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megan k
I need your answer! What should I do?
I am fixing to cut myself...
It keeps telling me "cut yourself because you are worthless creature... Your parents don't like you anymore... They like your sister than you do..."
I am hard-of-hearing.
and I know I am worthless now.
What should I do?
I had this going on for like a year
But it never disappear into air
Still in my head...
Please someone help me out!
Should I cut myself?
And no rude words!

Definitely don't cut yourself, if it is really bothering you then talk to your best friend or an adult you trust. I probably sound like one of those... what do you call them.... counselors? But I'm sure it helps :D Hope I Helped Usually I am not someone to go to for help... normally I am the one who needs the help. BUT most definitely ask for help from someone you trust.

wow...okay i kinda agree with megara...just poke urself with a pin..and if it hurts then dont cut..

go to you best friends mom for advice and see if she can talk to your mom..if u dont have friends then just go to a family member or something...

dont do it.

hurting yourself is never the answer. cutting yourself will remind you of your thoughts about will you cut yourself which will make you more depress. Also, you are not worthless.. nor a creature.. your parents will always love you deep down in their hearts no matter what they show in person. Dont think that your worthless, because your not, nobdy is worthless.. maybe you can talk to your parents about what you are going through. or you can email your parents if you dont wanna talk in person.

All the best to you.

kell b
dont cut urself
u should realize tht if u think no1 loves u God does and he always will :) "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Gwen E
Don't, seriously don't. It hurts a lot more then you'd think.
See a therapist, and get some anti-depressants :) Well and you could accidentally cut a main artery and end up in the hospital. That's not good ether. But yeah consider the therapist idea or talk to your parents about it, well that or you should call a friend and let out your feelings... friend or random stranger either works...

Don't cut yourself it doesn't help anything, i would know, if you need someone to talk to you can always email me. (:

[email protected]

SiMMy StAr
do not cut yourself or when you grow up you'll be messed up or something. And your parents love you just as much as your sister so don't let your weird thoughts or emotions make you think that you are worthless. God wouldn't have made you if you were worthless.

The strong, compelling urge in a person to cut is not one that will go away Just because someone tells you not to cut. There is a chemical imbalance going on in you that needs medication to "normal" itself out. If you had this desire for a year now it is obviously it is not going togo away on its own. Once you get on the right medication you will wonder ho you ever had those thoughts in the first place. You will be right because it is not you dear it is a condition in your mind ccausingthis. You will feel so much better after you get on the pills to help.

paige m
Don't cut yourself. You are NOT a worthless creature, no matter how much you may feel you are. If you have issues with your parents, talk to them about it. I'm sure that they would be interested to hear your opinion. Your parents love you; they don't want you to feel this way. And while cutting yourself may seem like a way to rid yourself of the pain temporarily and maybe feel a little bit like a rebel, it's not worth it; there are many healthier ways to deal with internal pain. I would know.

Talk to somebody that you trust. If that's not your parents, so be it. Find a friend, a teacher, a counselor, ANYONE who you know is a good listener, and let it out. Also, write. This will help you release your pent up feelings. Find things that you enjoy to do, whether they're playing a sport, drawing or playing video games. By doing something else, it will take your mind off of your troubles and you will feel better. Try not to wallow in your sorrow; go out with friends and have a good time!

I hope that you follow my advice, because after being diagnosed with depression, I know how you are feeling. But I promise, if you have a positive attitude, it will get better.

BlueSphere Technology
If you have the capability to "contemplate" this, then what other things could you be trying to do on a more positive note. You're thoughts are completely yours, you control them... you can let them drift to the negative, or you can go to the positive. the choice is yours

dont cut yourself. ask your parents if they will let you go to a therapist and talk out some of your feelings.
My psychologist helped me turn my life completely around, it was more like talking to a friend without the fear of judgement. Plus everything you say is 100% confidential.

good luck

Is there anyone your close to you can talk about this with?

Poor thing. You need to seek help before you go to the extreme of cutting yourself. Maybe you need to be put on antidepressants? See a DR about this. Just remember "you only get one life". It's not your parents life, it's not your sisters life.... it's ALL YOURS!!!!!

Be your own person and don't worry about what other people think about you!! Make yourself happy and healthy and ignore everyone else! Good luck.

Brianne M
no!!!! is this getting to suicide? if so talk to your parents about this! it could be serious! or if you feel that you can't trust your parents, go to a school councilor! or if you are out of school, see some one who can help you (the kind who talk about your feelings) hope this helped!

♥~somebody special~
ppl who say that they cut themselves/r emo r just lookin 4 attention but i would say that u should tell urself all the good thing bout urself instaed of the bad things. it will help u. if u want to talk about this summore add me as a contact or just message me :)

No you should cut yourself. Just because your family doesn't like you don't mean your not liked.
Stick around and see if your life improves. Who knows you might hit the big time, win the lotto.
Meat a better class of people. People that will love for who your are and not judge you.
Doing harm to yourself is never the answer. Doing well for yourself is, Then the people that were
mean to you will see just what they have missed.

Weird Person
Never ever cut yourself. I always feel bad when my brother is treated better than I am or when my parents yell at me for doing something bad but I just find ways to coop with myself that are good. Write down a list of things u could do to calm yourself like taking a walk, take a shower, punch a pillow, talk to your family and tell them that what they r doing could lead to u getting super hurt. If u cut yourself you will never forgive yourself because you hurt yourself emotionally, physically, and even mentally. Not only will u hurt yourself you will make your family feel guilty and they will never forgive theirselves. Please DO NOT cut yourself.

what's up?
Sit down and list your wonderful qualities.
Go for a walk.
Turn on the music.
Call a friend.
If that doesn't work, if your parents have insurance, tell them you need help.

All the best -

Don't do it!
I tried to kill myself numerous times through high school and junior high, I felt like i was so different from the world and that i needed to die because of it, I am the youngest out of 5 and i know how it feels when you think your whole family loves another sibling more. My grandparents told me straight to my face that they love my sister more and they disown me because i was the last born and my father committed suicide soon after i was born, they claim that i was the reason he took his life. I hated my self so much for that, but if i would have died years ago when they told me i wouldn't have been able to realize that i am worth living. I was given my life for a reason. and so were you. you have a reason to live don't let anyone or your own mind make it seem different. we all have our own head games, some that make us feel worthless, and others that make us feel like we are all that and a bag of potato chips, but nothing is worth ending your life. you have a reason, look at this.. if i would have gone through and ended my life years ago i wouldn't be online now to help you with your problems. just think that this is a experience that you want to live through to help others, or just to know that life has bumps but there is always a smooth path after those bumps. best of luck hun... don't let your mind play tricks with your soul. you are here for a reason!

Michael S
A professional counselor may very well be able to help you understand what you're going through and how to cope with it.

You can talk to your parents to help you find a counselor or if you don't feel comfortable doing that, you may be able to talk to a counselor at your school.


I laugh at people who cut themselves, it's childish and immature. facing your problems is much better than blaming yourself and being a coward. no offense

no, take it from someone who use to cut. it dont help or solve anything. you know what forget what everyone says who cares who your parents like better they will regret it later in life that they were mean to you when you move out and away from them trust me i know how it feels. you are the best you that there is you shouldnt bring yourself to cutting bc of them its not worth it. you are a good person who cares what other people think. dont let there comments bring you down. thats what people do best is put other people down. so please dont cut. you will get through it trust me. your sister is no better than you are and nobody is worthless.

A cry for help shouldn't be voiced on the internet, whether you are seeking attention or seriously harming yourself; you should seek professional advice in aid of this to avoid a real disaster, and a waste of life.

Callie S
Absolutely not! Your brain has already been hurt and you should not blame your body. DO NOT HURT YOURSELF!!

No God loves you

Okay, sticking to the no rude words rule i would have to ask if this is a real question?

if you are serious, i have a lot of sympathy for you as couldn't imagine how bad you must feel.

Unfortunately, i am in another world not knowing who you are i can't give you the support you need. However, before you do anything, think for a moment.

Is your life really that bad? Im sure you can focus on something good in your life. secondly and most importantly, what will cutting yourself achieve? I mean your problems will still be there afterward and they will more than likely be more sour because now you will doubt your actions.

Find a way out of the situation you are in instead. im sure you can be a strong person. Talk to someone real. not cyberspace but a human. a friend a peer a councilor. see what they can do to help.

Please just think realistically what will come of this, even if its just for me (a stranger who is just worried about you!)

I hope you make the right decision

all the best


try banging yourself on the head with a wet potato

Joseph Goebbels
Erm I had a friend wo cut herself (assuming you mean cut ur wrists) and she hs scares for life so no don't cut yourself your being silly.

Just go see a therapist or sumthin just come down

Don't use a knife
to end your life
Consult a doctor
And get looked at
If that is seriously happening
Get some help.

Sweetie, you have a flair with words. Why not that cutting urge and roll it around in your head and then put it into words. I think that you could have great potential as writer. If you need to talk, I'm here for anyone that needs an ear.

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