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 I cut myself and nobody helps me even when i do get help from doctors it just doesn't work for me it just hurt
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I wish I could just sleep my life away?
I hate my life. The only time I'm happy is when I'm sleeping because I'm not in reality. I'm depressed all the time, I also doing something wrong, and I want to kill myself at least four times a week.

I was molested several times when I was 12

I got depressed gained a bunch of weight and now I am fat and ugly

I'm ver bad at school and stupid. I dropped out but I'm doing homeschool but I still am not good at it.

My family and I arent close at all.

I've lost all contact with friends.

When I get depressed I cry myslef to sleep.

If I went to sleep and woke up I would really not be bothered by it at all.

I was seeing a shrink but I stopped cause my mom thought the shrink was sheltering and babying me.

My parents don't know me at all. They think I am a selfish person who wants the world to revolve around her.

I don't know what to do. I think about killing myself a lot. Talking on suicide hot lines doesn't help me either.

I just want to be alone the rest of my life in my bed sleeping.

im very sorry to hear that um i believe there is somethig that can make u sleep forever

Little Mac
Who were you molested by?

In the 8th paragraph, you mean "if I went to sleep and NEVER woke up"

If you feel your fat, why don't you exercise?

If you're bad at school, why didn't you study more or get a tutor? Some people tutor for free.

Get a new shrink.

Are you emo? Try to get a new perspective on life.

Suicide is pointless. If you're going to do it, at least take some risks, go out and socialize, and what-not! If you're going to kill yourself, you might as well take some chances that you wouldn't normally do, like going to a party, meeting some people, and fornicating!

Lastly, how old are you?

space icecream
Your parents don't sound terribly supportive. That can be rough to be around that. Life can always be complicated, but realize that it could be better & it could be a lot worse. You won't have to deal with them as much when you go out on your own, but trying to pay all the bills and dealing with a job can be tough too.

Maybe try going back to public school. At least there are other people there beside your dysfunctional family.

You could probably benefit from some medications for the depression. You also need to take responsibility and make your own life better by doing something that you like. No one is going to do that for you, unfortunately.

u need to pray and ask jesus 2 help u and get saved it is the only way please u can talk 2 me if u want

R.I.P MJ...
I use to be just like u...I wanted to sleep my life away, maybe u should try talking to a therapist or psychiatrist, that really helps..If u want to talk to me u can email me anytime...I know life is rough, but just take it one day at a time and it will get better..goodluck

First of all I completely understand what you are going through
I think this is what you should try ~ in the early early morning when no one is out I go for a walk now I know you are young and it is unsafe for me to tell you this but I am going to tell you anyway.
Walk for about an hour or as long as you want ~ I walk from like 5:00 until it is almost light and I walk in a lighted area

Second thing is watch this when you feel down I promise you will eventually find your peace....
they have archived and live motivational speaking

Hang in there life gets better as you get older

Also, you may want to consider going back to school ~ whenever I don't work I get severely depressed

-Pray cuz god loves you. Im serious.
-As for the wieght problem, start goin on jogs at night. Once you feel you look better, you will gain more self-esteem.
-plus you have to put some EFFORT in...in school work, making friends, and maturing.
-Don't give up, and be strong.

I love me and there has been times though that i had not try going back to regular school study more and you will be ok try going on these sites for advice also you could try being more active to loose weight
tell me how it goes, are you going back to regular school? EVeryones beautiful you just have to learn how to take care of your self you could also use yahoo ansers to search questions boys, beauty, hair care etc
OH and listen to good happy music like the way you feel
7 things
youre beautiful
get back

Felix C
You have just described classic biochemical depression (dysthymia/atypical depression, dysphoria, anhedonia) and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Your parents have done the absolute wrong thing keeping you from seeing the 'shrink'. You need to seek help from a psychologist (they have M.D. after their names).

you need to talk to someone.
anybody who will listen.
and try to get out and hang with some of your friends again!! =]

but if you are thinking of suicide you seriously need to see a doctor STAT.

That's sad.. You didn't mention how old you are? many Teenages go through this, and if you don't kill yourself you'll learn that once you can have a little bit of a life on your own and find something to live for then you'll be fine.
You do seem to need some medication. Your selfesteem goes hand in hand with your depression and unless YOU do something about it,that wont change. Talk to your school counselor if you can't go see a shrink.
i'd like to tell you that it'll all be okay, to talk to your mom and not think about killing yourself but I know that's crap.
YOU need to get a hold on your life, YOU need to gain some pride in yourself, AND YOU need to find some help and someone to talk to who has sources to help, not a hotline. and that sounds like crap too but it's not.
I hope you find help, even if it's in a social worker



I'm not kidding...it could really help. it might seem hard but talking to someone can really help

That's funny because I wish I never had to sleep.
I love going out at night and riding my bike or something
Its so freeing no one is around to judge or tell you not to do anything.
I have been in a situation similar to yours before.
No joke at all.
I just recently turned my life around.
I 100% totally suggest you read this:
Days of war nights of love crimethink for beginners.
It totally changed my life and no
it is not a romance novel
or any kind of instruction manual for your life.

wow. i feel so sad for you. really. don't kill your self. most of my family did that. try to talk to your mom. say im not self centered. maybe do chores or something to prove it. don't feel bad about being ugly. hay i bet im more fat and ugly than you! lol. no one is really good at school. i just study a little then after i take the test i forget what the test was on! lol. my dad's side hasn't seen me in 8 years. my dad is a freaken flaming homo! lol. what you need is to find stuff that makes you laugh. becides you will make new friends. so don't get upset.

look, i was depressed really bad too, and was thinkin about suicide, but sweetie thats not the way to go, you need help, doesnt matter if your parents think the doctor is babying you or whatever, its for you not them, and second of all, the doctor has a degree and your parents dont, so they have no say so in the doctors techniques, please dont think that the only solution is ending your life, becz thats not true, you should try getting back to a shrink, becz i do believe that they will help you out. And please keep your head up and pray to God. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and good luck

I feel you. I also many times wish I could just sleep my life away. I'm a senior in high school, don't get good grades, don't have a lot of friends, and my parents constantly scold at me because I try, but fail. What I do is I keep a journal and write poetry. It may or may not help you, but I'm sure there is at last one thing that you love to do. Let it control you. If you like music, listen to the kind that you can relate to (just don't take the lyrics too deep!) I get lots of bad days too, but you have to go with the flow. Be strong and forget the suicide hot lines. I tried that too and it didn't work. BUT remember that God loves you and wants you to be strong. I'm sure that someone loves you, but if you really feel that no one does, let me be the first to say that I care about you! Really, I do! I know what it's like and I often feel useless and better off dead. BUT then whenever I find someone who does care about me, I realize I'm not useless, and neither are you! Don't back down or give up. Find something that you like to do and stick to it. Remember, I care about you! So, you're not alone.

dand dude i feel the same way
me and you should get together and form a club or somfthin

worlds ****** up but i guess we are just teenagers and its part of growin up to have suicidal thoughts but i say **** em when i grow up things have got to get better right? and if not DO NOT kill yourslef

LIFE is a freakin gift little girl and to throw that away is like idk slappin GOD in the face ( if you believe in God which im slowing starting to question about this God thing its so ridiculous religion is like a cult everyones brainwashed into thinkin that there is a dude that created us and i watching us its so dumb) but thats a diff subject

anywho writing is also a good way to vent.. write a journal or a diary thatd probly help i personally dont because thats kinda gay but your a girl so its cool

i guess what im tryin to say is if you THINK you are a fat ugly than go joggin or excercise or somthin get active and i know its also freakin hard but try and make some friends u can find some1 equally as alone as you and ****** bond together and share your feelings. smoke weed too that helps. hope this helped

just remember things will most likely get better youll find a man and he'll treat you right youll feel so good inside...and then hell break your ****** heart but hey thats life ya know full of ups and downs smiles and frowns ya dig? thats what happened to me gf broke up with me got all depressed i wanted to sleep all the time i understand how you feel. i hated everybody i secluded myslef from the world in my little bubble if you will i was a little bubble boy. but now im slowly getting better wow this felt really good to write i feel much better hope it helped you too

please get reliable help......my heart gos out to you ..my cousin killed herself and she impacted so many lives including mine we were very close and i cried myself too sleep cause she was a sister to me and i loved her. she would have grown up to be someone great..... well good luck. my heart is with you try a hotline again maybe that could helpp..

Hi honey! I'm so sorry about the bad things that happened to you, i hope i can be of some help. I know of one thing that works, and that's exercise. Not just to make you feel good about yourself, but to give you those good endorphins that make you feel good. It's like a healthy natural drug. You say your parents don't know you and think you are selfish, but that means you know you and you know that you aren't! If you like sleeping because it removes you from reality, maybe a good book could do the same! Maybe you'd like fiction. Scott Westerfeld is AMAZING! :) Read his Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras series (if you haven't already!) Anyway, good luck with everything! E-Mail me if you want! (Hugs)

Wow, oh my gosh!!!!!!! This is like reading my bio.
I used to feel excatly like you did. I think you should email me personally. Believe me this is way too much to write here. Esp since I need your feedback.

i think you should talk to someone....and it doesn't have to be a shrink or hotline...

maybe a counciler???

i'm sorry your feeling this way, but you need to know things will get better if you will let them, and there more to life than you see...

i know what you mean by saying sleeping your life away seems better than living it...

when you sleep, everything seems fine and you can live your dreams and desires, but as soon as you wake up, you have to face the reality....and when you wake up, you feel even more depressed wishing what happened in your dreams were real....

i feel the same way, but i guess i'm not as depressed or bad off as you.

you should try to look at the positive things in life....
and they don't have to be big things..

(like you can be happy the day is nice for exap.)

things WILL get better....you just have to try to make yourself believe it...

you should talk to someone, but also have things to do.
find something to do that you love and stick to doing in.
find a hobby you love...get a pet...

just do things to get your mind off the fact that life is going horribly at the moment.

Faye ♥ YOU!!
DON'T KILL YOURSELF!! Go to counseling. Please i don't want that to happen to any one. I may not know you but it makes me fell horrible.

Chocolate Starfish
i know its hard but u have to get off your butt and do somrthing about it..........try getting fit and doing some sports...you will lose some weight and feel better mentally.......if u do nothing else do this

you totally might not be interested in this at all but im giving you advice because its worth a shot:

first step: try going to church
you're probably thinking ugh i hate church im too lazy to go
yea i am sometimes too.

you could really meet some cool people that could really help you in your life.
jesus will step in later and help you forever!

you're probably also thinking:

this girl is a freak.

nah im cool.

don't email me but i thought i'd help:]

second step: tell your parents how you feel and tell him about your thoughts on suicide.

i had a friend who comitted suicide because im sure he was depressed and everyone was shocked when he died.

trust me. people will miss you if you ever comitted suicide

You need to be on some major anti-depressant meds along with counseling. You need your brain and emotions to be "balanced" before you can think about getting better. Hope you feel better soon. Stay positive
...and don't kill yourself...please

Aw, I know how you feel. My parents are like that too, I hated it. And I had the time in my life where all I wanted to do was sleep. But do not hurt yourself. Just calm down and hold out. Things WILL get better you just have to wait for it. I waited, and now I don't sleep all the time, I still sleep alot but it's getting better. Do not hurt yourself.

you are going to be fine
get your shrink to get you on antidperessents
5 months ago I slept all day and told everone I was a total loser and a worthless lump of flesh
now I am happy I have a good job I have started to lose weight and I feel good about myself

wow that's very long well you cant sleep your whole life you seem like a depressed person go to college or something don't let life control you you control life

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