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Jonny S
I need help...I think i'm going crazy?
This is a very fragile subject, but my whole life is crumbling around my ears. My family hates me, my mom wants me on the streets, and the only person who truly cares about what happens to me is my dad who i only see once a weekend. I haven't told him yet, and there's no power in heaven or hell that can make me tell my mom...because the thing that is really freaking the bugeezez out of me is i think i'm going crazy. Y'know, like The Shining. Maybe not that bad, but y'know. I find my self talking to myself at night, and not just the way normal people sometimes talk to themselves, but as if i have another person inside of me! And that's the one i'm talking to! And if that's not enough, 24/7 i'm continuously getting urges to hurt people. For no reason whatsoever. Like, if someone walks into a room a see flash/vision of me beating the living crap out of them with a heavy pan or something. Even people i've never met before...

you need to chill out first to gain perspective....go for a leisurely walk in the rain or try swimming....the cool water will hopefully snap you back to your senses....
good luck..

I think you need proffessional help. But no one is ready to help you if you don't want to help your self. So take hold of your self and make sure you visit the Doctor today itself before it gets too late and others have to take you to a DOCTOR.

Try calming yourself with YOGA. It is the best medicine in the world for self healing. Try searching websites for YOGA and practice it.

jon p
If you are unsure as what to do then

Do you want sanity? It may cost you everything. Would that be acceptable? If you're serious....

enjoy your life
you could help yourself by the self- psychology suggests treating ,tell yourself not to hate mum,Enlarge the good things from mum, shrink the bad one .looking for the question from yourself,and lear from the past,try to change and begin from your self ,you will find and taste good scene ,just try to make yourself calm down from so-called crazy situation.you must find some interesting thing you could to release your pressure and anger,shift your own tired thoughts,let yourself feel life meaningful ...
try to change from your self ,Relent others' shortcoming ,show youself big heart...

Seems all your problems are because of your mother. You should channel that anger into something different. maybe invest in a punching bag. That kind of hostility is not healthy. But if talking to yourself is helping you should stick with that. Deal with those problems first.

How about talking to your dad about taking you in?

BTW, how old are you?

It's perfectly normal. I've been through the same thing once in my life. Sometimes, when we are in pain our personalities tend to split into two. It's the natural reaction of the mind to cope with the excessive pain.

Even until now, 5 years after I left I still do talk to myself once in a while but I'm in peace. No more anger, hate, pain, thoughts of murder, etc.

Try to hang on and be strong. Think about the future. Just focus on building your future and things will get better... much better.

Email me if you want to talk.

a lot of people put off seeking professional help, because they are afraid the doctor is going to say what you fear the most, is that you are crazy. you probably are not, u just sound angry, frustrated , lonely and hurt. i suggest you do seek therapy, from a counselor, or psychiatrist as i see you are not enjoying your life, and you need some help at this point in your life.

you definitely need to get yourself to your doctors and see a psychiatrist, please get yourself some help so you can live a normal life and not get yourself into trouble because i am sure you are a nice person and wouldnt intentionally hurt anyone gd luck : )

hell hath no fury
i know everyone says this, and i never listened to them either, I thought, "shut up, he doesn't need therapy"
until.... my brother acted out one of his thoughts. He killed his wife and teenage son with a shotgun, and then went on a rampage on a Seattle ferry and stabbed himself in the stomach after escaping to New Mexico. He had always joked about this same thing, seriously, it could be him typing your question, it's that similar. It was in the news, on the internet, everything, and everyone asked us, why didn't we do anything if he told us these things? his name is bryan matsen, his wife was evelyn and his son was wahren matsen. He is in prison for life, for murder of his pregnant wife and teen stepson. Don't believe me? Here's the link. Things like you are experiencing never turn out well and don't just go away


-- my msg is of no help to you,, but i just wanted to say,,i get those flashes all the time,, like my mam just seems to hit some button that turns me into sum deranged crazy person,,like i see me doing all kinds of torture to her and its like fire that goes through me and it feels so good -- but i thought i was going crazy, and i was the only person who got them -- but thank you!! because now i know im not ... sozz i know you wanted advice,, but a "crazy" person giving somone else advive probably isnt a good idea (,"),,but hang in their sweet cheeks you'l find a solution

Chaz Vegas
Please seek the help of mental healthcare professional. Feeling of hurting yourself or others are signs that you need to see someone so that they can get you on a proper medication for the chemical imbalance in your brain. I don't mean this in a bad way. a little lithium goes a long way. good luck.

What a guy!!
See you doctor. Tell him/her what you have just put onto this 'thing.' You have proved that by asking us for advice you know that there is something wrong. I think a short course of medication may be required, but after that you'll almost certainly be fine again. Call your doc and best of luck.

jac the hat
Yes of course you need help!

And first calm down - What you are going through is really tough for anybody.

You sound American from the 'mom'.

Get your dad to help you find somebody who will help - but be very aware that your health is ultimately in your own hands and that helpers will often be very frightened also, of your voices and visions of harming others.

Don't allow yourself to get drugged from here to eternity just to stop hearing voices that may not be a danger to you.

There is a Hearing Voices Network internationally which can help you get on top of the voices if they are a problem and help you relate to them if they are not a problem; and you can google, to find out whether you have one near you.

I hear voices and have those flashes of hurting animals usually they scare the wits out of me but I am a pretty caring safe person and haven't hurt a living thing in 60 years, by action or by design.

Many many people hear voices that are not a problem to them.

your behavior is that of a reaction to rejection, in which you feel dread and with fantasy to hurt others, i think you should speak to someone. start with your father as he cares about you. you are just experiencing severe emotional distress, but not loosing your wits, as far as you have the insight to your problem.
dr solo

Jonny, if you can't tell your mom tell your teacher at school.

You need help boy, now.

david t
hi there: i have a younger bro. who experiences similar patterns of illusions, hearing voices, seeing others ect... These illusions are real to him but completely incomprehensible to the unlearned. If there is a crisis help line in your area, call them. The mental health services professionals will guide you through this period with the upmost confidentiality, especially if you desire privacy and that no one needs to know where or why you are seeking professional help. Take the steps by reaching out perhaps to someone you dearly trust, I believe they too will have your confidence in mind, and ask them to help with this, I'm certain they will help you through this scary time. By the way, my brother is as normal as the rest of the world's social inhabitants. He seeked and found the help he needed and also found out he is just one of many with the same problems of our times. Have faith, take care.

james c
People here are advising you to seek help! I agree with them! I have suffered depression and sought help! I don't think you are depressed, but I think you should see your Doctor for help!

laura k
you really should see a professional about what ur feeling, no one else could really help u or giv u the right advice.
hope all goes well

You didn't mention how old you are, but is there any chance you could live with your father?It sounds like you're very unhappy with your current living situation, and I believe your environment could be half your battle. Explain what's been going on with you to your father and ask him to help you help yourself.I'm not a doctor, but it sounds to me like you're on the verge of a breakdown.Please get yourself some psychiatric help. Good luck my friend

Don't you think you need to get some help? I sure do.

Get some counseling. You don't have to have money. Your county will have a mental health department. If you don't have the money or insurance, you can still be seen.

Contact your county's website and get the number for the department of social services. They will get you in to see a mental health counselor.

This sounds quite serious. I don't think you're going crazy though, i.e. as in mentally ill. However, I do think that you've got a lot of deep seated anger and bitterness inside you. You need to talk to someone soon.. Could you talk to your GP? I really think that you need help to deal with the very difficult problems that you're facing. As for telling your dad, I guess only you know whether that's a good thing to do. Maybe it'll cause some upset in the short term, but you need to get this stuff out in the open.. Don't suffer in silence.

Chad S
I will give you the absolute best piece of advice that anyone can give you: go see a psychiatrist/psychologist/physician.

I am not joking. If you are being serious then you need help, and no one on yahoo answers can give you the type of help you need.

I can think of some things that might be wrong.....Now I don't know if you take any kind of drugs....but other than that for one thing it sound like you need to repent of sin in your life and be obedient to your creator....God knows our mind very well, he made it....he said to love others..even those who hurt you....pray for them that good things will happen to them and you will begin to like even those who hurt you.....love, kindness, gentleness and forgiveness are things that will heal our minds.....forgive all hurts....and let God judge and take care of those things and he surely will....I have seen it happen...
Read Psalms 37 chapter....very good for young people.....Work hard and be helpful at home and kind to your parents.....God will bless you mightily I promise......
Do these things and tell me how things go....put me on your pal list.....

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