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Kris Smith
I want to hurt myself now.?
Thanks to the people that answered my last question. But I need to do something now. The voices in my head have started yelling and they are trying to make me cut myself but I know that I shouldn't. What can I do? Please help???
Additional Details
My old question was posted an hour ago, if you want to read it, it's only on the second page of mental health questions and is titled 'do I have a mental problem'

make them voices say positive things! those voices r u speaking 2 yurself! the only way to stop them is speak 2 it, answer it, compromise with it!

Glenda Lovee:]
Tell the voices in your head to shut the hell up and that you will not cut yourself.
besides cutting is naaaasty all that unknown crap pouring out of your arms. srry i'm just bored. Get your mind off it. Do something that you love to do. trust me it'll distract you. I suggest get all sharp objects outta the house. Or go to a friends house. You wouldnt cut yourself in front of a friend, would you?

chris r
try hearing voices network for support.

i will tell you what you should do....wake up and realise that you are the one incontroll of you!the only voices in your head are yours that you have somehow wrongly taught yourself!now get them out of your head.i used to think i cant control what i think,my fella slept with someone i hated,and i couldnt stop thinking about it,but you just tell yourself NO...and **** it off!you can beat this!you know you can.stop being weak and stop letting this control your life.your hear for a good time not a long time so dont let it ruin your life!

..only cut if u want to dont do it cuz the voices tell ya to...
...pain is pleasure...and blood is delicious...

please don't listen to all the bad comments! call the suicide hotline.
1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-273-TALK
1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-8255

Get help, don't do it. times can be hard, but never too hard for this. call Second Floor Helpline 888-2222228

this chant might help you as it has helped me

"nam myo renge kyo" it has something to do with reaching your highest potential, sing it for an hour or two

Not sure if this is a joke or not, but I would surround yourself with positive people (friends and family) to take your mind off of it. I would also talk to a doctor and try and get some help soon. Another thing, I've never struggled with cutting, but I do pray almost daily, and I think you could lift up your problems to God. Might just help!


go tell your parents,tell your doctor!!!!!

get some help!! call anyone, be around someone at all times. you need to get on some medication, and let doctors take care of you! they will know how to help you! and they can help that stop for you! trust them, and they'll be there.

Robert A
I know all about voices telling you what to do You need to learn to cope with it and find a way to drown them out and dont succumb to it at all try thinking a thing about something in your life thats worth keeping

Fragile Illusions
When I feel like harming my self, most of the time I hold a ice cube to my flesh.
It hurts, but doesn't leave any lasting marks.

When you feel down call up a Friend who you can have a long conversation with to distract your self, by the end of it, you'll feel much happier!

Don't? Cutting yourself isn't going to help you any. Watch your favorite show or something to keep your mind off it.

Briana W
OK. Keep on telling the voices in your head that cutting yourself is not a good option. Think about it, what benefit are you getting from damaging your body? Nothing so don't do it. If you are frustrated with yourself then you either need to let what ever is bothering you go or go see someone you can talk to. Hurting yourself is not the answer. If you know that you shouldn't cut yourself then tell the voices to shut the hell up! I know life is hard but do not give in. It will get better. Good Luck! :)

There is hope.Please since you are in a hurry go to this website fast it is by a filmmaker who is curing self harm! he is young and the best!
He showed scientifically you can stop on your own with no doctor or therapy..I put the link below. It is the best self harm I have seen

Mark B
well dont!! what are you gunna get out of hurting yourself um............. scars all for what??? just go seek help!!

Ramdeepak H
Don't.. If you're depressed and have mental problems, ask yourself these.
* Should I be doing this.
* Can I change
* How will my parents/ loved ones react if they saw me doing this.
* Is there a reason to do this
* What is life and why it's worth living
* Be positive and tell yourself to overcome these and be a man
* Will others feel sympathy if i died.
These may help you and I hope you overcome this.
PS. Try your best to not get emo or cut urself.

Ask your parents to bring you to a specialist, try to erase the thoughts of these voices and spend time with someone you love and makes you happy no matter what

get a hard corporal cuddle from a person you like

Consider using blue light therapy. A good unit is expensive, but there is tangible evidence that it works. Read more about it at wikipedia:

In the meantime, try jogging to get the negative energy out and then sign up for counseling and yoga.

If this is serious then you should phone The Samaritans immediately

08457 90 90 90

They will be able to help you and are available 24 hours a day.

Hi kris, whatever it is that you hear you just have to ignore it, just think about something else anything, listen to some music, play a game on your p.c, there are always people out there willing to help you, maybe tomorrow go and see your g.p to see if you can get help with this o.k, your not on your own and you just have to remember this.

adam & steve
You need to go see a doctor, if you don't have health insurance and are in the U.S., most major cities have a hospital that works with the under-insured.

Until then, paint a picture, go for a run around the block, go outside and plant some flowers.

Please go now and talk to someone. You need someone to help you. Go!! xxx

Tell someone!!!... why would you want to hurt yourself, i think you should see a doctor or something ;)

Crazy Monster! xx
wait tell me what your old question was give me the link ... thanks

If your parents are home, go talk to them right now. If not, call someone. You can call a friend, the hospital, the police, a neighbor. Anyone who knows where you are or can find you and make sure you don't do anything to yourself. Just keep ignoring the voice, it's not going to do anything good to you.

honestly, go to a therapist or psychiatrist.
not trying to be rude.

get on some medication

feelin Witchy
call 911 and ask to be helped. no one on here can do that. If youre not a troll you do really need help

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