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I need help - I can't stop ripping out my hair?
My hair is very loose and I have become addicted to ripping out my hair because it doesn't even hurt and for some reason I get enjoyment out of it but I am getting a bald spot in my head and I don't want it to go on anymore! please help me with great ways to break this habit/
Additional Details
This is the mental health section - I am not mental but this is mental condition.

Just dont do it

how about u stop ripping your hair out?

umm... you might have a bad disease... like cancer? tell someone... thats for sure

Anime Luver<3
Well, Just go to the doctor. If you don't want to or are too embarrassed to you might want to just always wear a cap or hat that covers your head. When you try to scratch your cap will be there and your hair will be fine. Soon you will be in the habit of no more scratching. I'm sure you could do it and it probably will work:P

Good Luck

Free Falling
Trichotillomannia: The Disease of Hair Pulling

Maybe reading up and understanding this disease will help you to conquer it.

The thing is some people just do things out of nervous habit or lack of self control and we diagnose it with a disorder label.

Doesn't mean it's not just you lacking self control. It says it only happens during anger and frustration> well find another way to release your emotions than pulling your hair.

Punching bag... a walk...something.

bite ur nails

Allison B
find other habits to get into:]

Taylor C
Try wearing a hat, or try to find a different habit that will occupy your time: such as biting your nails or chewing on a tooth pick.

B-K Fan
you should put gel on your head. it feels weird and you wont do it anymore

Don't panic, but I think you need to talk to your doctor.

i would say when ever your about to rip out your hair inhale exhale 6 times and play a video game our something

disaster girl
Trichotillomania (hair-pulling mania). Dont listen to the insulting responses. Its not that bizarre actually. Like skin picking or any other obsessive behavior. I would speak to a counselor about it. It could be as simple as a sign of stress or of OCD.

my female cousin did this, some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder in my opinion, my cousin has shaved her head twice that i know of because of this, it's so easy to say "don't do it anymore" but i'm guessing it's not that easy, find a hobby, anythings better than pulling your hair

Nikki M
Um, see a doctor?
Start knitting, or something.
Keep your hands away from your hair...
Maybe you have a disease?
Seriously tell your guardian and see a doctor.

It's a symptom of OCD. I have a mild case myself and used to it pull my hair out when I was stressed. I don't do it anymore though. If you can just get yourself to quit for a while, the compulsion to do it goes away. You can stop it yourself. It's a habit, but the OCD adds a sense of compulsion to it that is difficult to fight unless you can make yourself stop for a while. Hope this helps!

wear a few rings so you play with them. keep your hands occupied. stress ball something like that

Hm, interesting. I would suggest chewing gum. It helps with a lot of bad habits (mostly biting your fingernails, but some others as well).

I can't give you advice because I'm not specialized in this. The best thing to do is see a psychologist. You are not crazy you just want to break a bad habit that doctors may think is a medical concern. So you could see a specialist who specializes in this kind of problem.

Goku P
So you have an urge to pull out your hair the best solution is to pull on something that is like hair or fur or maybe a dr so try anything you can ok?

It is more of a genetic condition and it is treatable. Trichotillamania.
Serious! Can be treated!

Please speak to your doctor. You sound like you're displaying symptoms of Trichotillomania (hair-pulling mania). It is an Obsessive-Compulsive spectrum disorder where one feels compelled to pullout hair from the head, face, and/or body. It is treatable.

♪ Nightmare ♫
its a dieses where your compelled to rip out human body hair. Like my friend diana

ask the doctor, you may have Trichotillomania, a psychological problem

Amy R
talk to ur doctor bout it.

This is wierd. Talk to your doctor because
1-your hair shouldnt come out that easily
2-you should feel pain
3-you shouldnt be addicted

please talk to your doctor, this might cause problems in the future. dont be shy to tell your parents. its better now than in the future. take my word for it.

Josh C
wear a hat then maybe you wont do it hope this helps ☺

well everytime you catch yourself trying to go for your head other than for scratching your head then stop and check yourself

I had a friend in high school with this problem. She got a crew cut to keep herself from doing it and grew out of it eventually.

get cancer. you'll go bald from chemo, problem solved. it's the only logical way. thank me later.

Go see somebody about it. Not saying your crazy. But I'm sure they would have a better idea for what you do than anybody on here.

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