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 Help Me With Myself!!!?
i am 16 years old , my parents are pretty wealthy and i pretty much have every thing i could possibly want and more (bmw, dirtbikes, etc). even with all this, somehow i feel lost within myself. my ...

 I use yahoo answers when I'm lonely, does any one else ?
I suffer from depression and because of this I basically have no friends. I ask questions on Yahoo Answers because I'm lonely . It excites me when I get a new answer. Does anyone else feel this ...

 thoughts of suicide, i want to die but, i also want to live?
i want to know how to want to live when i feel as though my world is crashing down around me.

i have made a list of everything that i want to do b4 i die but, everytime i look review it, ...

 Suicidal, have asked for help and nothings happened?
I don't know what to do anymore.

I have told my GP and Key worker how I am feeling. My psychiatrist says theres nothing else can be done. I have rang the samaritans and the crisis ...

 I'm afraid to sleep alone? 16 years old!?
Okay..im a 16 y/o girl
my room door is always open, and my parents room are on the other side of the house and their door is always open too..
when im alone at night, and every ones asleep,...

 How can I learn to take critisism better?
When someone critisizes (I'm not sure if that's spelled right) I take it personally. I don't ever show I do, I won't get angry or anything, but after someone says something I try ...

 Am I way too afraid of death?
I mean, I know its going to happen but just the thought of it brings me to tears. My mother or father can't mention the subject with me at all anymore.
I think about it a lot.... mainly ...

 was it a suicide attempt?
my mate.

took 13 paracetamol
night nurse
broke his knuckle
cut his wrists
got drunk

cutting his wrists didnt work as the blade was blunt and when he pushed ...

 How can I stop feeling bad about being shy, soft-spoken and sensitive?
I'm always hesitant to open up to others. I have very few close friends even tho I'm an incredibly compassionate person and try to reach out in my own quiet way. Starting to feel as if I ...

 Is my friend a psychopath? What should I do?
I have a friend who apparently likes this girl he's working with. He's looked up her number in the Staff manual, and has all the days he's working with her marked on his calender. He ...

 I feel upset like 99% of the day!?
IDK what's wrong with me! I can't seem to be happy about anything anymore. I've had thoughts about suicide in the past but recently they are getting more out of control. I can't ...

 Last week was the worst of my life-I'm so down I can't see any way back?
I really feel like ending it all..
Additional Details
i asked out a female colleague who had made it clear that she was interested in me too and basically she made a complete fool of me ...

 Hey will someone talk to me, I'm feeling kinda suicidal and really alone...?
I just feel so miserable and I'm just waiting for two hours to go by so I can go to school and get it over with
I'm not interested in calling some stupid hot-line
I just want ...

 If you could only keep one of the five senses, which would it be and why?

Additional Details
I couldn't be happy without my site. I have a good ear for sound and music so I could remember sounds well. as for touch, taste and smell those seem to be ...

 Why is it that I get so depressed when I see my mom?
I mean I am fine when I am at home all day with my dad. My dad really isnt there though if you know what I mean. He usually has dosed off. I am fine when I am alone, and I can be in the best of ...

 Is it possible to be a well-adjusted, kind and loving adult even when you had a shitty childhood?
Like many people I'm sure, I had a pretty terrible childhood. I spent next to no time with my parents, who were always busy and working or doing other things. It was incredibly lonely. My father ...

 Would spending time in a mental home ruin your life?
What I mean is would it affect you getting a job or making friends if everyone knew? eg wouldn't it make perfect gossip for people to spread round and add things to?

Reason I'm ...

 Mom's computer addiction?
My mom is 53 years old and has a major computer addiction. She sits on the computer all day, and doesnt get up unless she is going somewhere or going outside to smoke. She plays spades online the ...

 is sucide a way out or is it a choice to end pain?
well 31 years old alone dying (hiv) and so angry about it didnt tell anyone and lost my job from the anger dont you think sucude is the way to go or dye a long painful ...

 How do I tell my mom that I am depressed?
I mean I don't know how to tell her I can't take it no more. I am hurting my family and everyone around me because of this thing. And I don't want to end up killing myself. This has ...

Im 15 and suicide is what I think about.?
I am a 15 year old girl and I feel that my life is bad enough for it to end it's not really something I should being posting on here but I need advice ad I have no one who I can talk to about this. Altohugh the problems in my life you may feel are minor I feel that they effect my life quiet a bit they are the following;
- We are a poor family
- We have a small house and are constantly on top of eachother
- My brother is the loved child (true)
- I can never afford any clothes
- I never get on with my family
- My aunt and uncle wont talk to me only
- I do bad in school
- I am ugly with spots
- I never get the boys
and the list goes on I dont know how I should approach this situation it's not really a convistation I want to have with my mum and dad please help me I am 15 and I shouldn't be thinking about killing myself but I look out of a window and see myself jumping out of it one day.

Have you ever thought there is others out who do have it worse than like a couple of my friends they deal with the same things.But all you could is make your self stronger with these things dont think of the negatives think of the postives and what you could do to make everthing better cause lots of teenagers got hough the same things and just think you are not alone!

Hey!!! It takes a very brave person to admit something like this and even though I don't know you, I am very proud of you for trying to reach out for help. I can understand why you would feel upset and defeated. It seems as if a lot of things are going on in your life and you feel as if you have no control over them. I can tell you (from personal experience) that being a teenager is one of the hardest times in a girl's life. I know that it may not mean much, but I can ASSURE you that things will get better. Have you ever thought about talking to a therapist?? A therapist is someone that you could talk to about these issues and he/she may be able to help you sort some of these things out. You are so young, and have your whole life ahead of you. You really should get some help so that you can live a happy and full life. If you want to talk, I am here !!!

What hurts more, your life now, or jumping out of a high window, watching the end of your life rushing towards you and splat, then the pain that your family and friends would got through.

Realy you need to be talking to someone who knows you inside out, and who you can be completely honest with, a stranger on a website can't offer the best advice.

Dyme: This Is SO NOT It, Michael
your questions answer = God

you need to talk to him
weather you believe in him or not.
it doesn't hurt to try.
im tryna save you from hell.
heaven is a REWARD from all this horrible stuff on earth.
don't worry.
one day after you get done doing what you are supposed to do here.
you will be rewarded.
no pain no worries.

Please never think of suicide.It is bad.Everyone is useful in this world include you.If you want to live in a good life,you have to study hard.And when you meet your true love,he wont mind anything from you.If he love you,he wont mind.So,no need to worry.You just have to wait.You said you are poor.Don you think of some people,they didn't have money at all,and they didn't have anything to eat.You are so lucky compare to them.Don worry,everything will be fine.Good luck:)If you need to talk,you can talk to me if you want.:)

if you are, but dont do ti you have a whole life ahead of you. you could probally get a job somewhere and get some money. thats one thing i can help you on

aimee you are only 15 and have your full life ahead of you. ok it can seem like all the problems you have are major ones, but in a few years time it won't feel like that, as things will change. things will get better in your life. i'm from a poor family but i had a good upbringing still. you will meet a nice guy in time i'm sure about that. i'm sure your family love you really even if right now you don't think they don't. can you imagine what it would be like if you killed yourself? its the people that are left that are going to have to live with the fact you killed yourself for the rest of their lives. please talk to somebody, even at school there must be somebody that you can talk to? take care and good luck. michael.x

By reading your list, I was able to make another list of things you DO have:
family, a home, and the opportunity for an education.

Most people are frustrated with themselves and their lives when they are 15. The good news is, you will change. Everything changes.

YOU need to decide what you want to improve about yourself and your life and make it happen.

Stuart C
HEY there

I'm Not going to tell you what to do. I am not going to criticize. I am just giving you advice. I am a christain. I love and worship JEsus my Lord and saviour. He is the one person who will always care for you no matter if no one else does. The Lord has a plan for each and every single one of us. Follow in his foot steps Pray to him ask him what to do. But the last thing Jesus wants is for you to kill yourself. So don't think about it. People will tell you that you are wortgless, ugly but don't listen the Lord made you perfect in his eyes and one day when the time is right. You will be by his side. Life isa challenge. It is fuul of choices don't make the wrong ones.

hope this helped

No, please do not kill yourself or even think about it, maybe you are exaggerating and you just are depressed and need some confidence and talk to your parents

At 15 you haven't suffered nearly enough to be thinking about this yet; I'm 43 and I haven't suffered enough yet either.

Find something that makes you happy, do it as often as you can.

It will pass it happens to a lot of ppl, but as life goes on your problems will solve themselves out dont think about that it will work out in the end, life is too short to throw out.

[мιѕѕ є] + ♥
All these things you listed should have made you even stronger.
You say you have a poor family, that should make you want to try harder in school so you have have a better life when you grow up and help provide your family.
Brush all the others off your shoulder and think about the positive side of things, even if you think there isn't.

ray of sunshine
okay seriously suicide is not the best option here. i am 15 here and i was getting really depressed with revision for GCSE's and felt a bit like you. your key to life is to take each problem and resolve it.

- your poor family to you may feel like you have no money but just compare yourself to those who live in africa who starve to death as they have no money, you are practically millionaires compared to them

- you may live on top of each other but it is better to be closer to your family than be like the people that never even talk to them or hate them, family are really important and people often take for granted, appreciate them!

-other sibblings may feel more loved but i am sure your parents love you both equally! talk to your parents and i am sure you will be reassured by them

-why not try to get a saturday job you could get extra money for clothes

- spots will clear in time just make sure yhou cleanse regulary

- boys at our age are immature, they will soon grow up and start to realise that you are a great person and will soon see you in a different light.

suicide is a really selfish thing to do as it doesnt just hurt you but everyone that loves you, and that is alot of people!!

try a more positive outlook on things, soon you will see how silly a thing it was too even think about it!!

hope this helps =]

You are going through a tough time at your delicate age, there is nothing I can say to make your problem less but if you feel these major problems in your life are taking over your life, then you should try medication. Medication will help you to see a way forward and help you plan and decide what you want to do once you leave school, I would suggest that you think about employment once you are old enough to seek employment and move out of the place that you are if it is cramped. The medication that you will take once you have been to your doctor will give you some peace until you are old enough to leave school and find part time or full time employment.

xOxOxO :) <3
Well think about it. It could be worse. You have food in your stomach. You have clothes on your back. You have a decent education. You have a family. You have friends. You go to school. There are many people out there who have NONE of those. If you still feel sad, talk to a counsler.

you are depressed with suicidal thoughts. you need to aee a psychatrist, NOW! adolescents like you have a HIGH suicide rate. THINK!! suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. in 20 years, when everything is going great, you will wonder why you were thinking like this.

The nice answer is go see a counselor. Work things out.

The not so nice answer is YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT POOR IS! My father died when I was 13 and suddenly there was no food on the table any more. I had to trap and fish just so we wouldn't starve. Ever live on bony fish, wild greens and possums? I missed so many days of school because of trying to feed us all that I failed two grades. I had to quit when I was 16 and got a real job. We got our clothes from yard sales and the Salvation Army. I supported myself, mother and three brothers.

People are too hung up on material things these days. "I want $100 shoes, I want $90 pants...."

Do yourself a favor and find a part time job after school. Study and get good grades. Stop worrying about 'nice' things until you can afford to buy them for yourself.

Yeah, I know I'll get a lot of thumbs down for this rant but when you've been REALLY poor this stuff angers you.

Sticky toffee pudding
I came from a very poor family like you, times were hard, I was the oldest but always felt my twin sisters got all the love, I had a major chip on my shoulder and always felt sorry for myself, I wore second hand clothes that were often far to big on me, and the other kids would laugh at me, looking back now as I am now a mother myself, my life was not hard, I was never hurt and had a loving family, although at the time I did not see that, My dear mum and dad worked hard to feed us and keep a roof over our head, yeah we struggled.

The struggling of hardtimes have made me the person I am today, , my life is good, but as if it was yesterday I can still remba struggling and thinking the world was against me .

Assayyida B
What's wrong with you, people? A few things and you'd already jump. Life is beautiful. Why don't you see any nice thing in your life? How many people will live if everyone will kill himself when there will be a problem?

yh but r u starving in africa?
r u been blown up in afghanistan?

i ♥ hershey ♥♥♥♥♥
speak with a school counselor they cane get you some counseling for you & it sounds like the whole family could use some~also the suicide hot line number is1800SUICIDE good luck to you♦

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