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I think my friend is cutting herself.?
Last Thursday, my friend and I noticed all kinda of scars on our other friend's wrists. We got a little worried, and asked her why they were there. At first, she said she was cutting herself. Later, she said that that was just a joke, and it was really her cat. Later the same night, she admitted again that it was actually her cutting herself, then changed her story again and claimed it was the cat. She went back and forth between the two all night. She finally swore on her crush's life that it was her cat.
So my friend and I come to school today, and notice that there are even WORSE marks on her wrists. They're not very deep, but they're very long cuts and the skin around them is really puffy. My friend and I freak out because these look like they COULD be claw marks, but they also look deliberate. Our friend refuses to tell us anything about them today.
And just now, I got an email from this girl saying she'd tell my friend how the marks got there, but not me. I took this as a joke because she knows I hate it when I'm the last to know something. So I emailed her back and said that if my friend wasn't upset when she found out about the marks, then that meant that i had nothing to be worried about, because it wasn't anything serious. I got an email back that said, "You should be worried.", then she signed out.

So, what do you guys think? Does it sound like she's actually cutting, or is she just going for attention? And what should I do if it's the former?
Additional Details
Don't say, "She's emo." or "******* emo's." IT'S NOT HELPFUL. not all emos cut, not all who cut are emo. Please answer the question as asked and actually TRY to be somewhat helpful, thanks.

Sadly to say i think shes cutting herself. You should talk about getting her counciling

<3When in doubt dance it out
Sorry. tell your friend who know to tell u. swear u wont tell. or tell her mom or teacher <3

azlan z
yea she is cutting herself trust me I've had the friend experience

She is just screwing with you about the cat topic she is definetely cutting herslef.

all facts
She could be deliberately messing with the cat to cut her up. It would still be cause for concern.
She obviously is looking for attention either way don't play into it.
You should maintain that you beleive that the cat did it. If she is doing it her self she will want the credit/attention.
you should tell her that she could get bacterial infections from the cats claws.

I think she is cutting herself.Have a talk with her to respect her body.

I have know way to know if she is cutting herself but if she is you should press it too hard but talk to her, try not to freak. See what is wrong and try to fix it if you can, if that doesn't work, I would talk to her parents.

It sound likes shes playing with you .... trying to manipulate your thoughts. Why is she doing that?? I have no clue. If she is cutting herself there is nothing you can do for her......she needs to seek counseling. The bigger question should be if you should even continue having this person in your life.....clearly she's trying to manipulate you.

this is a cry for help. I would tell a teacher-that way you are out of it. Anonymous Or tell the school counselor. Anyone who could "notice it in passing." Whether the cry for help is serious or not-anyone who even pretends they are doing these things are in search of attention. The attention your friend may need is a little professional and ppharmaceuticalhelp. Good luck. Please tell someone.

If I were you I would tell her parents regardless of what really happened.
Maybe she used her cats claws to cut herself?
Usually people cut themselves for attention now days.
If it's a joke is certainly is not funny.
Just talk to her, and her parents if you are a true friend, and aren't just getting involved because you like the drama of it.

you really need to sit down and have a talk with her. people often say things like, 'oh, it was the cat' because they are scared and don't want to admit the truth.

it sounds to me like she has a real problem. you need to talk to your other friend about telling her parents- they need to know about this as soon as possible because she's in need of counseling.

i'm sorry your friend is going through this, and i hope i helped. :]

i have been in the same situation with a friend of mine when i was in high school i was really worried about her but it turned out she was doing it for attention now im not syaing your friend is doing it to get attention but the weird email seems a little bit strange now if you are REALLY worried about your friend and you think she is really trying to hurt herself the best thiing to do is to tell her parents i know that sounds bad and you may feel really bad but it is the best thing to do because if she was to do something to really hurt herself and you could of stopped it somehow imagin how you would feel then? oh and write back to the person who sent you the email and tell them you dont care coz your gonna tell her parents (even if you are not goin to) and see what they say im sure you will get to the bottom of it this way!

Jessie Lynn
i have had many cats and they do scratch and it can scar.

and i also know about cutting.
90% of the time it has nothing to do with wanting to die.
it just means something is going on in her life and the cutting makes her feel better...
cutting releases endorphins that make you happy.

so i would just talk to her and find out whats upsetting her and try to help her.

Jake C
tell her parents. If it really is her cat (which I doubt), at least she'll learn not to joke about it.

no offense to you or your friend, but i bet she's doing it so that people will do exactly what you are doing. paying attention to her.

whether she's cutting or not, she has some issues.

go tell her parents or a counselor... they can get her help if it is... always better to be safe than sorry.

a teacher what dont tell a teacher tell the school counsler or just her

Tell a teacher or councelor immediately. They'll know what's going on with this!!! But do it now.

Well, it could be a cry for attention. If it were me, I'd talk to whoever I can about it. It may not seem like much now to some people, but it could be a lot. Even though when I do get scratches from cats, because I'm allergic, they get puffy. Don't take a risk Brandi, try and talk to someone you trust. It might turn into a real problem.

She is cutting herself and it doesn't necessarily mean it is for attention. Cutting releases endorphins which take away that ache and hurt one may feel inside, even if only temporarily it is quite effective and sometimes addicting. When someone starts doing this, and it works (relieves their hurt, sorrow, anger pain etc) the brain becomes wired to crave the act for the relief, the endorphin rush and even the whole ritual itself as a place of relief. This person may or may not be suicidal as cutting and being suicidal are not linked by definition and very often one has nothing at all to do with the other however, you can never be to careful. This used to be a "private thing" for true "cutters" but no a days it seems to be turning into an "emo" fad. Since she lied though, I don;t think she is just trying to be cool or take on an attention getting fad. Johnny Depp used to be a cutter when he was atenn and we all know he was a teen a long long time ago so this "pain relief" of sorts has been around for awhile. I can;t really tell you how to handle this but I can assure you, your friend is a "cutter".

I'm pretty sure she is.

You shouldn't be joking about this.

And if they don't want to tell you
I guess you should get over it, maybe you're just not the right person they think that could give help. But don't just assume that she is, cause assuming things makes an *** out of yourself so if I were you I would ask her alone seriously ask her. she might get annoyed by this but if you really care you should tell her that your really worried. and if she says that she is not cutting you should believe her, to let her know you trust her word.

It sounds like shes cutting. I would tell her parents and they will deal with it.

I have been through this before anyone knew what cutting was. Sounds like your friend is trying to get your attention. I don't suggest you tell her mom or the counselor's in the school. That will be embarrasing for her. Tell her that whatever personal issues she has with herself, her mind, body she can confide in you.

Ask her what is bothering her and be serious about it. She's obviously hurting inside and doesn't know how to reach out to someone for help and comfort except to joke about scars and make them worse for people to see. Send her an email telling her that you are there for her as a good friend and someone to confide in. Tell her that you don't want her to live with those awful scars, they will not go away if she presses harder.

Please be very serious with her. It's the only way you can tell whether or not she is joking.

Julia :[
Okay here is what you should do.

Call your school anonymously. And tell them someone at your school is in danger and needs some counseling. They never have to know it is you. And the school will send your friend out of class to a counselor where she can talk to her and get the help she needs. This is what someone did for me. It was really scary at first but I think it helped.

I think she's cutting herself. And she has problems.

Sounds like both. A lot of people cut hoping that somebody will notice. Let your friend that know that she does not need to cut, but do not press her too hard. only when she begins being a danger to herself, especially if she ever seems lightheaded. Also, pay attention to her welfare, and make sure she notices, but DONT specifically mention the cuts. it will reinforce the behavior, teaching her that cutting gets her noticed. I would not get an adult involved until it becomes desperate.

I hope this helps, and dont worry too much, but DEFINITELY dont get complacent in your "knowledge" that she is not in immediate danger, as she could become so at any point.

maybe she is cutting herself with a lucky rabbit foot,... im srry but um if the cuts are skinny they are most likely cats... idk how a cat cuts u on the wrist repeatedly.. she might be cutting herself, is she is sit her down and tell her you are worried and want to help if anything is wrong... dont crowd her with it but dont ignore her for the problem my progress.. good luck to u and ur friend you obviously care about..

Mrs. Amazing
hopefully your firends attends the same school as you! tell a teacher because they have to report this! this is serious danger for your friend and she could do worse. if you care about her tell a teacher!

its her. i can tell. i think that things are so bad in her life, at least from her perspective, that she is driven to cut herself. you dont cut because your angry or sad, you cut because you have frustration and stress, and she needs to let it all out. unfortunately, her life does not currently allow a proper port to let out her stress, so, naturally, she releases it by self mutilation. this may sound strange, but its instinct. pain releases stress. she is also doing this too get someones attention. not anyone specific, just someone, because she wants someone to realize that she is in a bad situation and someone needs to open a door for her. i recommend that you send her an email; if you talk face to face, she may feel uncomfortable and deny cutting herself. send her a message saying that you know she cuts herself, and that your worried about her, and that if she needs to talk to you, then she should, because your always there for her. then add that its going to be okay. thats it. its all yours from there.

Someone needs to know. Let a guidance councilor know, they will know how to handle it. Cutting is a way of releasing pain. I freaked when I found out a friend was doing it and I thought that it would lead to him being suicidal....just the opposite, it was keeping him from being suicidal but he is getting help now. Good luck.

I was depressed awhile ago, i told everyone my cat scratched me..
Get her help.

well speaking from experience, it's pretty obvious she IS cutting herself. i have used the cat excuse before becasue it is easy and believeable. if she kept going back and forth between the two it is probably because she really wants to tell you but is afraid because she doesn't want the truth and doesn't want people to freak out about it. The best thing you can do is tell her you are there for her if she ever needs to talk and don't be judgemental, mean, or tell other people about it. She obviously is having problems that she can't seem to express in any other way and so she is taking it out on herself.

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