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Im falling for you ♥
I think im Bi-Polar, how do i tell my mom?
UGH i feel really angry right now. And like 30 minutes ago i was feeling really good. Anyways i have been having constant mood swings, and haven't been able to sleep well.

I just took a online test thingy and it said i MIGHT have Bi-polar. I have researched it a lot, and i have most of the symptoms.

I want to go to a doctor because i feel really depressed. But im not that close with my mom, and i don't know how to tell her. I want to have fun in life again and feel happy. But how do i tell my mom?
Additional Details
how do i tell her that i want to see a therapist or something?

Just tell her she is still your mom,and think of the the danger of not telling her?what if ,god frobid,something happens?you need to tell her

Self diagnosiss is often incorrect.

If you do not feel close to your mom, why do you need to tell her? Of course, you did not state your age.

Some women get very moody and irritable a couple days before their period. It is a good time to kool down, and wait for it.

If you were bi-polar, you probably wouldn't be aware of it. Don't worry, if you were, someone would be sending you to the Doctor.

neo hippie
like this:

walk up to your mother and give her a hug. say, "mommy, i have something very important to talk to you about."

you're mother will probably ask if you're pregnant.

flip out, start screaming and breaking things. yell as loud as you can, "NO I'M NOT F*CKING PREGNANT, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU ASK THAT?!!??

then calmly, give her a hug and say, "I think I might be bi-polar."

then your mom will say something like, are you sure? or really?

and then you flip out again and scream. "YES, YES I'M SURE I'M BI-POLAR WHAT KIND OF STUPID A$$ QUESTION IS THAT!!??! DRUGS DRUGS! GIVE ME DRUGS!!!!

then calm down again and say, "I think I should see a doctor."

ok, being bi-polar is not your fault. its a defect in your genetic makeup. its not like going to tell her youre pregnant, which would be your fault. there is no reason to be scared. just tell her you were feeling moody, and googled your symptoms and it said you might be bi-polar. she'll probably say "oh ok, well lets get you to a doctor for that." no big deal, no harm done.

"Mom, I think I need to see a doctor...." then tell her why you think that.

She will probably not want to believe you.

Sunny LUV
Just tell her! She can take you to the doctor!!!

Just tell her you might be bi-polar, it's not your fault if you are so you should just tell your mom.

dont freak out...it might not be it at all...but you probably should still see a doctor...so just tell your mom that you think you might be depressed and shell take you and then if you are bipolar the doctor will find out...it might be easier to say that....but if you wanna be straight about it just say hey i think i have some mental issues possibly bipolar and i wanna see a doctor....
sending a text/email or writing her a short letter might be easier too

Matt the Medic
Bipolar disorder is basically a chemical imbalance in the brain. Its not your fault that you may have it, so why would it be hard to tell your mom? I completely agree with people seeking help for bipolar disorder (my mother has it and never got treatment for it) and surprisingly there is alot they can for it these days.

if your afraid to tell your mom, why dont you write her a letter or something, expressing yourself is always so much easier on paper!
Or if you want to do it face to face then just think about what your going to say.
You could also tell her over the phone, in an email etc.

I personally think it would be best to do email or a letter because its the best way to express yourself and make sure you have everything you want to say written down. and you also have to prove it to her.
Also only tell her if your pretty sure. And i think you should also go to a doctor!

good luck! =]

lived alot
go to the drs get a test then see what the test says you cant tell your mum you have something till you know yourself

Most likely she knows you are feeling lousy. Just approach her about having some issues that you need to discuss with her. Let it flow from there.

Good luck!

blahh blahh
Say..."Mom I maybe diagonsed with Bi-polar but the only way to know for sure is to go see a doctor so can you please take me?"

Jackee P
just come right out and tell her your concerns,never hide something serious from her and if you really dont want to tell her then you should tell someone else and go to a doctor. also im sure she willl be understanding and wants whats best for you(:

just tell her, i don't think she'd get mad about that.

well there are two ways you can tell her...

1. Hi mom, I think I'm bi-polar

2. Smile at her real nice and a few seconds later scream at her and go off real crazy like...she'll get the picture.

Good Luck!

Just ask her can you talk to her and just be straight up with her and discuss your issues with her, then ask her if you she could make you an appointment... Its better to just go ahead and tell her because if you wait that's just more stress on yourself.

i think you sound more like your hormones are going up and down.
besides there are more symptoms to being bi-polar. go to an endocrinologist, a hormone doctor. it could be anything from thyroid to female hormones being out of whack.
those pills for depression are not good for young people. studies show that in fact they have the opposite effect on the young. you probably will become more depressed and suicidal or violent.
if you look at the columbine high school kids, they all were on zoloft, paxil, etc.
another thing. if you are eatting lots of sugar and caffiene, like soda and junk food, well you are going to feel moody and depressed and exhibit the same symptoms of depression, and being bipolor. explore other avenues before you go to a doctor who will put you on the newest experimental pills. you don't need to be a guinea pig.
you might want to explore Natures Sunshine products, such a propriety root blend and generally get a better diet.
also yoga is great, you breath, you stretch you feel better.
Hope to God your not Bi-Polar the pills don't work!
i have had to deal a life time with a Bi=Polar relative and nothing works for long.
so, before you go off and start taking pills that are full of crap, start a change in your life style.
If you can first go to a holistic person who is reputable try that first. someone who not only knows things, but they look healthy and are of good spirits. that is a good way to tell if they practice what they preach and if it works for them, it may work for you!!
I hope you do fine out what is wrong, but don't just take these tests on the internet, they can apply to thousands of illnesses and most illness is caused by poor health and diet!

Tracer Bullet
say mom i have been have very dramatic mood swings, but i can not help it. I want to see someone about maybe straightening out that i think is me being bi-polar. I would like for you to help me with this because I wont like being angry one mintue and really good to next. I want to level out my moods. help me

Well your mom cares about you so she will understand, but you just have to find a good time for it.

Definitely don't self-diagnose yourself using online tests. The Internet can be great and provide all kinds of info but it can also put ideas into your mind of problems you don't have. You don't mention how old you are but I'm guessing you're in your teens, when mood swings come with the territory and do not automatically indicate bipolar disorder. Your body is going through a lot and your fluctuating hormone levels can do all kinds of things to your emotions!

That said, you *could* be bipolar or suffering from depression, anxiety, something like that. You definitely need to see a doctor asap if you think this is a possibility.

If you are not close to your mum, try writing it down in a letter, approaching another relative first and asking them to tell her or come with you while you do, or even seeing a doctor first for a diagnosis before approaching her (if you need your mum to take you to the doctor, just say you have a sore knee or something) Lying isn't a great option but if you feel you really can't speak to your mum at the moment then seeing a doctor is your no1 priority. Obviously it would be good to get your mum on side asap though.

I really hope you sort things out and get to feel happy again.

just tell your mother you think you have bipolar disorder, she should be able to understand, and she'll probably take you to the docters.

erika s
The easiest way is to take her to the Doc with you so that they can give you both that diagnosis instead of just you telling her and they should also tell you some helpful ways to deal with it.

i was thinking that the other day but i already told her.
i made an appointment with my mental health clinic and then went home and said...

ma, ive been feeling hella moody lately and its not letting me focus on the important things of life. so, im gonna get checked out. i think im bi-polar but i don't want to diagnose myself.

=/ it all depends how your mom is.
add in all the research you did and such.

you didn't give your age. If you are between 13 and 17 you could just be having teenager hormones stuff. the teen years are some of the hardest to live through. Don't let the online test make you crazy.

If you are feeling depressed and it has gone on for several weeks then you do need to just tell your mom how you are feeling and ask her to make you an appointment with the doctor for a check up. While at the doctor talk to him about your concerns.

Regardless of what may be happening with you and your mom, you need to be honest and get to the doctor to help find out why you are depressed.

February Girl
Yea I think its a good idea to got to the doctor. Just try to be open with her if not is there anyway you could just go in by yourself. Tell your mom that you have been really down lately and think there might be something wrong. Even though you might not be really close, I know she will understand. I hope things work out.

I have bi polar myself. You just need to be truthful with your mother about how you are feeling. If she is any good as a mother, which she should be, will not let her child suffer like this. I wish you all the luck in the world. You can feel better, I promise.

Robbie F
First, before you do anything, research a little about Bi-Polar Mania (Bi-Polar disorder). Feeling happy, then sad then happy again may not mean Bi-Polar. Bi-Polar patients experience shifts between depression and mania, which is a false sense of euphoria. They hardly ever feel normal, either up or down. So research the disorder, and if you still feel that you have the disorder, talk to your mom about it. Trust me, any mother who hears that her child is depressed will listen and do what they can to help you get through it. Hang in there, you are going to be okay.

They call me B
first of all get officially diagnosed

The Great & Powerful Oz
Tell her straight out that you need help. If you can't do that or she won't take action, talk to another adult your are comfortable with (school counselor, pastor or priest, etc.). Good luck.

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