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 am i showing symptoms of anything?
my symptoms:
not sleeping right, waking up in middle of night
not eating right, not gettin my three meals a day
not doing hw, i feel like i cant even do one problem
keep looking ...

 If you had to be mentally ill what would you prefer?
Additional Details
i think i have ADD...

 How can i tell my parents that i think im depressed?
im enbarassed and i dont think they will believe me. how can i tell them? i promised the school nurse i would.( were pretty tight)...

 i want to kill myself?
life is very miserable, 2yrs ago i was in the same kind of misery and i had decided to live but nothing good came out of it i became more miserable then before. i was bullied as a child now whenever ...

 I need help...I think i'm going crazy?
This is a very fragile subject, but my whole life is crumbling around my ears. My family hates me, my mom wants me on the streets, and the only person who truly cares about what happens to me is my ...

 how do you not feel bitter and angry if youve had a bullying past where twisted people have hurt you, and?
infringed upon you as a person?
theyve devalued you demoralized you, and basically ive encountered lots of bullying and abuse in my past growing up, other peers and kids making me feel bad ...

 trouble sleeping because of huge worry help me please!?
after a car accident in july 2008, i wasn't hurt but it made me worry greatly and caused me to only get about 2-5 hours of sleep each night for 6 months. i go to bed at about 9pm but can't ...

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 I'm looking for something..can you help me?
I'm currently looking for a pale guy, he has golden eyes that tend to be dark black [depending on his mood]. His hair is bronze. he has a sharp jaw line, and his teeth are perfect.


 why do I feel anxiety for being gay?
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 I'm so bored and depressed. Any suggestion to entertain myself?

 Have you/are you self harming? How does it make you feel?
Only answer if you understand plz!

How does it make you feel? For me, it feels it helps just feeling the pain on the outside and seeing blood, it make me feel alive, a way of dealing with ...

 i need to get away from him! please help!?
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 What one word best describes your life at the moment?

 Should I tell someone about my self harm issues?
Ive been self harming for about two years now, and it's really gotten out of control. My two best friends know, but I really think they just don't care, and think I'm stupid for doing ...

 Afraid to tell anyone I am suffering from depression because of the stereotyes but I need help.......?
Why do depression always associated with being "crazy". That is not the case at all but I know I need help and someone to talk to but I just cant bring myself to tell anybody. People can ...

 I'm always physically/mentally fatigued. Tried nearly every antidepressant with no luck. Any suggestions?
Fatigued, lack of motivation, lack of interest, feel like I'm just going through the motions everyday....

 I need some serious help now!?
I seriously, have no reason to live, why?
No reason, im NOT looking for attention I am being serious, I have been thinking about it for days now, think its bout time I ended it all.
Long ...

 I have no friends no life and no one to talk to about anything?
What in hell should i do? I spend 7 days a week wondering , hmmmm...
Additional Details
You say go make friends , as if its the easiest thing to do in the world.......

I think I have depression?
I'm 15 and I've been feeling depressed most of the time for over a year now. (I think even longer than that, actually.) I've had this issue with eating for over a year that's only gotten worse. I'll eat until I feel sick (binging) but I won't throw up afterwards. I stopped really talking to people (except my friends and they don't seem to notice that I never talk about myself anymore. I'm always the one listening to their stories about their lives.). I just really hate myself. I started cutting and I think about suicide daily, though I would never have the guts to do it. I looked depression up on the internet and I have all the symptoms except for the physical pains. So I don't really know what to do anymore. I don't really want to tell anyone because maybe it's not even depression but more like feeling sorry for myself. So I dunno?

why are you depressed im 15 too and stop hating yourself

just think positive thoughts and please dont kill yourself

that would be a bummer

Maybe you need peer to peer support,

try here at

ishy world .com

Hi,,,,,,,,,uh, how to say this in the limited time I have.....first, it is pretty "common" as a teenager to go through similar kind of feelings of worthlessness and so on. Second, there are lots of psychology and psychiatry "labels" out there, but in actual fact every one of them is absolute crap and were actually VOTED into existence at one of their annual (anal) conventions. They vote these labels in as ways to hook people into medications, because they get big pay-outs from the drug companies for hooking people on the medications. (There are some 100 million people internationally already hooked).
Third, if it is possible get your parents to take you to a natural health doctor such as a chiropractor. They will give you a standard checkup without putting you on bad medications...instead they will look for any deficiencies that may be causing you to feel down. If you can't do this, you could also go to a health food store and ask someone there for something that may help.
Next, may be some stuff happening at school that you are not happy with? How is your study doing? If you would like some more advice, welcome to message me.

go to a doctor, they can test you and yer parents aren't gonna judge

♥ I Love You ♥
Everyone feels depressed over lots of things and lots of people see bad qualities in them but people should think about all the good things instead of the bad things and you should too. Sometimes it helps to tell people what you feel or maybe write down what you feel.

I'm lost
go to a docter or tell your parents if its depression then it could mess your head up that way you dont think straight and then commit suicide you might not have the courage but its a possibility that you could snap if you dont want to do that find out why you are feeling depressed and try to stop shatever it is that is making you depressed

CodeWhite [x]
Firstly, it is never wise to self-diagnose (like thats saying: "too little knowladge is a dangerous thing")but that is not to say you shouldn't take what your feeling seriously.
It is normal for people to overeat sometimes, but if you do this periodicaly then that is not normal. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I

*Feel guilty when eating certain foods.
*Sneak food or eat large amounts on the spur of the moment
*Prefer not to eat in front of other people
*Stop going to fun events because there might be fattening foods.
*Weigh myself a lot and feel fat even when I’m not
*Often count calories and/or fat grams and worry about what I'll eat next.
*Try not to eat for a while, and then overeat and feel bad.
*Make myself vomit, use laxatives, or over exercise.

Said yes to any of these? Especially the last question? You may have a problem with eating. I think that now you might have a binge-eating disorder that will soon develope into bulimia. It's good that you recognised it now so you don't go into that downward spiral.

Alot of teens go into depression, it's a normal thing that happens our age due to hormone changes and it is also a time of self discovery. Besides, we can't feel happy every day. But if you have been feeling seriously low for over a month there may be an issue. Useually a depression is caused by an event, like loss or beaverment or something. Being depressed for over a year is a sign of a type of clinical depression called dysthymia [4]. People with dysthymic disorder useually go onto have major depression. You could probably tell if you have that if everyday feels worse that yesterday. long lasting melancholy is also a sign of Hypothyroidism.

Talk to someone you trust. It's best to speak to your family if you can.
Eat right: Eat balanced. Eat fresh. And most importantly - eat green. Green veg may not be everyone's cuppa tea. But it is good for beating depression.

Exercise: studies show regular exercise has the same impact as some antidepressant medication. And no drug gives you a cute butt into the bargain. Quit alcohol, drugs and cigarettes: detox the mind.
Most importantly, see your GP who'll have lots of advice. They might also recommend you see a counsellor or therapist. These experts help us figure out what's gone wrong. And how to put things right. It might just be a reaction to your enviroment, like if you hate where you live or what school your at, that can have a big imapct on your mental stability.

Being depressed isn't your fault. And getting help doesn't make you a weak person. It just means you want to get your life back on track - sooner rather than later.

It is more or less normal, at the age of teen, some get it earlier some later, you undergo depression when you feel so unloved and uncared for, it will go away, just don't let it take the best of you. Hope this helps~

If you are feeling suicidal then there is definitely a problem. A lot of it is probably your age and the hormones in your body, but that DOES NOT mean you have to suffer! I know it will be very hard ( I've been there not to long ago) but find someone to talk to. I recommend a parent or other adult. Friends are great but if you really want to be happy you probably need a councilor. I didn't want to get help but last year i was forced to and now im a completely different person. I love myself again, you can too. I hope you do find someone to confide in and get the help you need. you might be surprised but if you tell some one how feel and about the eating and cutting that alone will help.

It's ok. But the right thing to do, the best thing to do, would be tell your parents or a sibling, or your best friend. They could help you. Your parents might call a doctor, and you might get tested for depression. My brother has depression and now that he is on medicine you wouldn't be able to tell he has depression. I want to help you, even though i don't know you, cause i don't want someone to kill them selves. Trust me, and telling someone is the best thing to do. If you have any other questions or want to talk you can e-mail me at [email protected] By the way i'm 15 too.

Tyrone Biggums
get a bible go find god one of my friends used to be like this so i just gave em a bible and now my friend is the happiest dude you will ever meet or stop listening to my chemical romance and bullet for my valentine

You should def talk to your mom, a family member, a family friend, a counselor...any adult you feel comfortable with and tell them how you feel so they can get you help. You need to see a counselor because your symptoms are most likely depression, and it's not ok to think about suicide. If you don't have a trusted adult, call a crisis hotline and they'll help you get help. Good Luck, and please tell someone

cuddling and laughing immediately gets rid of all feelings of depression

oh please donot cut yourself, you will never get better. look we all have issues, mine came at 15 also. i was abused by a cousin for years. and it only came to lite when i was 15, i want you to seek out a counselor. they will help you make things better. my freinds also did not know what i went through, and neither did my family, you have a chance to kick this **** to the curb. please do it. you will miss being alive when your dead. only one life, embrace it.


The Black Sheep
Honey there are a lot of "depressed emos" out there BUT you seem to be a true blue. You really NEED to talk to someone, I know you said you don't want to, but it doesnt even have to be a therapist. Talk to yur friends, make them listen, i mean you listen to them, why not return the favor. You do seem to have depression, did anything happen before? You shouldn't hurt yourself, people care, even if they don't know you, like me. I don't want to know someone out there is really depressed and hurting. I know you dont want meds and therapists, but you HAVE to talk to someone. I am already talking to you and i think you might need a therapist. Before you see one try"

Figuring out what is bothering you. If nothing is then you need help.

If there is a problem talk it out with your freinds or you can send me a message if you want to talk

Try to be with the ones you love and take out your pain in a healthy way, not on yourself.

Force a smile, maybe you will realized you really want to smile.
STOP the self harm, IT WILL NOT HELP. Even if you tell your freinds, and they can help you. show someone the scars and allow them to help you.


Peace, Love, and Happyness.:)

you should talk to your parents and tell them how you are feeling and dont feel bad about yourself try to be positive =]

Tara Jo
You sound so unhappy and yes, depressed. Can you see a counselor at your school, or maybe call a depression hotline? What about seeing a therapist? don't worry, it will get better!!!

Brandon K
Talk to your parents, just tell them what u just told us..

Ask your parents to make an appointment to see your family doctor. Tell them you are not feeling well, tell them you think you are depressed if you feel comfortable with that, but please see a doctor.

Only a doctor can determine your medical condition and care for you.

Good luck!

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