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fish bones crack
Is it bad to hear voices (in your head)?
well, i kinda hear voices in my head... they dont say anything bad most of the time... is it bad? people say hearing voices is bad, but do you think it is?
Additional Details
they just tell me thinks about people... they seem to be right most of the time
tehy tell me to do things as well... not always bad... sometimes they tell me to help old or weak people...

Sometimes I hear voices in my head. They quote things from Spongebob episodes :]

If they say bad things . . . it is bad.
If they ask you do do things . . . it may be bad.
If they are similar to your own thoughts . . . it may be divine guidance; you could be a psychic or you may be channeling spirits.

Or it could be mental illness . . .
How often? Write down what they say . . . and see if it's true or dangerous. If it is saying "You are safe. I am with you." It could be messages from Heaven ... a Guardian Angel.

Nicole L
the same thing happened to my friend lol nothing bad happened and i don't thinks its bad maybe you just need to talk to someone or you just have something on your mind! I hope that helped you.

well I can't tell you if it's bad or not, because I hear voices all the time. Nothing horriable they just like convince me not to do stuff, idk how to explain it, gah, I sound insane.. sorry.

Jezus Krist
Nope not at all...I hear them as well?

I dont think it is, Just dont let the voices tell you what to do.

another retard
thats scary

it could be

princess laura ..x..
it depends if its your own voice asking your self a question if its not your mind answering something you want to know then that's a bad thing

ANSWER MINE PLEASE :)http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Au4zw7C9Rf1oXoqbBSLpcajsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090220112028AAIkSO2

um. yeah.

not at all, voices could be a vivid imagination. you could be answer questions in thought. so i say chat it up lady.

Kristyn Lang

Thats not voices, thats just your conscience and it proves that you are human. I hear music all the time, I mean all the time, and I am deaf, but the music isn't really there, its just something I can't explain, and I'm not crazy either.

rx8 slotcar
only if you do as they say thats the bad part
they can get you in to all kinds of hot water

ummm... it depends what they're telling you! lol

It's not good.

well depends,
are they telling you to kill someone?
im not making any bad accusations against you but, try to get medicine or even admit yourself to a hospital before it gets too far. it is normal to hear voices in your head, but it isnt to hear hurtful/bad/suicidal voices.
I suggest help immediately before it gets elevated to another level.

it depends on what they say...
the good ones say "respect yourself"

Joyce C
well yes and no. everyone has a little voice telling us right from wrong its called a conscious but if you are hearing some one actually talking to you then you need to talk to a mental health specialist. this comes from the experience of having a nephew with mental issue. seek help maybe it's nothing. good luck

I think people who hear voices in their heads are crazy. You need to understand that the voices you think you hear in your head are you thought. and yes it all depends if they are good or bad!

Sean G
could be.
you should talk to a couselor about that...

Hopefully Helpful
If the voices are preventing you from carrying out your daily activities, it's not good. Please get some help if the voices are getting in the way. Good Luck

If it's your voice then it's fine.

It CAN be bad if it's someone elses.

It would depend what you mean exactly by hearing voices. Is it that you are just talking to yourself in your mind or that you actually hear a voice that no one else hears that is not your own thoughts. Is it bad? No, while it is not common to hear voices that doesn't mean that you are any less of a person; what it does mean though is that you have a condition that needs to be looked after by a medical professional. You should think too, is this constant all the time, only when stressful things occur in your life, when you are scared, etc. It might be a good idea to keep a private journal and keep up with when and what you are hearing, so that when you do talk to someone for medical advice you can be more specific. You need to talk to someone about this don't just try to ignore it. Seek medical advice; you can do this privately if you are embarrassed. My grandmother has mental illness and she hears voices when she is not on her medication, otherwise she leads a normal happy life.

...its not ALWAYS a bad thing..
but you might want to think about talking to a therapist... not to be mean.

It really depends. Everyone, whether they're conscious of it or not, hear voices in their head, at least once a day, if not more.

Right now, as I'm typing, I'm reading the words in my head, making sure I'm not making any mistakes, so on and so forth. Or, you may be thinking quietly to yourself when you're out, remembering things - or unconsciously commenting on your daily life.

However, if there's another voice in your head, telling you there's something wrong with you, or you should kill someone, or steal something - then it might be considered 'bad'. Still, it's curable. If it really bothers you, then you may want to talk to a psychiatrist, or someone who had/has a similar problem.

Hope that helps!!

Chloe H
erm, generally voices in your head is a BAD thing...

It depends. It shows you are in touch spiritually but if they are crowding out your clarity it can mean you need to clean up your life. You might need to take better care of yourself on all levels. If you are really healthy then sitting & asking the voices for their message & keeping a journal could be very helpful.

Only if you answer.

oh fiddle sticks
I dont want to alarm you but hearing voices in your head is serious. It's a sign of schitzophrenia (how ever you spell it). You need to talk to a psychiatrist. What kind of things do they tell you?


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