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Sudarshan Guddy-
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 Am I Crazy ?!!? PLEASE Anwser didnt get anwsers on other question PLEASE. Thank you.?
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I talk to myself crazyness
I naturally anwser to people kill me
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 [[ BORED ]] How twisted would you say your mind is?
I only go on yahoo! answers when i have nothing to do. [[so that's like all the time]]
I have no life.
This is a really pointless question..

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I really want to die...Somebody please help me..?
I feel so hopeless. There's nothing in life for me. I don't think I'm going to get into a good college and I'm probably just going to have a mediocre or crappy job. Everyday, there will be no reason for me to get up because there's no point in living. Even if I get married, I'll have financial troubles and as I get older I'll suffer from medical problems till finally I die.

I have nothing to live for. Family dies, pets die, activities such as skydiving or snowboarding or something exciting have no point and aren't really fun and I'm not doing anything important. I'm only 17 but I feel so hopeless. Somebody please just tell me something in life worth living for. And if you say God, can you please just show me some proof?
Additional Details
Please, I'm not just whining or complaining. I'm just really lost about what my purpose is. I feel like I exist for no particular reason. I mean, I have to have been born for some reason right? I just don't know what that reason is....

Just shut the hell up. Boo-frickin'-hoo, amigo.

If you're worried about good colleges work harder in school.

People die, everything dies. It's how it works, you can't stop it so live the **** outta you're life while you can. So get off your computer and go to sleep. Wake up tomorrow, call your friends and go out to a lake or something. Ask some chick out, too.

mucky muck
Listen to punk rock or any good music, start a band, get a Netflix membership. Whatever else, idk. It's your life. What type of pets did you have? Get one like a cat or dog that should like at least 10 years so you'll have something to look after every day.

I don't know what to tell you other that if God did not exist I guarantee I would not be alive today to tell you. I do not know you so I can not tell you what to live for, because I might say something you hate. I suggest that you do something that helps animals or people live. That might give you an answer to what you are looking for. I have something specific in mind but I don’t know if you would like to do it, but if you would like to know e-mail me, and I will tell you. You might find it interesting or you might think it is a bad idea. Either way I hope you get the answer you are looking for.

Good Luck!

Proof? NO christian says things like this. Proof enough?
There has to be one thing in the world you love.....anything? Everyone dies. Not everyone lives. What 17 year old really does anything important? I didn't.
Any college is a good college. I got an associates degree in 7 YEARS! Good times! Thats when you find out what kind of person you'll be. I have moved my way up in the medical profession by hard work with a lousy education. It's possible to be happy with limited means! Wait till you meet your child for the first time, or see your wife walking down the isle. Life in high school IS meaningless.....that's why everyone says they'll never do it again. The real world is much different. You determine your future, not your past experiences.

If you want, You can IM me and talk to me :]
I can help you :)

You just need to change the way you look at things, being positive will help you in all aspects of your life.

But if you're having suicidal thoughts, but you don't want to die deep down in your conscience, go to a psychiatric hospital. You will feel much better when you leave.

Good luck!

From the sounds of it your thinking to negatively. Dont be such a downer. You seem to just be stressing out about the future. Dont give up! If you want to get into a good school just work your hardest and stay focused. Life is worth living for and theres so much you havent experienced yet. Everyone has a time in there life when they feel hopeless and down but you can live through it. This isnt the end. Dont give up and try to keep your head held high:)

You are not a crybaby. You are just going through a rough time and it's affecting your entire outlook. If your situation changed, perhaps you'd be more optimistic.

Life becomes too hard to just try to figure it all out on your own. So don't try to do it alone. Get help! You won't regret it.

One of the first things you can do is to call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 1-800-SUICIDE (if you are the United States). They will listen to you. They are not there to judge you in any way.

If you feel that you are going to hurt yourself, you can call 911 or just show up at an emergency room and tell them what is going on. You don't even have to have insurance or anything. They will help you. They have to.

I was hospitalized for suicidal behavior, and it ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me. Things didn't get better overnight, but it gave me hope. I wish that you will find that hope.

Good luck to you, and never give up!

PS. By the way, who's to say what is important. You don't have to be listed in who's who to matter. Even if your life matters to one person, that's important. Fame, money, these things aren't the most important things. And who's to say that skydiving, etc. aren't important? Fun is important! Especially if gives you the strength, the joy, and the energy to live.

You want me to tell you what the secret is to live. You want to know what the point is, right? Well, the secret is that you have to look within your own heart and discover what it is that matters to you. You see, I can't answer that question for you. All I can do is point you in the direction of where you can go where people can help you to find out those answers for yourself.

I have the feeling that deep inside you love things like snowboarding or skydiving. Maybe you enjoy the excitement. If so, that's a clue. That's maybe your fuel for life! But depression and those brain chemicals in our mind, our thoughts, our worries, our anxieties, all of those things can rob us of our joy. They can make things that we enjoy seem pointless or impossible. But they are not. It's important to realize that.

17 is a hard time. I remember when I was 17. I got kicked out of my house for the second time, and I had to live on my own. God, that was hard. Things didn't get any better until I turned 18 because then somehow it was easier to get a job. Things will in all likelihood get better for you once you are legally an adult and you are independent. I hope that one day you can look forward to that. It's important just to take everything one day at a time.

Feel free to email me through my profile on here if you need to talk. Otherwise, call one of those numbers I gave you.

Again, I wish you all the best. I hope you find the courage to get help before things get worse. I don't think you will regret it.

we think alike

antonia t
You are looking at all the negative things in life. Getting anxious and depressed. Yea not everything in life is perfect. Things can be very difficult and messed up things can happen. But there is so much good to life too! Laughter! Sunlight! Taste! Music! Thought!! Discovery! Travel! Learning something new! Don't get all depressed. If in the end nothing matters, then atleast try to be HAPPY while you are here! Do things that make you happy, learn things, help people you love. I don't know, sounds nice to me

Some one out there will meet you one day and will need you! they'll think your amazing in every way and will be by your side no matter what. Rich or poor, they'll be there. When you have a kid with them there's another reason to live. For your child and the one you love and that loves you back.

Dieing isn't the answer because who ever told you you go anywhere better once you die? Heaven?? Really?? What if heaven doesn't exist? Even if there was a heaven killing yourself won't get you there. hang in there. I don't even know you and even I would hate to see you do something stupid.

Your only 17 so good will come your way..one day even if it seems so impossible. Even if it seems like one step forward is just two steps back...

Enjoy life, your young so LIVE IT!!!!! (;

Hope i helpedd :D GOOD LUCKK!!

lady ginger
At 17 you have such a negative out look, you still have such a big world to discover. Life is what you will make it, get a positive outlook set your self some goals an try hard to make them happen for you. There are a lot of good support groups to help you get your head cleared. Make time to have some fun enjoy a walk on the beach, take a road trip and enjoy the sights. Get your self into positive thinking you will get into a good college, find a great job, stay away from credit cards and financial troubles won't find you. Sign up and do volunteer work helping other always boost your self esteem. I hope you find the happiness your searching for. Namaste

Jason G.
Read a Bible and go to Church and get Saved. It's written, "He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly." John 10:10.

sleep on the grass at night to see the stars and then you will be picked up by the lost stars..............

i know things seem hopeless but there is hope, you just haven't been looking

the way your thinking, about how theres nothing worth living for, is not helping you at all. you need to really talk to somebody if you feel like this. but I hope you think positively, don't look at all the negatives, everybody dies, and everybody suffers and that's life. Good luck.

Before I start on reasons: think to yourself "I am assuming the worst" and then reread your post. You're assuming bad things are going to happen - like financial troubles - when they don't have to. All of that is in your control.

Many of the richest men in society didn't even graduate from college.

1) Having kids some day.

2) If you believe aliens exist out there - and any sufficiently advanced civilization would appear to us to be using magic when really they're using technology (as a cell phone would appear to a caveman) - then the existence of a God-like being is logical. So God as well.

Hugh Laurie, the actor who plays House, was in a demolition derby, and came to the realization that he was bored. "That's not an appropriate reaction" - and he went and talked to a doctor about it.

You should too. Believe in yourself if nothing else.

Do some volunteer work. Visit a Children's Hospice..you with THEN See how good you actually have it. There are worse problems that people suffer from, not the least of which you describe. Try putting yourself in someone else's position, you will then feel better about your own life.

Brina Jensen
Baby ... if you need an outside person .. I am that person!

Don't let me down ...


snowboard addict

Yahoo Guru
It's fun and rewarding.

Some Person
I'm an atheist and believe life is worth living. Seriously, even if you do have a totally crappy life which you probably won't it's better than not existing at all! I'm guessing you are just going through a funk. Get some antidepressants!

Drain Bamaged
Travel to recently war torn countries,observe the people there and quit whining like a wimp.

there only one thing that help you alot!

listen the teacher like always.... i know it hard, but same me...
when i was young and i used to hate work and i not that smart... but i was thinking for long time for myshelf...

i change my life and i become good person and i got good grade... i was just very happy....

you should talk to your heart and think yourshelf...

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