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I want to die I think about death a lot?
I am a 22 year old female, just turned 22 today as a matter of fact Its just another nail in my coffin, I am going down sooner rather than later. I have clinical depression and have been on lexapro 15mg for about ten months now. Today I told my doctor I want to stop. To be honest I dont think they are working for me. He put me on 10 mg now for one month then 5 for the next month then I will be finished, but the problem has not been solved and I am sicker than ever. I cant stop thinking about death, and ways to commit suicide everyday. I have even begun writing suicide letters to the ones I love. I cant go on with life, hating everyday I wake up, wishing I hadn't. I cut my wrists and legs more now than I used to, I go through phases of doing so and not doing so, nobody knows I cover up well. I overdose on laxatives, I dont know why, I pull my hair out in clumps, I cry non - stop, sometimes I drink to forget, I want to be dead. I was abused as a child and both my parents are terminally ill, my father is dyeing. I want to tell my doctor all this but I cant, he is a good doctor and would listen, I would find it to hard to do so. I NEVER speak like this to ANYONE. I care for my parents who both have different disabilities. I hate the thoughts of loosing them. They love life are so optimistic. I hate life, I would give mine up anyday. I have staring having fainting episodes again, it has been years since that happened, I told my doctor and he said it was just as a result of panic. I want to be dead. I cry, I cry, I cry, please God take me.

True Muslim
hey, if you want to die then, there is nothing i can do to stop you from that but ill leave you with two quotes before i go.

Be yourself beautiful, and you will find the world full of beauty.

Whoever follows patience, sucess will follow him

Laura Keenan
Your 22! What a beautiful age! Listen, no matter how bad life seems, things do and WILL get better for you. If you want them to! What i suggest is trying yoga or reiki.You have been blessed with life. What you need to think about is that depression is a chemical imbalance. There is nothing wrong with you that isnt wrong with a million other people. I understand that the fact that you were abused is getting you down. I do a course in health and social and understand the mental stress of people who were abused, to a certain degree. You really do have so much to live for. What i do when i feel down is think to myself that no matter how bad things can seem, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS people who are much worse off than you. Keep your chin up. Go out with friends even if you dont feel like it, talk to someone! Dont kill yourself. YOU ARE WORTH TOO MUCH!

Miranda M
i think ur lyen

Mrs. Beatty
You need to go to church. Find God in your heart. When you have God in your life you are much happier. God doesn't judge you. Also, I am sure there is something you like doing. Take on a hobby. Go for walks. Realize that you control your own mind, don't let your mind control you. Find a friend who you can talk to when you feel like this. If you need to talk to someone you can always email me. I will never judge you. If you care for your parents as much as you say you do then you wouldn't want to hurt them by killing yourself. They would be very sad to be with out you. Just realize that you are just lost right now and killing yourself will only take you to a darker place. In the Bible it says you should not do any harm to yourself. I hope you find your way and I hope you find a hobby.

Anna F
what i would say to do is write about it. What you feel, its better to let it out than having it keep inside. There is no cure of depression, i can tell you that, but there are ways to lift it just enough that you cant notice it.

no no no! listen girl...u need to enjoy life...SEE A THERAPIST. no joke. it helps you so much! babe, u need to not cut urself that is so f***** dangerous and non healthy. maybe instead of crying, vent to one of ur best best best friends or a very very very close family member. it will be awkward but it will help! also, please talk to a docotor. and pray ur mind will be healed.

damn u have it bad but think about all people in third world countries with nothing.......i hope the best for you, you have some issues and i think u need a new therapist to help you sort them out....i was suicidal at one point in my life but with medication and the help of my therapist i was able to make it through.....hang in there girl

Lacey J
please see a psychologist, suicide is never the answer you hurt so many people when you take your own life...and i know this from personal experience because my father kill myself and every day that goes by it still hurts...please if you feel uncomfortable telling your doctor you have now it may be best to find another you do feel comfortable with...

Okay, my friend's mother is also clinically depressed, PILLS DON'T WORK!!!! Get of them, for one, really they only make it worse because your body will develop an addiction to them. Seek therapy, talk to your friends about your problems, don't kill yourself, that's just a bad thing to think about...

Mik p
i understand how you are suffering but suicide is against the God, enjoy your life until u can, do your best, and tell everything to your doctor and they will help you for sure. God gave us wonderful life to do something for you or others and live best, we get life once after that who knows.......? so live your life and enjoy it, Good Luck...!

I ♥ Train
aww its going to be ok.
keep writing your very talented.
talk to your friends and parents about this.
death is not what you want.
be selfless for a second
if you weren't here what would your family do
they would cry and if you love them so much
find help
there are people that would offer a shoulder for you to cry on
anti-depressents dont help at all
they usually make you more depressed
take upon a hobby
do anything to distract yourself from the thoughts of death
please please
someone out there is thinking of you
dont kill yourself, i will be sad and i dont even know you :(

<3 lauren

You need to see a psychiatrist right away. They are the ones who are in charge of diagnosing mental illnesses, and depression. A regular doctor can not prescribe the right depression meds. But a psychiatrist can. And talking about it will help. They doctor knows just what to say. Good Luck whatever you decide.

You should definitely talk to someone about this. This person could be either someone you know (your doctor seems like a good option) or someone you don't if that would be easier (you could try 1-800-273-TALK (1-888-628-9454) as it's totally anonymous...kind of like this). Definitely tell your doctor that the medicine isn't helping because he has no way of knowing without you telling him. I know life may be difficult now , but it will get better (though I don't necessarily expect you to believe me)...try doing something new or getting a pet...something to keep you occupied and provide a sense of accomplishment/enjoyment.
Even though suicide may seem like a good option (or at least one worth considering) it will cause more pain (not just physical) than you think.

You can and should talk to your doctor. The lexapro probably made you feel worse than you would otherwise, so hold out, death isn't worth it. When it's your time God will take you.

Your doctor will most likely have you talk to a therapist. You need to tell someone who cares! You will do more harm than good if you take your life. Whatever happened to you (abuse) was not your fault, and in time the offender will get what's coming to them if they haven't already.

When you do a lot of negative thinking, it is terrible (physically) for your brain function. When you focus on what you hate, the emotional part of your brain fires up and the thoughtful part gets "colder" so you become unhappy and make bad decisions. The way a person thinks from moment to moment determines how your brain works.

When you begin to decide to be happy, and have positive thoughts, this will also determine how your brain works from moment to moment and you wont be trapped in your depressed state any longer. You have more control over it than you think.

You have people in your life that care about you whether it's friends, relatives, and even your parents. I know you said your parents are terminally ill, but they need to know what's going on. I would want to know if one of my children were feeling like this and I'd want to know before it was too late.

Stop focusing on death, so you can start focusing on life!

If you're going to kill yourself, what do you have to lose by telling your doctor and the ones you love about your problems? Don't kill yourself. Life is the most precious thing you can have, hence why your parents are still hanging in there. And it would probably devastate your parents to find you dead. For your sake, for the sake of others, live. DO NOT be modest or pessimistic. You living right now is making others happy.If you have enemies you really hate (enemies can be more than just people. They can be events such as abuse, or conditions such as depression), that's another reason to live. As Confucius once said (this is paraphrasing) "The ultimate revenge is living a good life". Live and live well so you can get revenge on the forces that made your life a hell and make your parents happy. If you should come through all these problems, you could help others in the future with similar problems.

If you're afraid to speak your problems, perhaps resort to writing them out.

It sounds like you're under a tremendous amount of stress and have dealt with/are dealing with some very traumatizing situations.

Antidepressants help, but I find that often times after a period of about three months they flat out stop working for me and I have to change to a new brand.

If I were you, I'd ask your doctor to prescribe a new kind of antidepressants. There are lots of options... Zoloft, Cymbalta, Celexa, etc.

And just remember that it WILL get better. There is always a light at the end of tunnel, and you don't need to turn to suicide to reach that light. Find things you enjoy doing in life. I find jogging once a day really makes me feel better, it gives me a reason to go out and makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Volunteer work also helps - you may as well use the time you'd spend laying in bed depressed helping other people.

Good luck... the light is always there!

short cake
I was never this depressed but I remember turning 22. I felt the same way as you, that I was stuck in a rut and I would never be able to pull myself out. I just kept doing what I was doing, and I am so much better for it. Please just keep going. Life gets better.

not my real name
you need to tell your doctor all of this so you can get the right help. If lexapro isnt working for you, there are lots of medications that you can try. i take wellbutrin and it works fine for me. another thing, if you are taking medications for depression, dont drink, because alcohol is a depressant and it will make you feel worse. you need to tell your doctor all of the things that you said in here, he wont tell anybody because there is a law that protects the patients confidentiality. but he can refer you to get more help. dont commit suicide. im sure that if you can stop feeling the way that you feel, you can have a happy and normal life, and youll be stronger to comfront all of your problems. we all have to die someday, but it should not decided by you, you still have a life ahead. find a good boyfriend or something that makes you feel better.

Perhaps you would do better to "live for your parents"? They need you, and that gives you great purpose in life. Try to focus on that and take one day at a time. It means the world to your parents to have the blessing of you in their day-to-day lives. Give them that gift:)

Start reading the bible and find god before he takes you away.

Rach T
Honey you need a different doctor! You need a phsychatrist. You need a good medication to help with your feelings. Some medications make thoughts of suicide more severe. Please get proper medical care.

Bella and Liv's mummy
Oh honey im sorry for you. Your life is only just beginning. Get a second opinion. I think your doctor may have misdiagnosed you. Talk to someone about it because the more you hide it the more alone you will feel. The people that love you will help you so don't be afraid to talk to them. I wish you all the best and I do hope you pull through.

honestly go into a hospital... i was abused as a child and had to be admitted into a state hospital when i was 13 and didnt get out until i was 17 yeahhh but it was sooooo worth it..now i have a better head on my shoulders than most people and i know how to handle my emotions and stuff..im soo glad i didnt do what i once thought was the only way...know that everything you are goiung through is all in your head and you just need some good therapy..and if its not working just taking some meds and not being able to talk to the doc and if u have nothing to live for then get into a hospital..crazy people r quite entertaining too lmao and i enjoyed watching people do crazy things when i was in the hospital lmao it was sometimes very outrageous anywaysss you should totally go aesepcially if u have no more optinosd

Sometimes in life we have to do things we don't want to do. This is one of those times. I had to go to the psych hospital, do you think I wanted to? No, but I was getting the help I needed, and I knew it. Tell your doctor, please, this is serious..It could save your life.

I used to think like that too.

If you stop and think about how short our time in this life really is then you will realize it's not worth it to end your life.

marshmellow dance
you need to get away for a while. the worst thing to do at a time like this is stay trapped inside your bedroom. go to a zoo. it might sound funny,but my sister is a therapist and this is one of the best ways to heal your mind. go to a zoo,walk around. look at the animals.spend a day there and drink lots of water.eat dark chocolate. it will calm your nerves.
take a good friend with you.
going to clinics to heal depression gets it stuck on your mind, and that's terrible. go to a zoo and spend a day and night at a friend's house rather than your own. this also helps.

understanding where you're at, how you are feeling, is a huge step. this shows that you can still control yourself. you need pamper yourself for a while. go to a salon, get hair or nails done. take a day at a spa.
relax, relax and relax.
don't focus on medications or subscribed therapies. show yourself that you can enjoy life.

doing so will make you feel better. relax and get well.

ms bell
I feel bad for you because I'm depressed, too, and I'm 44. I'm double your age and have been depressed all my life. I think about suicide all the time too, so don't think it's just you. I've tried all the meds and therapy, and still feel bad. There's no cure for depression. If I don't get sick and die within the next several years, I'll probably kill myself. There's just no other way out. As for you, you have many other medications to try besides Lexapro. Try other medications and therapy. I hope it works for you. Also, it sounds like you have OCD. My daughter had it and tore out her hair too. I'm afraid of losing my mom because she's 81. She's not in bad health, but at that age she doesn't have many years left. I hate life, too, and pray to God that I die. At least try other medications before you decide to permanently opt out.

You really need to explain your feelings to your doctor so he can give you the help you need. If it is too hard to say verbally, then print out wrote you wrote here and give it to your doctor to read himself. But you have to get help before you really do kill yourself.

I hate this world, the stupid people here, the idiots with power, the dumbasses who follow, the little boys who need their mommy government and the religious nuts who need saving.

But, I just watch and enjoy the show.

Watch some George Carlin. I think he'll brighten up your days.

Sid hollows
your an exelent writer, killing yourself would be a waste of talent.

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