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I need some cheering up from anyone willing to help?
I am going through a really really rough time in my life. I won't list the things that have happened and still happen because thats not why I am here right now. But things have gotten so bad lately that every morning I wake up I hope and wish that today is the day that something happens to me that will be the death of me. I would like to think I'm not the suicidal type, but unfortunatly that seems to be the only option I have left anymore. I don't have many people to talk to and the one person who I have spoken about this to didn't really help me much.

So I am out of options at this point and I am feeling lost and hopeless. This has been going on for a long time (about 5 years I would say), I don't know what to do. I am scared of taking pills for this because I have had some bad experiences with anti-depressants in my past.

So if anyone has any ideas or helpful insight, I am all ears at this point.

Please do not tell me to get drunk or high. Thats a temporary solution.
Additional Details
I am not a religious person. I actually do not believe that "God" has only good intentions for us. That belief comes from some of my problems if your wondering. But thank you for the answers so far.

I would recommend driving to any church building and going inside to see if there is a preacher or on-site counselor you can talk to. I think you just need someone to talk to and help you figure things out. Surely you can think of some good reasons to keep on living. I know there must be some loved ones and friends around you who really care for you.

karen beepbeep
out of options yea write life isnt tha bad check on all the good things that has happened in your life was it worth it if you go out and drunk you only bring more problems back that you dont want to face face your problems is only minor you need to think of something positive in your life life isnt that bad i used to think it was but its not its only how you put it think about it the good way not bad you can call me back at [email protected]

♥ liz ♥
Everyone goes through tough times in there life.Sometimes you feel the bad times will never end.One bad thing after another.But god never puts more on you that you can not handle with his help.Turn to him for help.Pray and talk to him.He knows what you are going through.Read your bible....Psalms has really helped me through times of trouble....Life is never easy but the troubles we go through are to make us stronger and wiser....

im srry u r going through this rough time. wut i would suggest is u to seek professional help such as a precher or counselor so u can talk. u seriously need to talk about how u feel and surround urself with positive ppl and surroundings. although u had bad experiences with anti-depressants i think u should give it another shot. not all anti-depressants will make u sick.if thats wut ur bad experience was. when u get negative thoughts u need to do something to keep ur mind off of it. go for a walk,read,write,swim,bike,clean,dance,sn… a rubber band on ur wrist, take a cold bath, numb ur skin wit an ice cube. anything that would keep u occupied and ur mind busy. gl.tc. if u need to chat im me or email me.

I have a number you can call - 1-800-NEWLIFE
their website is NEWLIFE.COM

Some time ago I was in an absolutely impossible situation, fearing for my life, not believing I had a future ahead of me. A friend read these words to me - and she prayed for me -- it made all the difference in the world.

"Look at the birds of the air. They do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"
from The Bible, the book of Matthew chapter 6 verse 26

"All Truths come in three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident"
(1778-1860 Arthur Schopenhaur)
Hello Gizmo!;
If I understand correctly, you don't believe in God or if you do, He is not a God who truly cares for us! (I'll post this for now and come back to finish but correct me if I'm wrong!)
You also say that whatever it is that you might have been taught or whatever it is that you used to believe about God, or something to do with religion, might have contributed to you feeling this way! Correct thus far???
Back with more insight! (and again and again if you wish to make any correction about how I read you!!!)

The reason that this is important for me to understand before I can truly be of help, is threefold;

"Who does Not Know the Truth, is simply a Fool...
Yet who Knows the Truth and Calls it a Lie, is a Criminal."

In Galileo Galilei by Bertrand Brecht (1898-1956)
Hang in there! we're not done!

Do you see all the people who care for you already? They never even laid eyes on you and yet, they feel your pain... just as though you were a friend they've known forever... In spite of anything the god of this temporary system 2 Corinthians 4:4, has done to bring you to where you find yourself tonight, he can't stop the pouring of warm love which your fellow-human, feels for you... Can your foot tell your little toe which would be in pain that a toe is just a toe and who cares? No! It can't because whether it's a big member, a small member, one you hardly ever use, or use a lot or where it is located on your body, they are all important; you need them all and it is the same here tonight! We feel your pain! We are humans. We have felt like you for some other reason maybe but still can't help but to be touched by another soul in pain... Pain is pain no matter how you cut it and if even the least one of us (right now you!) happens to be in pain, none of us can feel good and pretend that we are that foot who doesn't need to care about the little toe's pain... If my little toe hurts, even my brain hurts so it you, a member of the human race is hurting and I'm aware of it, I hurt just as you do...
hang in there! we're not done!!!
Gizmo! your reality is awful dark right now and you might even be very tired... so try not to be so quick to judge as to what sense I am getting at just because you don't care so much for my approach... You have no idea why I wrote the thing that you perceived to be unpleasant to your ears... For instance, if you think I am trying to push anything religious on you in the least, it's not true! I am trying to get to where you're at and why! If you expect a quick fix, (and I know you're not!) you must show a little more patience as everything takes time, even making a cup of coffee and you didn't come to this point over night so in spite of the fact that I am a firm believer of "if there is no solution, there is no problem! and truly intend to prove it to you this night! you can't expect me to come with the solution in one paragraph... Are you still with me? in spite of the thumb down??? or did you delete me???

My Taekwondo instructor always had a useful saying for us, and when I was particularly upset and depressed once, he said to remember that in life it is always true that "This too will pass." Remember that the universe has a way of balancing itself, suffering cannot go on forever without being balanced by later happiness. Its going to be difficult, I'm not going to lie to you. But I promise that if you don't let depression get to you, that it will get better.

Now, I admit that that was pretty general, useless advice so here's some that might help you at the moment:

1.Take up guitar. Whenever I feel sad, or depressed, I can always sit down and start strumming out my favorite song, which usually is very relaxing and soothing. Music penetrates deep into the subconscious, and can do more good than anti-depressants, doctors, psychologists and other modern quick-fixes.
2. Exercise more. Studies show that exercise stimulates muscles to produce a chemical in the brain that not only grows brain cells, but is a natural antidepressant. Whether its a temporary solution or not depends on your determination to keep in shape. When I am in shape, and especially after a soccer match, I feel extremely content and happy.

I hope that helps, I'm only sorry I was unable to help more. You're welcome to email me if you need someone to talk to. Good luck!

I cannot say i know what it feels like, but the best thing that will work for you is to think of yourself worthy.
-you are a human being and you need to respect yourself for that.
-take care of your mental and physical health because this will make you stand out; when you respect yourself, others would also respect you
a. you should join some club or sport that you would be willing to try; there are people who are waiting out there to be your friend too you know.
b. meditating is relaxing and all of your stress would be absorbed out of you if you do this for at least 30 min. every day.
c. work out; get out there and enjoy life as it is
As far as working out, there is a lot for you to be doing right now too.
Always start with a good stretch, this maintenance of flexibility through regular stretching as a part of warm-ups and cool-downs may help reduce the risk of muscle tears, strains, and stress injuries.
Do muscle strength and endurance exercises such as lifting weights (low weight, lots of repetitions). You can also use your own body weight to do the exercises like push-ups (diamond, wide-arms, close arms), and there are also many ways of doing sit-ups.
Go and get to RUN! this is really helpful because you burn lots of calories and reduce the risk of your heart to fail in the future. Join a sport too.


Jessica G
You need to find something in your life that makes you happy. Find a hobbie, or something that takes up time. Get out of the routine. Make new friends. You have to do things that you make your body and mind happy. Also, be positive. When you wake up, say you're going to have a great day. Being positive/optimistic is a great thing. If you think good thoughts, good things will come. It mostly has to do with your brain and the way you think. Change your ways of thinking, and things will drastically change. I hope it all works out for ya buddy.

hertz donut
Watch a really stupid movie.

Laugh raucously for no reason at all. See, like this:
Hah. Hah. ah hahahahhahhahhahahahah !!!!

Gee. That's all I can think of. Hope things get better for you, man. Later !

Talk Talk Talk,. then listen yo someone who is experienced.
You have to voice your feelings but you need to have action listen to someone who knows you well or a counselor.

It looks like a lot of the good answers are taken, so here are a few things I'd like to add. Some may sound silly, but they come from my personal experience and I swear to you they helped me overcome my depression.

1. If you've only spoken to one person about this then you are certainly not out of options. There are a lot good people just in your town that would be glad to help you and that one person you've talked to does not represent them. Just look at all the answers you've gotten so far. Nobody here knows you and we've taken time out of our day for you, just because we wanted to. What, you think we did this for the points?

2. Quit any and all vices you might have. You don't seem to be into alcohol and drugs, but there's also cigarettes, junk food and sugary snacks, etc. Coffee was a big one for me. Some of these are uppers, others are downers, but they're all just not good for you. Take care of your body and you'll start feeling better--mentally and physically, and you'll look better too, which never hurts.

2. Get out of bed and get some exercise into your daily routine, and do it outside of the house and away from the places that are hostile to your psyche. Try anything and everything from jogging to cycling to kayaking to climbing, anything that takes you outdoors, puts you in a zone or some kind of meditative and serene state of mind. I recommend doing this with a group; join a club or just go somewhere where there are a lot of people doing the same thing.

3. Sign up for art classes at your local community college. I love Ceramics, but you might be more interested in drawing, painting, glass-making, or some kind of music class. Art classes are good places to meet good people and you can learn to make something beautiful with your own two hands. Even if it's not beautiful to others, it will be beautiful to you.

4. Try to stay away from the things that are bring you down. The above things will help, but also be mindful of the things you're subjecting yourself to that are adding to your depression. If the news puts you in a bad mood then don't tune in; if you can't stand Celine Dion then stay away from her Vegas show and your local soft music station... you get my drift. Don't give anything or anyone permission to hurt you; they're not even worthy of your attention, so walk away.

5. Do good things. Be courteous to others. Be a gentleman. Be a good son, or boyfriend, or cousin, or father, or stranger. Do these things and enjoy the karmic reward, even if it’s as simple as a warm feeling that comes with being kind to others.

And more thing: you sound like a smart guy. You advised us not to suggest getting drunk or high because they're just temporary solutions, and that's exactly what those are. Well, here's my strongest suggestion to you, don't even consider the possibility of suicide. It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You're gonna be fine in time, and life will always have its ups and downs. Get through the downs, enjoy the ups when they come, and open your eyes to the wonders that surround you even now.

well first, you are not alone. Many members here, including me, are suffering with you.
I know what depression is like. you said suicide seems like the only option, but there are so many other options, you just have to have your head up and your eyes open to see them. sounds like you are drowning with your head underwater and you need to get your head above water to see all your survival options. medication can help you do that.

One thing you might want to remember is that the only thing certain is change. So this feeling you have is bound to change.
And, feelings are not facts. you can't put too much weight on your feelings, but rather, look at the facts surrounding the reasons for those feelings. try to separate the facts from the feelings.
But you should see a counselor. There are really good ones who's purpose in life is to help people with things like this. to teach you coping skills and stuff.
I have found group therapy to be much easier than one on one. Then after the group, if you like the counselor, you can ask him off to the side if he would counsel you or if he can recommend a counselor he thinks could help.
good luck.

You will be ok, i know it doesnt feel like it but one day you will coem through the toher side of this and feel better... perhaps you should see a psychologist to talk about it...medication by its self doesnt help.. it doesnt resolve any problems it just makes you feel ebtter for a while so you can do the hard work and thats talking and resolving with a psych.

were here for you

I would recommend you to visit a psychologist, which -in my opinion- is something that every smart person should do, but that's something different.. 5 years it's not just a difficult period: if you don't do something about it it can become a permanent situation! A psychologist won't find you any solutions, but he will make you able to find solutions by your own and also be make you a stronger character that won't need anybody to cheer you up for so serious problems! 5 years it's a long time and you probably don't even remember anymore how nice life can be but l can assure you that this is gonna change!Believe me, therapy takes some time but it's totally worth it!

I have no idea what kind of things have happened in your life, but as long as you are alive, things can improve. You need to be proactive in finding help. A suicide hotline might help until you can get to a counselor of some sort. You can find someone to listen to you and help you if you keep trying. Please do not give up on life. Think about how your loved ones would feel if you committed suicide. They would feel guilty that they did not know you were having such problems. It would haunt them forever and would also set a precedence for others that know you. If you have had bad experiences with anti-depressants, let the dr know that, so they will not prescribe the same medication/dosage as before. I have been clinically depressed since the age of 12 or 13 and recently began taking Cymbalta and it works great. There is help for you, keep trying. Best of luck to you.

I know exactly what you are going threw. I have been on anti-depressants for approximately 4 years. Let me tell you the first medication they gave me had some side effects, but my doctor was able to get me on a medication which works for me. At this stage I am still on a medication and I know it will be a long road ahead. But you do need to have someone in whom you can confide. If not a close friend, maybe a coworker or a church member. If there is no one else, get closer to God and talk to him. He is always listening. Focus on the good thinks in your life. You say you are out of options. Clearly you still have options. Try to get away from the things that are making you feel so low. Remember that everyday that you wake up is a Good Thing not a bad one. Everyday that you ask for help is a Good Thing for it clearly shows you want to live. Remember to fight for your life! You have been fighting for at least the last 5 years. Don't let anyone or anything beat you. Overcome you fears and your opponents. God brought us into this world for a purpose. Obviously you have not fulfilled your purpose. Find out what this purpose is and fulfill it to the max.

Remember, there is a saying which goes something like this. "God only sends us what we can bare". I don't know you but I know you can do it. If you need some one else to talk to you. You can always email me and I will respond.


[email protected]
Honey...I've also been through every nightmare imaginable...and anti-depressants don't work if there is a real reason for your sadness.Start by finding some kind of joy,in the simplest things...[birds singing in the morning...a breeze on a hot day...the way your favorite food tastes...etc] Then look at all the blessings you have,that others only wish for...If you want to talk..I'm here..

eily g
I can't say that I ever got to a stage of not wanting to live, how could I with 3 kids at home and me only to support them. But let just say it was really had to get out of bed at 5am every morning to work those 3 job's. I didn't think I had anyone to discuss this with until my brother in law said to me stop feeling guilty for things you cant change in others, you can only be responsible for the things you do and how you deal with your life. Most people said to me your a tough cookie you'll be right but I was really caking my dacks. It took like forever to turn my life around. Cant remember how many times I fell over, dusted my knee's and kept going. My kids are mostly grown, 31 to 20 so far 2 of them are going great guns the youngest has some issues that we are dealing with. But you know she will grow through this and be stronger for it. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Not the word's I should be using I guess. It's true though why would you want to die and not know what's around that corner. I'm sure glad I do. Who would have been there for my kids, how messed up they would be if I took that selfish out. Have I cheered you up yet. Sorry if that's not the case.
How I helped myself was to truly understand me, why was it that I found myself in that black hole. I didn't want to feel like that anymore so I read many self help books etc, and crawled out inch by inch.

Therapy cassette tapes helped me.
Thrist stores & online autions have non religious healing taped /cds for the mind & soul & theyre dirt cheap.
self worth is not based on what you can do for others or what others can do for you
self worth is based on you, who you are & what youre willing to do for yourself
I use natural alternatives for depression.
My psychiatrist told me this...Exercise especially cardio will also change the brain chemistry & make you feel better too. Once exercise makes you feel better dont stop exercising. You'll need to maintain the brains chemistry levels.

If you've taken antidepressants before, I'm generalizing, but you would have had some sort of depressive disorder before, yes? Was that fully resolved despite the difficulties you encountered with the medication? I don't usually like to tell people that they should take medicine because, often, most problems can be sorted out without going through numb emotions. However, if you are suicidal, you should certainly see a psychologist or a psychiatrist, perhaps a different physician to the one that prescribed you the medication the last time in order to obtain an objective view on the matter. You should talk to friends and close ones to seek their support so that you are not alone while you are going through this tough time. The important thing is that you are still reaching out, even if it is though cyberspace, and perhaps that is the first step to finding a solution. I hope I have provided you with consolation and help. Take care.

I have had severe, chronic depression, too. Hope with a sound basis is what helped me hang on, until I could finally understand the cause. I'd like to share what helped me...

A Cry for Help...

Why So Much Suffering and Injustice?

If this seems to fit you:

Understanding Mood Disorders
- Tormented Minds
- Living With a Mood Disorder
- Hope for Sufferers
*- How Others Can Help

*these* can be shared with people you'd like to have help you.

*When Someone You Love Has a Mental Disorder

You CAN Fight Pessimism
- Battling Pessimism
- Positive, Goal-Oriented Thinking

How to Maintain a Healthy Mental Outlook

Why Take a Walk?
- Walking Is Good Medicine

How to Find Real Happiness

Does God Really Care About Us?
- An Earth Free From Suffering http://watchtower.org/library/dg/index.htm?article=article_01.htm

Please don't judge God by what people who >claim< to represent him have done, or for what time & unforseen occurance has brought you!

Alone but Not Lonely :
- What You Can Do About Loneliness http://watchtower.org/e/20040608/diagram_01.htm

(For more info, or, when a link is modified.) http://watchtower.org/search/search_e.htm

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