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I want to try weed, but i'm still not entirely sure...?
I just want to try it, i'm the only person out of all of my friends, cousins, who hasn't.. I feel kind of pressured yet again I do want to try it. I'm afraid but they all say that theres nothing to be afraid of. Can you die from smokeing weed? Is it better than ciggerettes?
Additional Details
i dont think im allergic to it.. im around it 24/7 and it dosent bother me. :P

Alfred C
you are weak,

DO iT!!!!!!!!! you wont regret it i promise.
its wayyyy better than cigs! you cant get cancer from it an you wont die from it.
the first time you get high will be the highest you get too.

You can't die from taking one hit, unless you are super allergic to it. But there is nothing really fantastic about it. Be aware, it is addictive and you will waste money on it. Just don't try it. It's smarter not to. If you are having thoughts like this, then you already know the answer.

You cannot die from it, and it's about the same as cigarettes, except cigarettes don't have the same effects, and you will probably never smoke as much weed as cigarettes.

i agree with the guy at top. odds r you wont regret it.just try it. ive only smoked a few times and im not addicted or anything. there aren't any side-affects that i know of except the ones you want to happen. so go for it. experiment know while u can. u get away with more when your younger. and if u do start dealing pot... send me some.

Tommy D
D00d dont give into peer pressure. do what you feel is best. if none of your friends/family smoke weed, would you?? probly not, so dont do it.
weed is terrible for your body, and can be the death of you.
It slows down brain development, and if you start and continue doing it weekly, your brain will be fried in a few years. dont do it.


there is no way you can die from smoking weed...but it will alter your behavior and that could be dangerous...I don't think you should try it

seriously its not worth it. I'm just like you, I'm the strongest one because I don't give in to stupid pressure. Weed is dumb, it makes people dumb and it does nothing good.

Donna Summers
sure as long as you want to end up like this http://www.freewebs.com/pickleheadsgang/Lungs%20and%20Heart.jpg once u use it u will want to use it again and again until your body relies on it but hey its your life also I would like to add that a girl in my skool got caught with some she was sent to the annex and will probably never get into a good college or a well paid job there is a reason why its illegal

Well for number one weed can indeed cause cancer weed contains twice as much tar as a cigg does, therefore it will ruin your lungs alot faster than a cig would. People really need to start looking into things before assuming and actually doing them. I myself have smoked weed and did not at all enjoy it it made me dizzy and want to puke, try drinking if you want to do anything its alot funner and less addicting then weed. Dont give into to peer pressure its not worth ruining your life over. Just cause everyone else is doing it does not mean you have to do it to.

Weed is a lot better and safer then cigarettes but I don't think you should try it for a number of reasons. Smoking anything isn't good for your lungs. It's illegal to possess and can get you in trouble, if you smoke it for a while and become a pothead you'll feel lazy and be okay with being bored and not doing anything constructive. It can lead to other more dangerous drugs via peer pressure and more curiosity such as what you have now. Be above the influence and say no.

Heather S
I used to smoke myself. i enjoyed it and no it cannot kill you if you do it responsibly... if you want to do it with someone you trust... either way it is still illegal...

No you wont die
and yes better than cigs
do it, im sure you will like it
you will get high, get the munchies, laugh alot
its a good time.

It really isn't as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. If you only do it a few times, it will have pretty much no affect on your health. You might not even get high the first time.. Oh, and yes, it is better for you than ciggs.

Have a good time and enjoy it if you do decide to do it.

guns n' roses
i smoke weed all the time, and i love it.
but i never tried it because i felt pressured to.
if you feel pressured to try something, then **** it.
do it on your own terms.

i personally, love tree. you cant compare cigarettes to weed because weed gives you a 'high' wheras smokes just chill your nerves.
but weed is not for everyone, the only way you will know is when you try it.
and no, you can not die from smoking it,

I think you should only try it if they legalize it. If your getting it from someone off the street or a friend you have no idea that what you are getting is weed and weed only. It could be laced with anything, and that could kill you. I think weed itself would be safer than cigs, but don't do it until you can buy it from a store legally where you know what you are getting. And never do something because everyone else does it.

Jacob G
Don't do drugs simply because other people want you to. Don't give into the pressure. If they stop being your friends because you won't try it, then they aren't truly your friends. Yes, cigarettes are worse for your body (because of all the chemicals), but weed can (in the long term) lead to things like brain damage, lung problems, lack of energy/motivation, etc. Getting hooked on drugs is not the way to live your life. You waste both your money and your time when dealing with drug use. I hope that you will heed my words and make the right choice.

Katherine W
You can't die from smoking weed. It's not like cigarettes, which energize you. It's more relaxing. If you have too much, you generally fall asleep. It usually takes a couple of times before you can relax enough to enjoy it. There are some people who become paranoid or who become addicted, but it's not all that common.

That said, I don't think you should do it. You need to learn to avoid peer pressure. If you cave on this, you'll cave on other things. Be true to yourself, and understand who you are. Don't just do things because you're surrounded by people who do.

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