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I need help I don't know what to do any more?
I have been suffering from depression and an anxitey nervous disorder as a result I have given up on my karate training (I try going back then I feel scared andd can't do it). I'm on medication I feel it's doing nothing for me. I am alone cut of from the world suicidal thoughts run through my mind (I won't act on them but I feel I would be better of dead) I just don't know what to do any more I feel so lonely without a friend in the world and I feel useless I feel like I am a complete waste of space all I want to do is sleep all day at least them I feel safe.
I just don't know what to do anymore.

You need professional help. The best thing you could have done is continue with your Karate training, but if you're too scared to do that, you must see your GP & get her/him to either change your medication, or refer you to a Community Psychiatric Nurse,(CPN). You must have a local mental care day hospital, somewere near where you live. Just walk in there, never mind the endless waiting list on the NHS, you'll get looked after the same day!.
I've been thro this, I've been on medication for 25 yrs, but I live a normal life. Many people go thro this sort of thing, its treatable, you will get better, just hang on in there, but get medical help. Do not sleep too much!, there's nothing worse. You are not useless, you've got the web, & and email me if you feel. Talk to your family, or friends- you must have someone you can confide in, after all you went to Karate training!
And don't even think about suicide, I've made at least 30 attempts so far, I,m still alive! That thoulght should never enter your mind, you are worth a great deal as a human being,wheather you beleive it or not .

I understand and I would be happy to be your friend. Please drop me an e-mail. Don't despair.

the best thing to do when depressed is talk to other people. I know you may not want to but you will feel so much better just knowing someone is listening (I promise). Get in contact with family, friends you may have disconnected from. Clean up your place, do things that will make your environment feel better. The only way to break the thoughts is to become active so your mind can breathe. Get a haircut, buy a new outfit, and celebrate what you have.

Taubet c
we all feel like that at times be your own best friend there are medications for anxiety and depression, maybe you can try something else beside karate find something new you'll like also visit professional siqiatric help-who can direct you in the right path sit down and write all your tough-ts everything you are feeling everything you ll like to do writing it up feels great
don't sress your self today ou might not now tomorrow its a new day you ll feel better have new ideas you are not alone
many people have the same tough-ts its great you accepted and get help thru yahoo answers or even better professional help

life is ful of choices don't give up

I suffered crippling depression last year, and I definitly wanted to die, but I couldnt because it would hurt so many people. You will get better. I promise you, but at the moment you won't be able to see that. What you need to do is make yourself number one priority. Don't make yourself do something you just dont want to do, that only makes things worse. Just do what ever you think you can manage. Every now and then, just give yourself a little challenge, and see if you can do it, and if you can, you feel good. not great maybe, but good. Its tiny steps that will take you a long way eventually. If you feel miserable, say so. phone the samaritans, they're there just for people like you and me. You feel bad and you deserve a sympathetic ear just as much as a physically sick person needs medicine. What you need to find is the special individual thats inside you, and learn to like that person. I know all too well the peace of being cuddled up in your bed, and to be honest, why not? Pull the covers over you and let your thoughts flow, and eventually, all those mixed up thoughts will start to make sense. Oh I feel so bad for you, it's a horrible place to be, but you can get better, I promise.

Jacuzzi Lover
Are you on medication? If not think about going to see someone so they can prescribe something for you. Don't feel ashamed or scared, we have all been through this sort of thing one time or another. Just make a call....

I have been in a similar position in the past. Whenever I stay by myself too long I get thoughts that nobody really cares about me. It is wrong information I am giving myself. I know that my own company is the worst company precisely because I can get these negative thoughts if I stay alone too long. Your doctor will give you help if you talk to him. I would also try going to visit your local church. A word with the local vicar/priest about the way you feel will enable him to help you. Do you have any family? Please give it a try. Oh-also please try a prayer to our Creator. He wants to be in all our lives if we would only let Him guide us. We need to be willing to start a lifelong relationship with Him. May God protect you in your journey.

Hi Davidlee if the meds are not working after 4-6 weeks ask the doc to change to another type, there is a new version of citalopram called Lexapro that is fab and many more that will help you kick these thoughts and start feeling yourself again.

The thoughts are very bad anxiety and u r in a panic state thinking that u r unfixable BUT keep the faith and see the doc, the correct meds will definately help. At the moment it's hard to realise that you will feel better but trust me you will. They say 3 in 10 get this (as me and u did) and all of those millions got better so lets keep fighting.

Best regards from Dave

Give me a pillow and move over!!!!! Thats what I do... or DID Go to a dr, get some medication, MAKE yourself get out of bed, wait....I know thats hard to do, I have friends that get worried if I "hibernate" so they sort of formed a task unit to police me, and make sure I am okay etc, they drag me out of bed I hate them for it and love them for it too. Good luck

Hello David, firstly you have my sympathy, yes depression is
a serious condition. If not treated properly in the early stages it can be life threatening. It is usually brought on by too many knocks in life.Yes you will find that you are no longer socially capable and left out. As well as medication you should be having counselling, firstly I don't know what medication you have been given but citalpram is one that does work, starting with 10mg and over about a period of a year increasing to between 40 & 60mg, It controls your seratin levels which are likely to be low. You need to approach your doctor and see if this would be a better medication for you. If he will prescribe this you then need to make a real effort as the medication starts to take effect. You should find that you no longer wish to lay in bed all day and the suicidal thoughts diminish. You need to make an effort to socialise, although I know this is hard when they have no understanding of what you are going through. You can do it,and when you have, life will be easier and each encounter after that easier still. My friend,you can only help those that help themselves. I wish you the best of luck and good health, if you need a pen friend you can write to me. "E"address on my 360.take care and see your Doc regularly.

I know exactly how you feel as i am feeling the same.

All i feel like doing is crying/sleeping/drinking!!

I know i'm not much help at the mo, all i can say is, you're not alone, and to be honest it helps me to hear stories like yours and to know i'm not the only one feeling like this


Hi David I hope you read all the answers and make it as far as this one. I really cannot add much to what has already been said but there is something you should realise. Look at the number of answers you have received. Then realise that many of them have had similar problems. You are not alone I had a complete breakdown some years ago, I cried for three weeks solid ( I was an adult male and we're not supposed to cry are we) It took time but I did learn to cope, I don't think I will ever be completely over it but I am happy and can cope. I can still get upset over really stupid things, but who cares. Go to your GP and ask for counselling and remember there are lots of people out there who care about you even if they don't know you. Good luck and get well soon.

ive been in the same situation myself, i no exactly what ur going through. the best advise i can give is try not to cut ur self off, keep on with the karate and try not to think of it as a self defense class but a socialising event,try to make new friends an this will give you more confidence in urself!

You don't say how long you've been on medication, but you probably need to go back to the doctor, and tell him how you feel. The feelings you're having are quite typical of clinical depression, but with the correct treatment, you WILL get better. I've had it, and it feels terrible. Good luck

siany warny
1st prescriptions are barely ever right. You must go back to docs and get a review.
Although is doesn't feel like it now, you will get through this. I was like this for many years, but I have learned to get through it and beat it. Don't let this shitty desease pull you down forever. Kick it's f*cking a*se.

have you seen anyone about this
i think the best thing to do would be to go to your gp and tell them how ou are feeling, and get them to refer you to someone who can help
and stick with it
things will get better honestly
to makle friends, maybe go back to karate, but if you're too scared, maybe try something new and get to know people that way
good luck

I've had depression and Anxiety (panic) disorder for 8 yrs now. I have managed to control it somehow on my own through breathing and relaxing strategies. If you are on medication for this and it's still an issue at all, then you are on the wrong medication and you should see your doctor again. Definetly don't wait if there is feelings of suicide, that's not good even if you know you won't do it. Also try to laugh at yourself when you go into a Anxiety attack to remind yourself that it's not real and your being silly. That used to work for me!! Good luck and I hope you feel better.

you need to go go see a councellor or a pschologist. it doesnt make you crazy to go talk to a profesional, but they will help you. they could also fix your medication. its obvious the medication you have isnt working.
my guess would be your suffering my bi-polar disorder.
i urge you to get help.

You have to realize that you're not alone in feeling this way. At the same time, find a help group which has others that feel the same way. If you're not comfortable sharing with them, perhaps you should choose a close friend or family member that you trust and tell them how you feel. Your situation isn't hopeless. Just realize that people do feel this way, writing in a journal and getting your thoughts down on paper can also be helpful. Then tell yourself that your life is a gift, no matter how alone you feel. And that you must go out and experience life and face in your fears, and in doing that this feeling of useless and hopelessness will fade gradually because it is the greatest feat to face yourself.

I think in the first instance you need to get some professional help I'm sure your doctor has recommended counselling of some sort. I must stress that you have already helped yourself by understanding your problems and admitting you need help pat yourself on the back well done! yes you have had suicidal thoughts but you haven't acted on them another plus! so you've given up on the karate training big deal you've admit ed your scared this is another step forward what you could try is going to the class but don't feel that you have to participate try watching for a little while don't expect too much you are doing the right thing by asking for help now you need to act. don't worry you are not alone in those thoughts take comfort from that fact keep with it!! I'm rooting for you.

Go to the Docter right now and tell him this...there's meds out there that can help

Ruth Less RN
there are many types of medication available for depression and anxiety, but those don't cure the problems. Therapy is what you need, medication is supposed to help you cope as you go through therapy.

Have you tried to talk to a therapist..I think that would help!
If you have, then I think you may need other medication..

dude i feel for you, because i have been there. i have ocd, anixety, eating issues, ect. its hard because this is a subject that is so sensitive to talk to somoene about, but if your feeling suicial you should try and talk to someone in person, if you can. i dont have med. issurance so thats what keeps me from getting help. another suggestion is to go and find a support group online ive done that and it helps. but serriously talk to someone if you feel like taking your own life, no one wants you to die, be strong!

Print this off then take it and show your doc..its easier than have the trauma of saying it all out loud ..you need some help because you sound very depressed and maybe on the wrong medication..good luck!

if your medication is doing nothing for you, please go back and see your GP. they're obviously not doing what they supposed to! can't you speak to your family about this? do you have a friend at karate you could talk to after training? see your GP anyway, you need to get this sorted. and your GP should be there for you to talk to if need be. good luck hun! look after yourself!

go to a doctor right away...most people THINK they wont act on their thoughts...but then they do. its awful that you are living this way, it needs to stop, u need to go to a therapist or somebody to get help.

How long have you been taking you medicine? It can take a month or two to feel the full effects. Also, do you remember to take it everyday? If you've been taking in for a while and you take it once a day try talking to your doctor. They might raise your dosage or try something else. In my case they had to raise the dosage twice before it really started helping me. It's not your fault that you feel like that. I've been there and I know how miserable it gets. Remember there's always the light of hope at the end of the tunnel...stay strong.

David what kind of medication on you taking, and how long have you been taking it,

Have you been taking it long enough to start feeling it's effects? If you have you need to talk to you doctor who perscriped the meds to you and tell him you don't think they are working. He will either have to up the dose or switch you to another type of medication.

I know its extremely hard, but believe me these feelings do NOT last forever. Your medication is clearly not working so I would suggest going back to your doctor and asking them to review it. Possibly ask for some cognitive behavioural counselling as well if you feel up to it - this will help you get over the barriers when you feel too scared to do something

I know you don't feel like doing anything, but some form of exercise, even just walking on your own will help lift your mood.

Most people have felt like this at some time in their life, I felt like it for about 5 years during my teens, but it does get better, I promise you. You have to help yourself a bit though, and seek out help from your doctor

Good luck, I hope things get better for you soon

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