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anil m
Is it within one's limits to go in or control one's depression?
What are the factors affecting?
Additional Details
Sudarshan Guddy-
Where and when is it mentioned by me-that I aspire anything? And that I aspire to be God?
But anyway-God is in me, in you and in all of us!
Pl dont go on posing such statements-as i respect you!
God bless U!

[email protected]
hi @n!L [email protected]@n!....

ya i think so....ppl say dat they r in depression n its not in their handz n blah blah blah....but i personally feel dat if 1 who iz depressed giv de 1st priority 2 tensions....then surely they gotta suffer...i think 4 every n each person whether handicapped or normal or abnormal....shouldnt giv 1st priority 2 their tensions n worriez.....if u wanna lead a tension free lyf then u ought 2 hav +ve attitude....tc...sweet dreamz...bye.....

*****bE kOoL....bUt dOn frEezE...*****.


You have to believe you can control it.

You have to identify the factors that anger or sadden you.

You have to control your reactions to those factors.

If possible, try to control the factors.

Hello,All I can say is that the levels of depression & the ability to control the same varies from person to person.If for instance a person is basically has weak will power then he will be more prone to succumb to depression but the fact remains that near & dear ones can be patient & loving so that the person can come out of depression at this time its BEST to avoid company of all sad hearted so called well wishers & never give up!
Depression can be caused due to Physical illness & all other perceived or genuinely felt failures etc..My Aunt suffered from Depression but all of us pooled in and ensured that we never let her be alone ,kept her busy & always talked postive things with her ,Ensured that no relative or friend ever came and sympathised with her or was condescending towards her,,she is Fine now for the last two years.

Linda B
When it's situational depression, one just has to wait it out. If it's depression due to brain chemistry being out of whack, it's necessary to find the right medication to combat it.

sudershan Guddy
Depression is equivalent to drowning. I am a swimmer and I learnt with my own experience and later on told by my coach also that if u go to the bottom of the swimming pool and u do not know how to swim, JUST RAISE BOTH UR ARMS FULLY AND OPEN UR PALMS AND U WILL COME UP TO THE SURFACE OF THE POOL. When I was a biginner I went down in the pool ( shallow area only) and my coach did not notice it. I simply raised my hands so that she notices me and pulls me out, but I came up without any help. Later I spoke to the Swimming Pool authorities about the negligence of the coach. But point here is how to get out of depression. For this I suggest change ur thinking from negative to positive. Read books on power of positive thinking and how to heal ur life. U will then realize where u r wrong and correct ur thinking and words accordingly. This will surely help u. Besides must practice anulom-vilom and kapaal bhati - pranayaam - as taught by Baba Ram Dev on Aastha Channel at 6.00 a.m. everyday supplemented by diet as told by Baba. These r sure shot remedies for depression. All yahoo answerers have given suggestions and u r surrounded by wonderful set of friends here and there is no need to feel depressed. U r well read as I see from ur questions then what is ur aspiration. Do u aspire to be God. It is a tough job, it is better to be an ordinary human being and receive grace of God and enjoy life. I hope ur depression is suspended for now at least.

i think it depends on the degree of depression and the type. Keep in mind that not one fits all. Sometimes depression can be caused by something physical and or a combination of physical and mental. there is no easy answer.
Some people just have milder forms of depression that will be able improve , but others do not .
If symptoms last more then two weeks a person needs to go to a doctor and get treated. If a person get it under control within that time period then that is great, however sometimes that is not possible.

I think it truly depends on the level of depression and why the person got there.

There are volumes and some on this subject in medical library.

This is a two part answer. Yes and no. Yes you can effectively treat your depression yourself by putting yourself into a situation to purposely make it better or worse. If you know what triggers your depression, stay away from those triggers. And no, because really its a chemical function that your brain is somehow missing or not creating the correct or right amounts of chemicals to equalize or maintain a good state of homeostasis. Talk to your doctor.

hello anil

yes, its in ones hands to be able to get out of depression, medications and friends can do only so much to help forget the worries or the cause of depression but at the end its ones decision to go dipper or to come up above it. having a positive can change everything..

all the best *=)

depression is due to a number of reasons such as chemical imbalances in the brain or a death in the family............thinking positive can have an improvement as well as seeking advice from a qualified person

Kathleen N

I certainly would not want to speak for everyone, but I was able to heal myself of depression. I feel like a new human being. What helped was reading about Cognitive Behavior Therapy. David Burns has a good book, Feeling Good, and the basis of CBT is to look at the negative thought patterns of the depressed person. I was not successful in finding someone who really bought into this therapy, so I read all I could get my hands on. I studied it like it was a college class, making notes, note cards, etc.
It took some time, but now I can say that no matter how difficult my life has been, I do not feel depressed. I grieved over my mother's death four years ago, but it was not depression. I was able to function and be happy much of the time.
Don't be afraid to get help for depression. There are many ways to the same end. Just remember it is not what is happening to us that makes us depressed, it is how we define what is happening to us.
Yes, depression can be beat. Mind body medicine confirms that our thoughts affect our body chemistry. I tried the medical route, but it was not for me. That doesn't mean it couldn't be effective on a person's path to getting a grip on their own thought patterns.

Michael Y
There are many factors that attributed to one's depression and it's advisable to address them before the depression gets worst.

Examples like work related stress, family, relationship, anxieties, etc. are some of them.

However, it is advisable that one should not hold back their depression and trying to solve themselves.

Discuss your depression with someone that is close to you and trusted or seek appropriate medical assistance. However, I am of the opinion that the latter would be more effective in easing your depression with prescribed medication in addition to counselling.

Tracey LA
You need to be more specific with your question.

Control? No. Psychology still believes the learned ego can be controlled/modified - rather than simply being a program that needs to be ultimately deleted/purged from the system. If psychology and religion could get their acts 'literally' together, the world would be better off.

But, can we 'go inside' and contemplate the origins of the feelings of depression in order to reframe and 'transcend' them?? Absolutely!! But, every religion offers a path for transcending these embedded beliefs about self that control feelings, thoughts and reactions - IF they are read/understood "psychologically." Conflicted beliefs are the proverbial 'demons' that control our experience of reality. Purification of these interior thought patterns or compulsions is absolutely necessary for 'eternal/full aliveness.'

Things like breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi, stretching, meditation, all help. Also creative things like music, art, etc. can make you feel good and be a good outlet for feelings.

Depression is an actual medical condition, and I suppose you can control it to the extent that someone with asthma or diabetes can control their condition.

The problem is that people use the word "depressed" too easily, when often what they really mean is sad, tired, fed up, frustrated. Depression, the actual illness, has certain symptoms/factors. You can probably find a self-screening test for depression quite easily on the net, I've seen several on various websites (sorry can't remember the URLs right now).

There are also different types of depression, and ideally one would go to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis. Medications they'd commonly prescribe might be anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills.

If you take antidepressants follow the doc's instructions carefully, e.g. if s/he says "after meals" then don't take them on an empty stomach or just with one chai-biskoot! Try to take the antidepressants at the same time every day. Some work on a 24-hour cycle so if you keep changing the time, then you may end up having mood swings. Also when first starting, talk to your doc about how you feel, about a week or so into it. (e.g. When I started taking these meds I was taking them at night after dinner, but I found that they made my mind race all night long .. so discussed it with my doctor and then we changed it to a morning dose and I had no problems after that.)

Don't rely on the anti-depressants to do all the work for you. That's not what they do.

Some self-help methods will make a lot of difference. The best way is exercise. At least 20 minutes exercise at least 3 times a week, (e.g. a brisk walk) makes a big difference. Dancing or playing sports also a good option.

Also try to drink at least 8 glasses of water. Sometimes we don't drink enough and that makes us dehydrated and feel dull and listless which doesn't help with depression!

Avoid alcohol it will make you feel worse later. Also overdosing on chocolate or sweets can make you feel great at the time but bring your mood crashing down afterwards.

There are plenty of good books on how to live with depression and if you follow their tips you may actually end up living a healthier life than non-depressed people. There's also lots of information on the net.

Depression is a sickness of the mind and the cure is also in your own mind. All you have to do is to drive out the negative thoughts out of your mind and try to bring in positive thoughts. This is a very crucial battle of the two emotions and if only your positive emotions win over and conquer your negative ones can you hope to come out of depression. The people around you can help but mainly you have to fight this battle yourself.

animals rule
no so

Peanut Butter Mocha
No. Sometimes there are things that are beyond ur control, and it makes u depressed. U try to get out of it, but u don't until one day u wake up and it's gone. U don't know how it came or went, just that it did.

While many will say it would be best to see a Psychologist/Psychiatrist, which is definately true for someone who loses control of themselves, it is only the person receiving treatment that can realize his struggle with depression and overcome it.

Given a positive enough environment, one might be able to control / fight their depressive tendencies without the assistance of professionals. Though in most cases, the depressed person would simply inhibit the depression, bottling it up and making it worse in the long run.

This is a question though that you'd get the best answer from a professional psychologist / psychiatrist! And if you're referring to yourself, it's a great start that you're learning to control it on your own, but you will need additional help.

Janet Reincarnated
I had depression in 2005 for the first time. I was really bad. I went to the doctor and he prescribed medicine. I came back home with my purse full of drugs. I looked at those pills, those pills looked at me. I thought to myself "if I take these pills, I will feel better, but it is going to be a change in my brain, because that medicine mess with the chemicals in the brain. The result might be positive, but it is drugs". I thought about it and decided not to take them. From the darkness I was, I started to pray. Everyday, all the time, especially at night, It was difficult, because when you have depression, you don't feel like doing anything, not even praying. It was easier to picture images in my mind than to say words per say. I started to picture Jesus dressed in white in my mind, coming close to me in a beautiful garden. I also started to picture light, bright and shining in my room. I pictured myself in the middle of the light for several days. I started to picture people beside me, just comforting me. That was just my mind working hard to break the darkness of bad thoughts I used to have. Believe it or not, I cured myself. I started to feel better and better, each day. It was very hard, I am not saying it was easy, but I won in the end. I have had depression reocurring sometimes, but never as deep as in 2005. I continue to use my mind power to heal myself, and the best thing is that I won without drugs.

I am not telling that's gonna work for eveyone, but it did to me.


Maybe. It depends on the person and how severe the depression is. If it qualifies for the DSM-IV criteria for a Major Depressive episode, it would most likely require medication, especially if it is recurrent.

Sometimes depression is caused by situational factors, and sometimes it just happens. If it can't be traced to a particular event--it's highly possible that it is caused by a so called "chemical imbalance", that is, something about the way the individual's brain works. "Chemical imbalance" depression is more likely to require treatment, but situational depression (or Adjustment Disorder) may also require treatment if it becomes severe enough.

I am really tired of people that say, "Just get over it!". For one thing if there is a chemical imbalance God gave man the knowledge of how to correct it with meds. Eating properly, getting enough sleep, and exercise can also fix things. Meeting your responsibilities, working hard if you are able, and not running ahead or behind God but along side in your daily life is wonderful. When you have a bout of depression, intellectually tell yourself that it is temporary and it will soon pass. Don't try to control other people because that is the devil's job. Allow the freedom of choice to those around you because that is what God does for us. Realizing that the character, spirit, personality and life of those around you belong to God and it is their responsibility and relationship will let you off the hook and make you feel like an elephant has been lifted off. Pray and be a good witness without constantly correcting, just loving and sweet and they will come around in their own time not on our time schedule. On a church marque it read, "We were appointed to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges". I like that one. Another one said, "Forgive and forget, or, remember and resent". Most of all remember that the King of the Universe according to prophecy fulfilled in Scripture will be returning soon to take us home. God bless and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh. It Won't Be Long. Mmm

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