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If i told you i was going to kill myself tonight, how would you react?

Miss Vicki
I would tell you all the things you already know you'll hear.
Seeing as there is no way to contact you, and I have no idea where you are from, all I can do is pray.

Kitty L
What's after death???? SCARY thought. It could be a lot worse than things are now.


i would ask you to look around at all the people that care the most about you and how this would effect them. there are people out there that care alot about you and love you. I had my best friend kill herself when she was 13. and it effected everyone very badly. Its not worth it!

call a therapist or your mom, dad anyone who you know loves you very much and tell them you need help!

well, if someone's going to do something, there's no real way to stop them other than physically holding them don't which would only magnify your suicidal feelings which are probably hurt, betrayal, misunderstanding, and anger. I've been down that path, and i had to ask myself - what am i running from? and more improtantly - where am i going when I "escape" from here? No matter how hard life is - there's always SOMETHING or SOMEONE who can help you. I had A LOT of financial trouble, a horrible breakup from someone that i loved more than life itself, found out that my dad was terminally ill w/ Leukemia, and I couldn't pay my bills, & my liscense was suspended because i had tickets i couldn't afford to pay for, and i hated my job. (i know, i sound like a country singer, right?) well guess what...it took time but i slowly climbed my way out of the hole. all i can say is just when you think it can't get any worse and life isn't worth living - all of a sudden something happens to make it better... then a little bit better..... then you look around one day and you're okay. I would love to chat with you more if you'd like. you can e-mail me anytime if you want to know more. maybe i can help you....

I'd wonder why...and I'd also think it was kind of sick asking a question like that...a lot of people feel it's their only and last resort, and I'm pretty sure a lot of peeps on here have lost loved ones in this manner...

I would of course hope - whoever you are - that you don't do that. I would wonder if you have posted your question just to get people's attention or if you really don't want to kill yourself and just need to vent some serious unhappiness you may be living with.

I would wonder why someone would consider that in a "premeditated" way because I understand how someone may lose control and kill themself in grief or rage that is so unbearable they had to do something quick; but if there is time to plan such a thing there is also time to take some other action (even if its just to make oneself feel temporaril better) to get through a rough spot and give life a chance to get better.

Finally, I would realize that I don't know you. You are not my family member or friend, and if you were serious about any plans to kill yourself I wouldn't be the one to be left behind and I wouldn't be the one not around to see any good stuff that my be in the future.

I've always wondered why anyone would ever let other people drive them to suicide. After all, if people (or life) has failed someone why give in and let them or it win?

Whether or not any plans to kill yourself are real, obviously you have some need of some kind of attention. Hold off on the killing of yourself (although I'm thinking you may like talking it about more than you would actually carry it out - I could be wrong), and instead get yourself some help of some kind. Maybe a counselor can't fix problems in your life but he/she could help you deal with them better.

id advise you to think again,remember you will also hurt people you leave behind.id tell you to try to talk to a friend or family member.if not call one of the help lines available.

STOP STOP STOP STOP.. I say don't do it.and i will try my best to make you stop
from killing your self.least i can do..

I would say don't do it. There must be something worth living for.

Also if you attempt it and don't succeed you could make yourself more miserable. With a long stay in hospital and lots of psychological evaluations and rubbish like that.




See YA'

I would be worried because even if you dont no somebody its still not nice to hear that they have taken there own lives! oxo

your too young to die.

i would for one not let you out of my sight and i would look into finding you some kind of help through your doctor????

why would anyone want to kill them-selves, when your dead its forever and that scares the **** out of me........

♥♥Squirrel ♥♥
Are you being treated for your depression hon, Seeing as you have suffered for 6 years and you are only 16? if not I plead with you to seek professional help.

Contact me if you want to talk to somebody

de rossi
kill myself for letting it happen

well...don't do that. there are an infinite number of other ways to deal with stuff. ways that aren't so final. think about the people you know. suicide is incredibly traumatic. my aunt killed herself. even though her and i weren't extremely close, it really messed me up for a while. it's hard to not feel guilt. i'll always wonder if i could have done something to stop her, to help her. i still cry about it. it's been 2 years.

Lisa M
I'd ask you to call 1-800-SUICIDE.

Star* Of* Elo
First of all even though i don't know you I am guessing that you are a good person. I'd try to talk you out of it as best I could. My brother was going to kill himself when I was a kid. He was grown up and living by himself. He called my mom to say one, last, word. She wasn't home. so he left a message. By the time she got home it was almost too late to save him. She called him and told him she loved him ect. Because of my mom he is still here today. So all I can tell you is what would you do if your very best friend was going to kill himself or your mother or father or even a sibling. anyone you care about what would you do? Most likely tell them not to do it! because you loved them. Your friends and people who surround you will say the same thing. do it for your family and all those who love you, you may think they don't but they really do.

Do the right thing, times will get better,

Mrs Chicagosgirl!!
i would cry for you and your friends and family. xx

I guess I'd tell you not to do it. Once it's done, it can never be undone, and you don't get a second chance at life. I've come close too many times to count, but I never did it. I guess I would rather be painfully alive than peacefully dead.

if i knew you personally, i'd ask if you wanted to talk about why you chose to do it. i'd most likely try to convince you that things will get better and you should think about all the people that will be affected by your death, that suicide isn't or at least shouldn't be a solution.


i think you should phone someone and get help now

†Fakey McFakerson♥
i dont know you so cant really say that id care but i have been there before so if you can tell me your problems ill talk wtih you and hope you get out of this like i did.

Send you to a psyc ward for evaluation and hope you get better.

I'd tell you suicide is the ultimate in selfish acts. Great, your problems are over, lucky you. Now your family, friends and loved ones (yes, you have them) are left to pick up the pieces and and continue on with a huge void in their lives. They will spend months, if not years, wondering what they could have done to help you. Suicide is cowardly and the easy way out. No one I know has an easy life but we get up every day and try to make each day better than the last. It gets hard. It's tiring. But when I was at my ropes end, pills in hand, all I could think of was the pain this would bring to my parents and sisters. The next day I sought help. That was almost 20 years ago. I'm now married with a great daughter and an amazing life ahead of me. Don't be a chicken. Get the help you need now. Good luck.

I would try to talk you out of it. I am sure you have a lot more life to live. Depression is a disease and you can get help for it. Be safe!

I wouldn't personally react because I don't know you and am probably nowhere near you. But, I would suggest calling a loving relative or friend and discuss it, or call a suicide hotline.

bob b
are you dead yet???????

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