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If you are over 18 yrs of age...?
And living in your parents house, can they make you take Anti-Depressants, or is it up to you?

It's up to you at that age. But, I would listen to my parents as they care about you most.

I would say no...unless they care for you because you are somehow found to be in a state where you are unable to make 'sound' decisions on your own. In that case, they could be considered your guardians and make choices for you.

no it is up to you but if they want they can kick you out.

Another Spaceship Captain
No! Don't ever take them!

Haven't you heard? Anti-depressants cause aggression! GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Paxil, even admitted "hostile episodes" could result, and do you know what the black box warning on Effexor says?

It says:


Think about it! And go here: http://www.ssristories.com

Liz O
It is up to you. However, if you do not take them and something happens, you could be found incompetent and then they will be appointed to make all decisions for you. My advice....just take the antidepressants and keep everyone happy. You wouldn't get them prescribed to you if you didn't need them. Good luck. I hope this helps.

No, they cannot. You have to make that decision for yourself. However, if they are good parents and have made observations about you that have made them conclude that you might have a need for them, you may want to listen to their reasons why as they may have some truth to them.

The bottom line, however, is that you know yourself better than anyone and have to make your own decision in your own best interest.

Good luck.

your 18 years old. your an adult. your free. you can do whatever the f*** you want.

no, it's up to you. you're legally an adult and can generally make your own decisions.

[email protected][email protected]
ur n adult its up tooo uuu..but see a doc.k

I'm not sure about the age thing but I do know that you cannot be forced in any way shape or form into taking medication unless you are medically incapable of making decisions on your own or at times if you are at risk of harming someone else or yourself,even then medication cannot be forced.

Sam R
definitely up to you!

At 18 no one can force you to do anything. But, they do know what's best for you. If they think you need anti-depressants I would consider it.

Wicked Angel
in most states, if not all in the US once your past the age of 18, or 18 you make your own choices.. your already legaly considered an adult.
regardless of whos roof you live under, though if a psychiatrist or doctor recomends it , subscribes it to you and something bad occurs because you refuse to take it.... your in deeeeep-.

Only if they are still your only means of support, E.g. they are still raising you as if you were a minor child, paying for your total up keep. If live there , And are in High school, Yes they can But if you have a job, And contribute to the household income, are not dependent upon them for your sole means of support then no they can not.

No they can't because your 18 or over, you choose, you have say, you have right, practial when you turn 16 you've got say in what you can do and what you can't

It is up to you.

It's up to you.

up to you.

If you are 18 years old your officially an adult.
So to answer your question it is your choice.
Your parents no matter how strict and strong willed they are they CANNOT force you too take pills. It should be your doctor telling you, or your decision.
depending on your case of depression.

emily scotts a babe

up to me

Darisu D
you are legally an adult and they cannot make you do anything you dont approve of.

it's up to you! if they somehow feel threatened by you for some reason then they can always kick you out....but that can always change...if you are threatening to kill yourself or someone else they can put you in a mental hospital but they cannot make you take pills against your will

Jake S
In canada its your call at 16 what you want to do, not to mention its your call on everything medical your parents cant even come in without your permission.

it is deffinatly up to you. but they can make you move out.

its always up to your parents if your still under their rules/house

if you were to be paying rent, and more independent, then of course this would be okay to no listen to them. but other than that

listen to them

I think they are responsible as long as you live with them.

ur 18
do wutever u want

no one can force to do anything while u are un detained (arrested) its your choice

up to u

I am 24½
I share an apartment in the city.
Mom & Dad live in the suburbs.

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