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I used to cut myself? ?
I have cut myself a few times last year and once this spring. i am really depressed and upset. I feel like it's all over and no one understands and now i just want to cut. I am stopping myself. Why? nothing ever stopped me before. also before i never posted questions about it or told anyone. i recently told my best friend that i did it cause she was going to and i stopped her. now i wanna do it again.don't know know what is wrong with me.
Additional Details
you know what, i hate them. i don't think i am being selfish cause maybe i dont care if i hurt them. They are being selfish themesleves. i should've never posted this

your a depressed person and emo

Jonathon A
first of all don't be emo that is a sad resort for self pity and second of all its your concience showing your body the damage your doing but don't be depressed unless your being abused every 10 seconds.. :/ just dont b emo thats not cool


thats the only way they will figure out why.

all you have to do right now it stay away from knives, of forks or anything sharp.

and maybe but a rupperband on your wrist, and everytime you wanna cut your self, hit your slef with the rubber band 5 times.

and if needed, throw away sharp items...


I am a recovering alcoholic myself. I could drink again, but would this make any sense with family that cares about me? No-brainer..

Stay with the real dull edges; like marbles

y would u ever want to hurt yourself? dont do this to urself

Find help, dear. You don't have to tell everyone in the world about it, but at least tell someone that can get you help. What you are doing is definitely not safe, but you are not the only one with this problem. There are others out there that feel the same way that you do. We all have stress and hardships in life (I've had plenty), but you have to learn how to control your emotions and manage stress in a healthy way. Hurting yourself is just adding to the problem. It's okay, you can get through this. Just remember, no problem is so big that it should make you want to take your own life. Be strong. :-)

I would recommend counseling for you. Don't cut yourself, there's different ways for dealing with depression.

please pass the salt*
I tryed doing it once but that junk won't make a difference in my life, so i decided to move on and keep fighting... u cant give up, u have to stand up and choose to be happy... believe it or not cutting ur self wont do a thing cept' get u an infection, or loss of blood... so talk to a counselor if u have an urge to do it because it is a mental problem... u cant help ur self. only by talking to others will u be able to actually help ur self... choose to talk...

Hannah R
girl, i used to have the same problem a really long time ago. dont listen to any of the others. trust me , i no it is hard but get help it is worth it . i had to go to a therapist and it really wasnt that bad. i dont consider you emo. and thats not selfish. the rude people just dont know what to say so the are acting out of.. well..... being supprised. just promise yourself ull get help. i put a rubber band around my rist and every time i though about cutting i popped myself or told a friend and they would help me . youll do the right thing. TAKE CARE!
and if you need to talk e mail me .
i have helped so many of ny friends with this stuff.
[email protected]

I just wanted to say it was a REALLY good job stopping your friend! You should be extremely proud of your self!

Doug H
You do it because you are
a) in high school
b) mad at your parent(s)
c) bored
d) a nihilist
e) a fan of "As I Lay Dying" (mostly the band...but you'd like the book)

Feel free to choose as many of those options as you'd like, or even all four.

Dd M
wow do not do this any more you could louse a lot of blood and die get infection or somethin can you tell me why emos cut themselves i don't understand

ok, i used to be sooo dark, its not even funny anymore. i had finally stepped into the light because i believe in god. i always delt with suicide, but people who commit suicide dont go to heaven.

oh and u CAN delete this question if you wanted 2

you shouldnt do that it hurts eveyone around as well

it will all be alright, i know you probably feel tempted right now but just keep up the good work i mean c'mon you know that it's a dangerous and hurtful road to go down and you just have to keep telling yourself that some other people will understand you and you are not alone in this world through jesus christ. its very nice that you are there for your friend though and things will get better just remember jesus loves you. :)

Don't cut yourself, dear.
Everytime you feel like you need // want to cut, call your best friend, or do something relaxing like a bubble bath.
watch a funny movie.

You cut yourself, you hurt everyone, not just you. Dont be so selfish! Think of your family!!!

yah i DO it to but ta=t dosnt mean its right and im tring to stop yah its hard when your temped think of all the good thangs in your life and if you kill you self witch may happen i had a friend and she died becuse of it think of all the people who will miss you and just write it down keep it somewhere safe when your angy just read it over and over

U kNoW U lUv mE!
First, just know im here for you!
Okay, take a deep breath. (I meAN DEEEEEAAAAAPPP breath!) Think, why am i doing this? This isnt gonna solve ANYTHING! Since your keeping this in the down low maybe you should just like get out of that happit and join something to occupie yourself clubs sports and stuff! And if you just wanna explode and tell someone about your habbit (NOT PROBLEM) then you should do so. Get someone 2 talk 2. (not any thereepist consiler etc!) cuz they dont know you! U know yourself! MAYBE tell your mom! Or talk to this about your bff u metioned! BE THE EXAMPLE THAT U CAN STOP YOUR HABBIT! Your friend will be like whoah i should stop becuz i wanna help my friend get threw this and she needs me! So ya! I REALLLY HOPE I HELPED!!!!

Jacey M
See a therapist. You probably think seeing a therapist meant you are crazy but no. You are not crazy, therapist is like your best friend. It really helped me through my hard times.

What is wrong with you is what is wrong with everyone- so many people have pain, conflicts and can't find a way to express their feelings. Cutting is punishing yourself. Give yourself a break, cutting doesn't really help , it makes matters worse because it can be totally misunderstood. Sit down, you and your friend and write a list a reasons to cut: then write a list of reason why not. Read them out loud to yourself and each other. Then start to heal. baby steps.

Ariel L
serious illness
you need to get help
the disturbance of yourself stopping yourself is your gut and conscience speaking to you

well you said yourself that you are depressed. you need to find out what You are depressed about and try to fix that problem or talk about it. Its god that you have stopped yourself and that you have told people. You should defiantly try to stop. you can call hot lines and talk to people who have More experience dealing with issues like this.

just dont?
lots of ppl are depressed and they dont cut?

don't do that 2 ur self

its ok sweety, be calm, i used to do it too. its hard to stop innit.

just replace this habit with another healthier habit

please get help

see a counselor, or tell your doctor. if it gets too bad go to the er.

Hey girl.
I know what you been through,it's okay.
Just turn your life around.
First ask yourself why you want to?
Is it because you're hurt inside or something?
Next after you find the reason why-fix it.
Talk to a friend,trusted family member or look deep within yourself.
If your sad write or draw your thoughts out.
Get a journal and jot down your life story.
expressing how you feel might help.
After look at how your life is..
Are you drama free? Do you mainly listen to sad songs? Do you hang around with people who talk about sad things?
That's what I did,and after I grew out of that,I changed myself.
I hope I helped you a lil bit.
Also,if you belong to a religion seek your god and find yourself again.
Hope and faith will bring you to who you are!
Look for the positive and live to da fullest!

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