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Hollie :)
If you cut yourself does that mean you have a mental illness?
Okay well I do cut myself, and people are always talking about like all these "mental illnesses" you most liikely have if you cut? Cant you just do it with out having to be "messed up"?? I mean I know its wrong and everything. and I can stop on my own if I really wanted to. I have before, but does cutting yourself mean your "crazy"?

No more than excessive drinking or drug abuse means that you have a mental illness. It means that you're suffering from an addiction, or at the very least, a self-destructive habit. However, most, if not all alcoholics and drug addicts are using their addictions to self-medicate, and the same can be said about self-injurers. This means that you probably have some underlying issues, which may or may not be mental illness. In either case, you should get help from an EXPERIENCED professional (and trust me, experience matters) before your self-injury escalates and becomes an addiction, if it has not already. This is a self-destructive habit, and while it may not be as dangerous as alcoholism or drug abuse, it can give you anemia, leave you open to nasty infections, and it can kill you. And finally, it can take over your life. Addiction eats away at the soul in a way nothing else can.

Okay it doesn't nessacarly make you crazy, Now some rude people on here are going to be rude and sarcastic don't listen to them listen to me, You need to reach out for help cutting yourself isn't making any of the reason's your doing it better, you need to find a new healthy way to release your anger and not take it out on your self. Try getting a punching bag or working out when your mad, it will help you instead of hurting you but also let you relieve some stress. It will be okay get help talk to somebody just take my advice Don't cut yourself hun!

It is a mental disorder, in the sense that depression and anxiety are mental disorders. It is not normal to cut yourself. It is not normal for a human being to want to hurt themselves like that. You really should get some help. Find someone to talk to..an adult you trust or a counselor.

Carl H
Yes you have to be messed up there's no logical reason to cut yourself unless your "trying to relieve stress" as cutters say themselves

You know it's wrong. You know people think it's strange. And yet you still do it? Stop now and talk to someone.

The Wizard.
You might not be crazy yet,but doing this to yourself is called -self mutilation.It can lead to a Psychological problem.You most likely have an underlying cause for doing so.

I have had mental illness and never cut so that's the advice I can give you.

Hope you get this problem sorted out.

Dan F
You have a mental illness if you cant stop, but its probably depression that you need to confront. Its not good to cut yourself because of the risk of infection or bleeding out. If its depression than seek a counselor, if you like it, well thats your own choice as long as you keep in mind the risks, just like smoking or chewing tobacco (recent problem i had).
your not weird.

Mental illness doesn't necessarily mean insanity. You sound like you think cutting isn't a "big deal" but it is. Cutting yourself is definitely a sign of mental illness, but like I said, it doesn't mean you're crazy. Maybe depressed? Confused? I don't know, but you need to talk to a psychologist and get some help.

Listen, I'm no shrink but the fact that you are cutting yourself is deeply troubling.. To further that you know its wrong and you still do it. If you can quit like you say you can do so and quickly.. Then you should be talking to your family doctor to recommend a shrink who can help you understand y you are doing this.. get help quickly.. this is not normal

if you have a good reason well your not crazy like if you feel guilty cause your mom died or something, or your going through something really tough, but just cutting because you want to is... unusual.

but i never heard of any illnesses that makes you self-mutilate. I think that's a load of crap.

unless you have a depression and your really sad, cause sometimes depression is caused by an event that happened in your life, or is caused because you don't have enough of the right chemicals in your brain or something that causes that, so then you need medication but I'm not sure though I don't know enough about it to explain it.

my bf sleeping in a corner
i don't think so but u should talk in stead of cut and being happy isn't bad!!!:)

I dont think youre crazy but you really need to see a doctor asap!

no, yer not crazy.
its just yer way of getting through depression, or whatever is hurting you.
although its not the best way to deal with it, its just yer way of doing it.


its not gonna bring me down
No. Just because you cut yourself it does not mean that you are crazy. You could be sad or depressed, and cutting can possibly be your 'way out' of the things that make you want to cut yourself. If I were you, I would stop. And it's really good to know that your strong enough to stop cutting on your own.
And if you have been cutting with metal, the next time you go to the doctors, I would check to see when the last time your tetanus shot was. Tetnus shots protect you against metal related wounds, but everyone has to get them, even if they don't have a cut. Metal can be very harmful outside your body, but inside your body too. Your not crazy.

mary d
No but you are harming yourself for a release just like bulimics vomit ...it is a form of control and self loathing and your world cannot be controlled by you... but you can control what you do to your self. People who have a mental illness do not realize what is truly going on ...many times a family member or a trusted friend has to step in and intervene....you aren't crazy but you need help before you get a mrsa infection from the cutting...and my daughter's friend just got out of the week long hospital stay from mrsa that stuff is bad news...get some help before its too late

Joseph Hyde&Future Mrs. Hyde
no and yes it means you have some problems maybe you need counseling. cutting yourself is serious. i did it because i was in pain i dont do it anymore. i had problems but i wouldnt call myself a mental wreck or problem. but that was then but now i do is it as i have a mental problem because i need not psych. help but i need to release how i feel and there are other ways to do it. you should look into counseling really.

justin ohio
You would need to consult a doctor to really answer this one. Some people enjoy what is called "self mutilation". Some people enjoy pain. I think that it is abnormal to inflict damage to your own body but it does not necessarily mean that you are "crazy". There are tribes that cut designs into their skin as a right of passage and that is considered tradition. The problem is that a lot of people cut themselves cause they are in fact going through mental or emotional problems.

It's a way of manifesting emotion into something you can control, and feel. It's a relief for many, though for you it might not be the case.

But feeling the urge to self harm at all, although common, is not healthy in the long run.

It would probably be wise to investigate it further with a psychiatrist or counselor.

Dawn D
cutting yourself doesn't mean your crazy. what it does mean is you don't know how to proper express your emotions. i use to cut as a way to self medicate instead of doing drugs or drinking. should you get help? yeah, probably if you're cutting yourself daily. medications can help with that, and if nothing else i recommend talk therapy. its' done wonders for me.

No your not stupid or crazy... but you do need to try very hard to stop because it can kill you... i know i dont know your situation but do me a favor and please stop

Nan's cat Tigger
It doesn't necessarily mean your crazy but you definitely need counseling. It's not normal and you are either depressed or yelling for attention. Tell someone to help you before you go to more drastic measures.

No it does not mean you are crazy or a mental illness. What it means is that you have some things bothering you, maybe you don't want to tell anyone. SO cutting yourself is how you have come to deal with your problems. Also maybe you have done some things you don't feel proud of and are looking for redemption. If so learn from it, forgive yourself and move on.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
No.. you don't sound crazy. Why do you cut though...? I Mean there are better ways of letting out your sadness without being destructive..

If you have a empty void in your life feel it with a thing to enjoy. Cutting yourself releases endorphanes (sorry I know i spelled i think) that make the "pain" go away. That is why it is attictive. Socially it is made fun of in our generation (in high school myself right now). If adults find out it could be really bad for you and put you on a pill or something. So it is best if you stop. :)

Self infliction of pain may be a predecessor to something that can only get worse down the road, so I would have it checked out.

Tara B
you really should tell someone you know like a parents or a friend its not gonna go away on its own it doesn't make you crazy but there is something causing it that should be addressed.

Joyeux Noël
People don't but themselves because everything is fine and their life is filled with puppies and rainbows. There has to be something in your life that is causing you some sort of emotional pain. I would suggest identifying that thing, and either removing it from your life or finding some other way to vent your negative feelings about it.

I suffer from depression, and whenever I'm feeling down I like to write poetry or play guitar, something that distracts me but also lets my feelings come out in a more healthy way.

Basically, you're not crazy, but you are probably experiencing a lot of negative emotions in your life that need to be worked through.

no. it means u have some issues u have to work thru and express in a healthier way, but it does not mean ur crazy. you should talk to some one though

Summerly, loving life
it means that you have something that bothers you and you are not willing to admit it even to yourself. Only you can stop this and if you have the answer you should stop one day you will have all this scares that your children will want to know why and then when they do it what will you tell them, what would you tell them if one of them was doing that, would you tell them it was okay for them to do that, something is wrong and you should stop and if not then you must get hellp

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