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Is Tourettes Syndrome a Psychological disorder?

Touretttes Syndrome is a malfunction in the brain that causes involuntary tics, noises, compulsions, etc. It is frequently, though certainly not always, associated with certain types of mental retardation. The poor person afflicted with Tourettes has little, if any control over the symptoms and suffers frequently from embarrassing outbursts when what he/she most wants is to NOT do the "thing".

Tourette's syndrome is a brain disorder. The electircal circuits malfunction. No blame to put on anyone.

Linda Dunn
It is an anxiety type disorder like obsessive compulsive disorder. IActually, it is obsessive compulsive disorder but with tics. ADHD is in the same family too. It is very common, but most people are not diagnosed.

No. It is Neurological, or to be more specific, Neurobiological. Some TS patients seek help of a shrink because of the problems that happen because of TS.

The software is fine (mental). The hardware, however, is not connected properly and causes tics.(Brain, nervous system).

i don't know that i would classify it a psychological disorder, although the treatment of it's symptoms may include anti-psychotics like haldol. it's a disorder where people have involuntary neurological manifestations- if i had to classify it, i would put it in the same category as other neurological disorders such as restless leg syndrome, essential tremor, or perhaps even seizure disorder.

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