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 I cut myself and nobody helps me even when i do get help from doctors it just doesn't work for me it just hurt
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 How do I explain to my grandma why I tried to kill myself?

I'm 17, live with my grandma

 i hate my life. I worry to much. I feel to ugly all the time its not fair?
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 Suicide, I need help?
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 Hearing music in my head?
Why do I sometimes hear music in my head? It is not just an annoying song that is stuck in my head all day. Sometimes, I hear music usually when it is very quiet, and it can come out of ambient noise ...

 I need help I don't know what to do any more?
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 Should I tell my boyfriend I have suicidal thoughts?
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 What do I do now I'm at rock bottom?
As a man I have been stripped of everything I care about:

No. of friends: 0
Job: none
Weight: ...

 I think I may be depressed. Can you help?
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 How do you quit being depressed?
"my friend" needs to know....

 I dont wanna live anymore...i need help now plz read?
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 Do I have OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder)?
Ok..... so this sounds weird but if I don't go to the restroom before I go to bed i wont sleep. If I have to go to the bathroom the tinyest bit before bed i will get up and walk 50 miles to the ...

 My new job is making me VERY depressed........I don't know what to do?
I started a new job about a month ago and was so excited to start it. My old job was bad (mainly because my bosses were RIDICULOUS). My new job also pays MUCH more. For the past 4 weeks, rather ...

 commmiting suicide that wont get in my families way?
how do i do it?...

 If someone feels sad, do you become sad even if it has nothing to do with you?
I despise this cliche, but do you feel their pain?...

 I need help...desperatly...?
I'm a cutter. A few months ago i made a promise to my boyfriend and a specific friend that I wouldn't cut anymore. Sadly, I cut myself today. I can't tell them. I know they'll get ...

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anything i can ...

The eND
I want to die - i'm so miserable.?
I took an overdose a couple of times now and i'm still here but i don't want to - i left a not here saying it was for the best and the latest attempt didn't work - i took 9 paracetamol the other day with whiskey and it still didn't work - i had pains though - i was rushed to the hospital but they told me i needed more and i've just come back home today - i went in voluntarily they said so i could leave - i hate it in the mental ward - it makes me feel worse so that's why i came back but now i'm here i just want to do it again and succeed this time around - the tears in my eyes and the pain in my heart cripple me and to all those who've read what i have to say since i've been on here - i know it must sound like a disappointment i'm still breathing - i'm so miserable i want to leave this world again, i'm so, so sad!!
Additional Details
I just feel so, so damn worthless, i'm lost inside myself - i hate mysself and i hate how i look no matter what i do - i don't know who or what i am anymore - i just want to leave again and i know there are worst people more than me but i can't live in a world of pain anymore - nothing changes and i'm smoking at least 20 gigerettes a day now to even get throguh it - i don't care about anything really - number one on the list...is me.

If you ever want to talk, sir, IM me at scottlaughs2003

I've been there.

You need to see a doctor or psychiatrist.

Blasian Babe
plz dont kill urself life is good. if u every wana chat u can email me ill listen to anything u have to say

listen to your favorite music....dude enlist in the military if you have no hope...at leat youll die a hero and with glory, pride! youll also meet people with the same issues and meet friends. cheer up theres so many things to life dude...travel far away and start over....go to wherever youve wanted to go as a boy...if you really try youll make it there...

Wanna B Doc
enjoy ur life...cant u just come to ur sensses that god doesnt want for u to go...giving u a chance so take it...Enjoy ur life to the fulest...everyone has problems and bad times but life goes on...be brave n be proud of ur self and llife and have fun...dont do it again u have been given a chance..Good luck!

Dy rass
Only time can and will heal you, if you're not patience and i think you're not. You're going to waste yourself, you might not care but you have people who care for you. Even if they don't show it, they will for sure miss you when you're gone.
Don't kill yourself, what's pushing you is your emotion which is at a bad stage right now or you could be mentally unstable, to which you will really need help.
There is sweet life behind your sadness, all you need to do is pass it.

Life is hard, and you've more than likely got depression, but killing yourself is not the answer. I know everyone tells you this but it's the truth, there is people out there that have it so much worse than you or myself, I mean I have had a lot of bad things happen to me in my life, but I sit back and realize that first off, I am young, and second, I don't have it half as bad as most people, so I recommend either going to a psychologist, or just trying to come to terms with yourself that life gets better, because it does. Your life is what YOU make it to be. You can turn things around, get involved with a church, or friends, or find things you enjoy, stop secluding yourself in your "misery" and go out and make an effort to feel better, so get off the computer go outside and enjoy life. I wish you the best, don't do anything stupid. In the end, it isn't worth it.

Abbey Smith
Only you can change your mind set. Im not sure of what your actually asking...
Im sorry your miserable and sad. Ive always wanted to do what you had the balls to do but never could. I always think to myself of all the good things though I could never leave behind. I kow you must here it all the time but killing yourself is not the answer. I suggest getting out of the ward because it will only make you crazier and I swear they convince you you really are when thats not how it is. Its their scam for you to be in there and get $$ form the govt.
Go home.
try some new things.
re decorate your house so its cozy for you.
maybe go take a long walk and meet some nice people.
Start a club where you can interact with nice people and then make friends.
go eat out somewhere youve always wanted but never came around to doing so.
go to a club and get your groov on. Haha.
I dont know what your into but find those little things that take your mind off the pain and eventually it will go away.
get a PET!!
love it and take care of it...when you think about suicide you could never imagine leaving your best friend behind.
thats what gets me through.

I really hope i helped even just a little.


the donkeyface guru
I'm really not the one to answer this because my philosophy is life's not bad, it's what you make of it...and normally I'd say quit crying about it and do it...But this time your in luck because today I'm gonna show some compassion towards another human being. See what your not realizing is you admitted to going in voluntarily someone who truly wants to die doesn't do that. Not to mention your publicly crying out, which means you want attention more than you want to die, and there is nothing wrong with that...So here I'll give you what you want... There's more to life that what you seeing. How do think your death would effect your family, do you not love them enough to not do that to them? because you would be being selfish and making them live the rest of their days wondering... Suicide is a selfish act if you haven't gotten that already. Your family would be left to bear your burden not to mention the financial cost to them to bury you. for everyone the reasons to live are different. you need to stop trying to end it and find yourself a new beginning.

Life is wonderful if take the time to look. I was on the verge of self destructing once. I managed, I now have a beautiful wife and an equally beautiful daughter. I live for them. I live to see the sun rise and set, I live to be deployed to Iraq to make my corner of the world safer. Look at the bigger picture...it's not all about you, people around you care otherwise they wouldn't have taken you to the hospital right? you care or again you wouldn't have gone in voluntarily. so instead of coming up with reason to die try having a heart for the one that love you and find your reason to live... Not to mention how many times you failed at it, maybe just maybe your not meant to die anytime soon...there's reason one

and again I say, normally I'd say quit crying about it and do it already, so see this as someone bigger than us is looking out for you...I came across this post and felt ( for some odd reason) I needed to show compassion. So there is another reason for you take life by the sack and run with it...you may never get this chance again...when the games over it's over...no continues, death is forever my friend, there's no taking it back.

I do hope you find your reason before it's too late.

god luvs u dude
don't do it
u don't know what got has in store 4 u
ask god 2 come into ur life
god bless

*** </3 ***

Don't worry...be happy...don't worry be happy now! find some good uplifting music to get ya through....and know that there are lots of people who feel the same way...refuse to let yourself think unhappy thoughts! You can do it...

Tell me what are those things that makes you think to end up your life? Do you think what you're doing is right? Give me 3 positive characteristics of you.

LaLa Land Machine! :D™
Why?Sorry,God will see you out

dude dont kill yourself... if you ever want to talk to me you can email me and ill listen to anything you have to say. I went through the same thing about a year and a half ago and it was aweful. I'll help you and im here for you.

Your not miserable. You are just confused. Try to think about the good times you have had. Maybe they will brighten your spirits! :) If that does not work then just think that somewhere out there, someone still cares about you.

There are so many people out there with cancer, AIDS, dying that would give anything to be able to have life. Life is such a precious gift and yours will improve. I used to be depressed a few years back but now I have my daughter and my life has so much meaning now. Maybe you should try volunteering in a hospital and really see what death looks like. It just might make you appreciate what you have.

Kendra C
how to say this nicely? U NEED HELP not mentally of coarse well i wouldnt know but some one u can talk to dont kill urself thats about the stupidest thing u can do thats kinda selfish u kno leaving all ur family and friends to suffer for 1 mistake u made that cannot be fixed ur life might change just wait u say u have a broken heart so sumone must have left u or sumthin similar get over it its not impossible it just takes time i hoped i helped

don't do it. an answer that will last forever is never really the answer to a question that doesn't last forever. its not worth it. please listen. do you believe in god?

Cherish life. Life is much better than death. It takes brave people to face death, but braver people to face life.

If you want help on how to avoid feelings to kill yourself again, go travel far into someplace you don't know and get lost in it.

Ewww I remember I overdosed on purpose on Christmas and I woke up feeling super drowsy. I was depressed even more because I was still alive. Maybe God refused to let me die. Pray and ask god to help you give you strength.

MJ rox my sox
i see u like mj, thats good, im sorry for you, but listen to mj, sadness is inside, its us making us sad, you have control of your mind, even if you dont realise it. watch something funny, go out with friends and bring yourself up again. life brings you down somtimes, its how you get up that counts. xxx

You need to talk to someone close to you, and if you dont have anyone close to u then try going to a church...They'll definitely listen and they'll help u. killing urself might take away ur pain but it'll leave all of ur loved ones in pain far more worse then yours.

it didnt happen because you're not supposed to leave just yet.
dont go
this is the only life you got

dont leave simply go to a sicologist a had a friend like u but i helped her get through a and stop with the drugs it only makes it worse, and ur not dying because god is not ready to take u this is a sign and people are counting on u!

by you typing this shows, indeed, that you are not miserable. whether this was to prove to the world that your suicidal, or a good writer, i don't know. but i know if you do want to end it you wouldn't have made such a display. it shows that you want someone to pull you from the abyss you've become so familiar with. whether or not you'll find it on yahoo, i hope you so.

Talk is cheap actions speak louder then words you should do whatever you feel is necessary for your own happiness

Yaw A
C'mon, don't kill yourself! It's very selfish, stupid, and you're probably going to regret it in the end. Think of all the loved ones you'll be leaving behind. Your friends and family will be devestated by the thought that you're gone. Also, if you think you kill yourself now, that you'll be able to relive yourself of the pain?? You really don't know that. How can you find relief when you're already dead? I know life is hard, but when things go bad, you must live to fight another day. It'll get better, you just gotta be patient with life, please :)

Stop overdosing, find somebody who will talk to you. Life is always worth living, no matter how bad.

No! you Worth it you fool! hey i am serious
friend you are in this world for a reason, you didn't fond it yet
but believe me you can do good in this world, tell you what
go out and take 10 dollar i know its alot but it ok, find a the most miserable homeless you can find and give him the 10 dollar, see the look in his face and the amazing feeling you would feel, do it please and tell me who does it feel.

my freind i know what you are going through its like a black hole taking everything good and sane away. but somehow i survived and you can
it ok to be selfish, its ok to do some stupid things we are human and we make mistakes
you will forget, and you will smile again
i will pray for you
everything will be alright someday you just wait and see =)
selfish people value their live more than anything, that mean a part of you is not selfish

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