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‚ô•Kelso‚ÄĘ (:
Im really scared please help me!?
Ok im sitting by the computer and a few minutes later my dog comes in! And she just lays here and she never does this and she stays with me to! And i brought her in the living room and she came back in and layed on the floor! Im really scared because like am i sick and gonna die or something because cant dogs sense that but i do have holoween candy in here and she looks up at it a few times to please help im really scared!

amritpal s
he's probably just scared of the rain or something
o also your not going to die(hopefully) j/k

Relax, dogs can't sense death, see a doctor, he'll/she'll they you that you're fine.
What your experiencing is call hypochondria.

ummm your over reacting by a lot 0.o
the candy is a new smell in the house so your dog wants to investigate.

if you really think is the halloween candy that's scaring you, either throw it all away or call the police and have them check it to see if there isn't any illegal substances or poison or something.

she prolly wants the candy. my dog always does this. you sound like me when i'm having an anxiety attack.

she probably just wants to be with you leave her alone.

Maybe she wants some of your candy...she probably can smell food..dogs are little beggars....I think you will be fine.

Wow, and I thought I used to be a hypochondriac. You need to take a chill pill. You are not dying. I am guessing from the nature of this post that you are quite young. I am hoping anyways. Your dog is probably just in need of some company, animals don't always act how you think they are. But you are not dying and there is no need to think of that type of thing.

I am pretty sure that your dog just wants the candy. I would not get to worried, I don't think it's because you are sick.

Your dog is just keeping you company because she can sense your anxiety. She can also sense the candy and thinks that she may get a treat if she hangs around.
Relax and give her a stroke and that will relax you and the dog.

she just wants your candy...

Katie B
Your dog is more than likely lonely, and there is a 98% chance that he wants your candy. One of my dogs always hangs around my mom, but when ever I am home alone and I am snacking on something, he is always right beside me.

The entire dog looking up thing might just mean that they want attention!

You won't die! Try not to think of it that way.

tony n
that sooo happened to me to i was sooo scared but then i found out it was lonely and played with it more

Get rid of the candy, it's bad for you anyway. The dog knows there is extra food and he wants some.

Alex P
when a pet is sad or wants to play or tired it stays next to its owner

im sure you're fine. its probably just the halloween candy. dont worry about it. my dog does weird stuff too but im fine = )

It has never been proven that animals can sense anything like death. However, in biblical times animals did talk. Think about it, when the snake spoke to Eve to eat the apple she didn't freak out that the snake didn't talk. Many other places in the Bible it references animals speaking. Also, did you know that Unicorns really existed. I learned that in the Bible too!!!

If you have a serious medical condition id call the operator and ask for a regastared nurse hotline or just call them directly at 1-888-675-0649

lmbooo!! dont b scared! ur dogg jus prob likes being wit u! myn does tht all da time.

Don't be scared, please! Dog's cannot actually sense that, don't worry. Is the problem that she's laying on the floor when she normally doesn't? It doesn't seem like anything to be afraid about. Please calm down, cause you're safe! :)

Sed P
My dog does that all the time,

Consider that your dog can also sense when you are stressed out, scared or upset so maybe it just was wanting some attention at first and now it sense your feelings...

Animals can smell chemical changes in people. Often, when animals sense that a person is sad or scared, they will attempt to comfort a person. Historically, when pets have sensed that a person was extremely sick, they would do erratic behavior such as barking without being able to be calmed.

If you're worried about the candy, you should just toss it. My pets exhibit similar behavior when they want treats...they're too proud to beg so they look mournfully at the food, give up and walk away, and then come back.

If you're still scared, try moving the candy to another room. See if the dog chooses you or the candy. If she chooses the candy, you'll know she wanted some. If she chooses you, try petting her. If petting her soothes her, you'll be fine, she just sensed that you were lonely/scared/sad.

If she starts barking at you for no reason, you might want to tell someone, a neighbor or friend to stay with you for a little while to make sure that you're alright.

She wants yer candy...calm down!

Okay... first of all.... CALM DOWN.....
Second of all... its the candy. Give her some dog treats or something. She'll go for that...

Susan C
please stop with the melodrama...and pet the dog...

your dog wants the candy
calm down
they can sense bad weather
not death

what the ****?

do u have OCD or something get over it nothing is going to happen to you

OKay calm down!!! Your dog prolly wants the candy!!!

I doubt that you are going to die. The dog just wants to lay there.

she's probably just lonely.

Jimmy J
Maybe she saw a ghost.

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