Son
Is it wrong to feel happy all the time?
I know this sounds silly but my life has so much passion and meaning, sometimes I wonder if it's really meant to be as such. I look around me and see people that have so much pain and grief, but can't understand as to why I have none whatsoever. Is it wrong to be happy all the time? or should I just continue doing as I'm doing and enjoying every moment?

Thank you so much for your help :)

Carry on! You have been blessed my friend!

♪♫♪The♪♫♪ Duchess
Nothing wrong at all. I'm happy most of the time also. There are irritants that intrude occasionally, but they are few and extremely short lived. And really even then, it isn't that I'm not happy, it is only that something ticked me off.

Being happy all the time just means that you are content with your life, that your special someone and you are in accord, that your work is satisfying and challenging, and also that you are able to find peace and happiness within yourself and don't depend on externals to make you happy.

blue eyes xx
you carry on enjoying being happy!!
im happy =))

you should continue doing wat u do and enjoying ur life, enjoy your life before its over, u have one life and live it to ur fulliest. good luck, hope u like my advice.<333

Rad ☮ Kid
keep doing as ur doing ...

its great you have an awesome outlook on life, you seem cool to hang around with!!

and you also like nightmare of you!! <3 (hense your profile picture) awesome

Music Gal
As long as you're not having detrimental signs, I would say, smile away!

Signs that you might be having "too much of a good thing":
Excessive debt/spending
Recurrent/persistent insomnia
Racing throughts/speech

These are signs of mania...which IS an illness (even though many don't want it to be since it feels SO good (at the time, anyway).

Otherwise, enjoy!

No it is not wrong at all and you should make the most of it because none of us know what is around the corner so embrace the good times and be as happy as you can - long may it last :-)

Sweetie, you have the right mind set. Being happy is a gift from God. We can look on the bright side or wallow in self pity. Enjoy what God has given you. You are a precious young man, who is loving, caring and compassionate. xo

Toni Angel
Enjoy it as much as possible. Just continue with your life the way it is and be happy my friend. :D You're welcome.

London lady oh my!
no its a very good quality to have hun if you can be optimistic in every single situation,then nothing is impossible!
long maybe it be that suffering does not touch your life hunny!xxx

I?Y!A + Justin timberlake ;)
If you feel happy all the time, why is that wrong?
Of course not, loll!

Pure happiness is priceless..
And its something you've got, your very lucky.

When your happy, your nicer to others, and you can help those- Maybe bringing a smile to their faces will make you even happier.

Your quite smart actually, if you can keep away all those pains and stuff :)

It's very nice you care :)
Have a great day.


No but I really don't think anyone is happy all of the time

some people enjoy being miserable..I'm glad you are similar to me..I find life too short to be miserable..enjoy life to the full and let all the others wallow in self pity and morose thoughts..look at the beauty of life and things around us ..and push aside the grief and sadness..people like others to feel sorry for them ,and when they've made you sad they are happy..so keep being happy and don't feel guilty ....pollyanna...

I wouldn't feel bad about it. You sound very lucky to me, and your good humour might even help others to feel the same.

Good luck to you :o)

Good to hear of someone's happiness. If being happy all the time is wrong, I don't wanna be right eh? Perhaps if you can share a little with others where you can that will be even better.

lol are you seriously asking this??
Being happy is great! I mean, as long as you don't offend people who are sad and don't annoy people by being too hyper than you should keep on doing what you're doing!

Nope not at all

Hey Prodigal Son, sounds Great!
But lets come back to earth for a moment.
How long have you been on this 'happy' high? ('all the time')
The pain and grief you mention that you see in others around you, doesn't that make you hurt too?
Especially if you are close to someone and they are grieving awfully, or a friend dies...
What happens then Prodigal?
How long have you been like this, I ask twice because you wouldn't know you were happy all the time if there you weren't down some of it ~ true?
Otherwise you could be having a manic episode and they can last even a couple of months! ...are you sleeping well, or have a bit of insomnia?
So be-careful when (and if) you come down.

But if you find that this is a permanent state of being, please mail me and we'll get together and do blood tests etc to find out your secret, patent it, then bottle it and sell it for millions!*

Stay Happy Dude! The world needs more happiness in it, :-D

No sweetie ... there is nothing wrong at all ... happiness is a choice. WE make the choice to be happy or sad. I am much like you. Why live life miserable when you can chose to live otherwise?? Because you choose to live this way you continue to bring goodness into your life and this only makes you happier. It is truly a cycle. Those who dwell in negativity and anger continue to bring it on themselves. I have lived it myself ... and know it to be true. It is like karma ... that which you give off into the universe comes back to you ... whether good or bad.

You will know sadness in your life - you are still young. Death and other unavoidable things will prove that. However, we can again have the choice how we handle these negativity's. People or things cannot give TRUE happiness. That only comes from within us and when we find these great people and things it only makes it that much better which is why you feel such happiness.

You have a good and compassionate heart which is evident by the way you acknowledged those less fortunate than you in this question. Feeling empathy for another's plight should not cause you to feel guilty about your own happiness. The fact that you are aware of this says a lot about your genuineness as a person. Of course continue on as you are ... why wish anything less? You certainly wouldn't want things to end up the opposite right? Just be grateful ... thankful ... for all the gifts you've been given and keep your wonderful attitude. That is thanks enough to God for sure.

My favorite quote by Abe Lincoln reads:

"I have found that people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

Truer words my friend ... were never spoken.

Peace and continued happiness to you!!!

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥

wafaa 2
no itis not wrong to feel happy for long time because this sure make you live long years and make you go away for diseas and I pray for you to still happy

Melissa W
Be happy as long as you can! You never know what's gonna happen!

Of course not--be thankful for it. Help those who aren't as lucky. Enjoy life but make sure you do somthing meaningful with it. Make sure your not achieving this level of happiness with unatural methods (drinking, drugs, illegal activities)

Perfectly Imperfect
You are so blessed and that is wonderful! There is nothing wrong or silly with having passion, meaning and love in life. There may come a day when you face grief and pain, but, based on your positive and loving nature you may be adequately prepared to face what may come.

The only caution I see is to make sure that you don't think you are immune to the troubles of this world- at one time or another we all have to face some of them.

I hope you are sharing this joy with the people around you. It can definitely be contagious and they may learn from your example, also, you may learn about pain and grief from those you reach out to.


Nice one enjoy every happy moment of your life x

Ansu Nadu_imsoclose2perfection
No it's not.......you should definitely be proud of yourself.some people dont even have any reason to be happy and there you are feeling happy all the time.......so definitely u shud b proud of urself and keep feeling happy all da time

Lady B
Carry on doing what you do! If anything, try to spread your happiness to others!!!!

Stay happy ;o)

Wrong, are you kidding???? You have been blessed and it's a GIFT....continue spreading the light....those in darkness need you!

little jamie lynn
not at all, it's wonderful that you are able to find good and joy and happiness in life, some people could learn from you. some would rather sit there and focus only on the negative, only on what they don't have....when they would be so much happier if they took a long look at what they do have, and what all good is in their lives. i think some people really like to be unhappy. but it's great that you are happy, hopefully your happiness will rub off onto those who are less happy. you see the good in life and you recognize all that you have, you make others around you smile,you are truly blessed!!!!!!!!

i think its extra good to be happy. Try and make your happiness rub of on unhappy peopple.

yesterday me friend got annoyed at me for being happy and hyper. So i got her a balloon. :D

you sound like a great person and it is always great to be happy and have a positive outlook even when things are bad!

Happiness is a result of loving. It is possible to be truly happy for all your life. Not easy, but possible.
Happiness is a positive mental and emotional state almost all the time. People seek many things in life, but what they really seek is happiness. They seek external things because they believe that obtaining them will make them happy. Happiness is the result of Love. Love is the cause of happiness. To verify this data, simply remember a time when you "fell in love". How did you feel? Did not your whole world kind of glow? Did you not "walk on air"? Did you heart not dance? Love causes the experience of happiness.
Most people look outside themselves to others for love and happiness. They look for someone to love them, someone to save them from loneliness, insecurity, sadness, etc. They look for someone to make them feel secure, respected, important, valued, etc. In effect, they want others to do the work of making them feel loved and happy. you do not need the love of others to be happy.
The only love that is really important is your love for yourself. Happiness is the experience of your love for yourself When you love yourself, you easily and naturally love others. You can not give what you do not have.
Everyone tells you to love yourself: few tell you how. Despite all the injunctions to do so, learning to loving yourself is neither simple nor easy. It requires knowledge and effort. (If it were simple and easy, everybody would have learned to do so a long time ago and this planet would be a different place.)
Just Get Happier!
A very effective method of becoming happier is to simply sit or lie down, and focus on the feeling of happiness. Whether you just sit and smile, or actively come up with pleasant thoughts like "I feel great," focusing on nothing else but feeling happier is an excellent way of better getting in touch with, and strengthening, the feeling of happiness. After a while, you'll find yourself tuning into this pleasant feeling at other times of the day when you're also engaged in other activities.

A very good evening to you my good friend Prodigal Son. I am so pleased to here you say that ! when you can bring your full attention to the present moment you will always feel happy. Live it and love it and you will both feel happy and create a happy future for yourself! ………. All the best Skycat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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