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 Teen troubles. I'm a single Mom. Help!?
My husband was an alcoholic/ drug addict and died in an alcohol-related drowning. He was extremely abusive, and just prior to his death, we had separated. How do I get through this? My 15-year old ...

 My doctor is messed up.?
So i have depression and i go to the doc every month to get checked out with my meds and everything and i get weighed every time and when i went i lost like 8 pounds so she thinks i have an eating ...

 This happened 20 minutes ago, I don't know what to do?
I overate today, by a lot. For anybody else it would not be considered overeating (half bowl of vegetable soup, strawberry yoghurt, one McVities’s digestive, I’m not eating any more) but for me ...

 Is it normal to want to be alone?
I dont know how to explain what the feeling is, but i like being on my own and keeping my own company, but at the same time i want some1 to be there with me so that i can talk to them.

but ...

 I'm a loner?
I'm 21, but I have no friends. I don't like going on, I'd rather stay home. In fact, I stay home most of the time. The only time I'm out of the house is when I'm at school or ...

 Have you ever come to a point where you can't take anymore?
did you flip or did you just carry on i feel very weird today like just crying and crying i haven't got pmt i feel really scared at theese emotions i just feel like ...

 Is it okay to cry in therapy
Is it okay to cry in therapy. I mean like I hardly tell my problems at all I lie and say everything's fine. & Some Day's I feel like crying because my week has gone by so bad. What are ...

 How do i stop hurting myself?
I have a problem. When ever I am upset or someone is mad at me I have like compultion that makes me want to cut myself I have done it befor and swore I would never do it again but it got wrose I know ...

 Should I stop taking my antidepressants?
The CPN said I could if I got manic or the side effects got too bad.

Very high mood.
Can't keep still.
Talking really fast.
Can't ...

 Self-harm at 15. successful ways to stop and cope with life?
Im 15 years old and have been selfharming since october. Recently i feel like ive been doing it as an end to things rather than to deal with things.

I was recently dumped by a long term ...

 Can't believe I'm actually asking about this...?
Yep, I feel dumb for asking about this; I just don't really believe in depression. (I know people will say it's real and I just have to go to the doc). Anyway, there have been SO MANY ...

 Should I tell my mother or my grandmother first?
When I was younger, my cousin, which was only a year older than me, raped me...and this went on for a few years until he and his sister moved down to florida. They and my grandmother are on my dads ...

 I'm just plain depressed and i dont know who i am anymore. i really need some advice! please anything.?
Please do not give me sarcastic answers i just need serious advice. any advice you've got to offer. Anything. i think it might just help me. Here is my situation. I am 15 years old and I'm ...

 I'm 32 years old and my dad hung himself when he was 57, and so did my grandfather- both the same age?
and the same way-I have tried and even been in the hospital a few times because I tried to kill myself even before I knew about my grandpa, and my dad...am I a part of a legacy? Are my genes ...

 Autistic Kid Harassing me?
Okay, well, there's this autistic kid in my school. At first I felt sorry for him and everything since he was autistic, but now he's started harassing me.He likes to get his binder and ...

 I need to stop cutting but I dont know how?
help me ...

 How can i not be afraid anymore?
Ok so here's the story, issue, thingy.
I flinch a lot. don't mean to, but its really upsetting that people cant make a motion towards me without me jumping out of my skin and backing ...

 Will you ever be happy?

 does everyone do stupid thing's from time to time?
i feel like everyone on earth has done something stupid i mean look at history.....there were wars that were started and that ended with no succession. you could be smart as ever and forget where ...

 what does 'bipolar' mean?

Additional Details
okay, got it. thanks everyone....

If Jesus was standing in front of you, what would you say?
Picture Him with a countenance of pure Unconditional Love and Joy.
Additional Details
Sue G. , That's okay. Perhaps it will do some good or perhaps it will not. But I will take my chances on the former.

"no homo"

Blackhawks RULE!!
How would you know its Jesus? I could easily put on a white dress, grow out my hair and have a fake halo over my head.

Nice sandals.

Marvin Queequay
where the weed at?

Christopher B
I think "4thtwin" said it simply the best. "I'm sorry" what else can you say. We are all sinners and we all want to change our sinful ways but constantly do not thinking there is always tomorrow to change and then tomorrow is eventually our last day. Seems to me that "I'm sorry" is about the most common response God gets when he faces everyone who appears before him after they die.

I would tell him that, despite his seemingly "unconditional love of all", the Church founded on his teachings and morals has become corrupted and forced me to renounce any faith in organized religions.


Jesus Christ!

I wouldn't be able to speak at first-I would just stand in amazement as tears roll down my checks, and I cry uncontrollably. I would compose myself and thank him for life and asking forgiveness for all of my downfalls and sins. I would ask Jesus if its time to come home. The way the world is going I am ready to go to my new "address." The Bible says we know not his time of arrival, but just thinking of Jesus standing in front of me and I could talk to him...my heart gets excited in the thought that someday soon this will not be a ? on a computer, but a real event.

sue g
Ok, posting this in mental health might get you different responses than you'd expect. There was a schizophrenic at my house last week that had a whole conversation with Jesus and most of the players on the football field while we watched the game.

I don't know if I could speak but if I could it would probably be " thank you"

I would rethink how he would look if I were you. John was his closet friend when he walked the earth, but what the Apostle saw when he appeared to him during his exile on the Isle of Patmos almost dropped, "The disciple whom Jesus loved" dead in his tracks (Revelation 1:1-17). The angelic beings in his presence cry out, "Holy, Holy, Holy" not "Loving, loving, loving". His love for us is a Holy love, which required the cross for our sins, instead of just overlooking the issue because he loved us.

Thanks man, for dying on the cross for my sins. Can I go home with you?

I would probably confess my sins you know, and ask him to take me with him and to heal everybody i hurt and make them know that for whatever i did to them (even dirty looks) i am sorry

I'd say "Sh*t I was wrong" and then start apologizing. But I would have to know that it would be Jesus.

go the f*ck away jesus

I'm sorry!

I would say hello and introduce myself. Probably ask him how's the weather in heaven and how is he doing?

I'd be on my face begging for forgiveness, and crying out my love for him.

i would take a picture

i'd wake up

"Jesus Christ" lol

I would ask him why God did not show himself to the world in order to make everyone believe in him.

Xo K8ey Xo
I would thank him for giving me my life & giving me a life with wonderful parents, siblings, animals, family, friends & just all around a great healthy life =)

Adam Lambert's Biggest Fan
please take care of my friends and family that you have with you already. And please be waiting for me. And I love you and thank you for this beautiful life we take for granted everyday.

Chris I
OMG it's judgment day

korea korea ?무 귀엽다
i would say HELP ME

The Realest Answer
id say "Jesus CHRIST"

I'd ask him to take me up to the Heavens with him.

I probably couldnt say anything because id be speechless.

I'd be speechless. Stare up at him with admiration! Then probably cry. thinking of how graet he is, and her am I a horrible sinnner standing beneath him. how i dont deserve to meet him. I'd feel terrible inside, wanting to go and take backk all those wrongs Ive done. Finally i'd say, "I dont deserve your love. but you do deserve mine." or sumtin along those lines. if, i wasnt dead yet. id swear to live my life FULLY through him. apologize for the sinner that i am and try to do better. it'd definately be a life changing experience!

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