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I really want to hang out with this friend. but i can tell she doesnt want to. help me! what should i do?
ok so im 14 and this girl i know quite well is 17. i told her one of my big secrets/problems and we met up to talk about it. at this really nice beach. so we did. but i wanted to meet up again and talk, so i texted and asked her, but she these are the exact words.

after i asked her she said, i can try, but im busy all week so it might be hard to find a time, then i said.. um it doesent have to be anytime soon cause im going away for 2 weeks anyway. then she said, oh i see ok, umm yeah we might be able to find a time after then. but then i said ok, but if you don't want to than you don't have to,

then she didn't text back after then, but i can tell that she doesn't really want too and even if she didn't want to she wouldn't say it. so she just stopped texting me, please help! what do you think i should do? and do you think she wants to or not??
Additional Details
oes it sound like she wants to or not?

obscura milo
lol i feel really rejected when someone stops replying to my texts, even after i just say "lol" . i'm always the last one to talk . anyhoo i think its because she didnt have anything else to say . well what could have she said? and maybe she had more important things to text to other more important ppl about.

anyhoo have a good life

girly gamer
you're 14 she's 17 this is like a senior hanging out with a freshman in high school. i say just stop trying because she may find you really annoying.

Josh B
well first of all maybe you could start by asking her why shes not texting you back.

John B
Whats the point in clinging on to someone who doesn't want you? Is there anybody out there you hate or wouldn't like to hang around with? That is how she probably feels about you. It is life get over it....gl

i think she really is just busy.
just wait a couple of days and call her
just ask her wats up, but not really to hangout
maybe she will ask you is not, try to text here later

you are alot younger then her and that is why she does not want to hang around you too much so lave her alone and find some friends your own age.

I think you should forget her. You want a friend and she doesn't sound like much of one. I am sure you will find other girls that want to hang out with you as much as you want to hang out with them. Good luck.

Just give her some time and then ask her if she wants to.

just make plans with her and invite a few other people

so that way if she wants to come she will and if not you can still enjoy your other friends

and if she doesn't want to then she isn't a good friend and you shouldn't worry about it anymore

and jsut eb up front with her tell her you think that she is avoiding you and if so then drop her as a friend and hang with your other ones and if she isn't find out whats going on and compromise

you'll work it out
and you have to understand the age difference it may be easier for you to jsut hang out with kids your own age rather than someone who is older because you mgiht not like the same things or be able to relate

peace, love, and God bless

omg you need to chill out and stop looking too deeply into things
thats gonna drive you crazy in life
and remember shes 17 she propbably is super busy so calm down
she most likely wants to and thinks of you as a little sister or something

ummm u probably shouldn't have told her ur problem...and i don't think she wants to go to a councilor at school

you shouldnt do anything staight up. you should never kiss anyones *** to be their friend and you should never have to try to be anyones friend it just come natural. So leave it alone and dont write her again unless she talks to you first.

I of all people understand being busy but I still allow time for my friends. Just be totally honest with her and tell her how you feel about the situation. Ask her if thats what is going on. And, if all she has to say is negative stuff then find a new friend, you seem like a bright young person im sure you are quite capable of doing so. Oh and one more thing Good Luck.


Just give her some space and see is she responds. After the 2 weeks, text her and see. Why did you say " If you don't want to than you don't have to"..

Be proud of who you are my dear, that sounds like your feeling pretty insecure. Hold your head up high and remember all the great qualities that you have.

Once your self-esteem rises you won't care if someone doesn't want to hang out with you. You will think, oh! well, it is their loss.

s.υ.η.η.ιε.ღ -->♥
maybe she doesn't it kinda hard to read people in text sometimes you should just forget about it or talk to her


either she ACTUALLY IS, really busy right now,
or you were a little, dramatic, desperate, concerned, anything she might have been turned off by, which made her not wanna hang out again.

if she doesnt return any mssg's, calls, or emails then just kinda forget about it and go to a closer friend who you know will be there for you.

Why would you want to be around someone who doesn't want to be around you? There must be girls your own age that want to hang around you.

But 17 year old girls are pretty busy - she might not have been lying to you - you took it a bit too personally.

Little girl, you need to think better of yourself.

hi sweety your age and her age are soo far apart i mean just think of it she can drive and you cant and shell almost be an adult while your a tween i doubt you really have anything in common and maybe she doesnt feel cool haning out with someone as young as you well i think you should find somebody your age i mean youll have more in common with them good luck!

Troll Magnet
I think you should find someone closer to your own age to associate with. I am not being mean.

I'm sure that she wants to hang out with you again....don't think negative about situations like this. Also don't hound her every 5 seconds cause she will think you are too desperate. Next time you see her, be nice and don't hassle her with too many of your problems. Maybe you can help her with something she is having trouble with, or just hang out and do something you both enjoy... Good luck, stay positive and positive things will come to you. Ciao :)

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