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 Does this mean im crazy?
I get drunk all the time, i sleep all day and i play guitar at a gig! I was once pregnant and after a few months after the baby was born my boyfriend left me, and the day after i lost the baby, ...

 I want to commit suicide?
I'm a failure. I have no friends. I do poorly in school (I got F's in all my classes except for one in which I got a D-)
My life in general is shitty. Please help me, what should I do?...

 Is it true that only 1 in 250 people have psychotic depression? Is it normal for a 14 year old to have it?
I'm 14 and have psychotic depression..is that normal?
Additional Details
Yes, I do have it. My therapist told me a few months ago.
And I'm taking Fluoxitine and Seroquel ...

 I am feeling Suicidal... I am afraid I will attempt again......?
I had an abusive childhood

My mom was an alcoholic, my dad was absent, and my brothers (age 17) were old enough to get away. I was left behind. I was ten then (15 now).


 I feel like crying??????
Im not really sure why im not depressed or ever have been i just want to cry does anyone know why/how or anything??
Additional Details
oh im not sad about anything idk y!!? AND im not ...

 I have a thing for my plumber.. should I lock him in the house with me?
Two weeks ago I had a clogged bathroom drain due to some old tampons. Anyway.. DAMN! the plumbers as sweet as apple pie.. a down right HUNK of a man!

So last week I clogged up my drains on ...

 is anyone going through what im going through please help?
my childs father in i was in a relationship for a year in a half we now have a 1 year old daughter in a baby on the way 5 month pregnant. were not together anymore now cause he left me 3 months ago ...

 Should I kill myself???????? I am 16?
I truly have nothing to live for, no good friends, lovers or family that cares about me. My dad is a douche (putting it extremely lightly) and my mom's a drug addict. I don't believe in god,...

 Are you addicted to anything?
Not necessarily anything immediately dangerous like drugs or alcohol. More harmless things like facebook, a TV show, a particular food, etc....

 self esteem problem.....?
ok so, something has been going wrong with my self esteem. like b4, i was a reallllly happy person. i loved to go out with my friends and just be around people. and i was kinda full of my self, i ...

 Im 15 and suicide is what I think about.?
I am a 15 year old girl and I feel that my life is bad enough for it to end it's not really something I should being posting on here but I need advice ad I have no one who I can talk to about ...

 Why do crazies some times sleep in bathtubs?
Every time i see a movie about a crazy person chances are he will sleep in a bath tub, Why is that?...

 i think i have ocd tell me?
When i wash my hands i sometimes do it more than once. When i walk, sometimes i go back a few steps and do it again. I think i even sometimes turn lights on and off more than once. Now tell me ...

 Why am I listening to classical music?
I like it, but for about the past two weeks, I've had a particular spike in interest. I don't know what it is, am I depressed?? I have been listening to Air on G, Requiem-Mozart, Clair de L...

 do i need some pot to calm my nerves?
im always paranoid, anxious and over anylize every little ache or pain or everything else to life. i cant sleep and nite and i sure as hell cant relax! just curious wud this drug help me at all?...

 I've been really depressed lately and nothing seems to help!!!!?
ive been real depressed lately and been feeling really lonley, i feel like im sketchin around the brim of sanity. ive tryed every thing that makes me feel good (no drugs or booze) evrey thing i love ...

 am i weird or its me (huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself)?
huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself

i tryed to cut my arms
i tryed to eat medics and i ated lots of them
i trewed myself in front of a car the car stopped
hang ...

 I truely need help, I'm feeling so suicidal?
My mind is really messed up at the moment,Im so depressed, I feel like there is no point in me living another day,Im 19 n have been feeling this way for a very long time now - previously on here ...

 i have Suicidal thoughts.. help me please!?
i'm really depressed.... i am a 16 year old Boy ,i've never had a girlfriend,i've never even hugged or held hands with a girl that isn't related to me.... i'm not good at ...

 I am having an emotional problem over something bad I did?
The other day a question and an answer here on Yahoo Answers was in violation and they deleted them as they should. Now I feel so dirty and horrible for violating Yahoo. They trusted me to ask and ...

Melted Water <3 =)
I need help.....!!?!?!?
I am really anxious right now and i am b-polar..i also have ptsd and anxiety disorder..should i tell my mom or no? What do i do?!?!
Additional Details
yesh i been diagnosed i take pills

smoke a doobie and kiss someone booty!

dun wrry its all gun b kay :)

step one: find alcohol(that sounds bad but it helps sooo much)

step two: long bath

Step three:go to bed

If you like, she doesnt have to know. But if you ever tell her, becareful, things might change the way she look at you.

Other than that, try different possibility in social communication, so they'll only see the good side of you which good for you and for everyone you met i guess.

But if you soo fed up with this, you might have to tell her, coz in the end, she still be your mom and cares for you as always.


im bored
if u h8 about ur mom worrying about u, dont. but if u want 2 get bttr than do it.

ya your mom can help.

jenny S
tel her yeah

caroline m
if your mother doesn't already know, she's living in a vacuum. talk to your mother, get to see a psychiatrist to get a firm diagnosis and then be open to medication and therapy.

Well yes tell your mom...she can help you, it will help you relax, and talking to someone will make you feel happier and less stressed.

good luck

well i would because if something bad happens how will she feel? like you cant trust her. and how much worse could a parent feel.

tell them- they can help you and you need to trust them

You should tell her
she can keep a eye on you

prolly yea!

Yes tell her. You always need your mom no matter how old you are. Telling her will help you because you will have the person who's known you your whole life to fall back on when times get tough. Maybe your symptoms will even lessen because it will be off your chest.

I think you should, it's always good to tell someone close to you, about something. It'll make you feel better, and maybe if she annoys you she'll stop because she knows you have those disorders. : )
Hope this helps.

Oh yes most definitely, better than her finding it out on her own. It's best to prepare others around you of how you are feeling before it gets any worse. She probably has been though it before with you and knows what to expect if not what to do. I hope you feel better soon-did you miss your meds or take them late. You are asking us for "help", we are all over the country if not world-your Mom's in the next room.

If your asking for help then yes, I would tell your mom. Im sure she will get u the help u need.

I think you should tell your mom so she can help you overcome those issues

Have you actually been diagnosed? Just curious, but YES tell her, support is important with any of these problems! Good luck

You should definitely tell your mom because there may be some medication that could help you immensely. It's just like any other injury, you would tell somebody about it so it can be fixed, right?

Consult your doctor, he would have the best answer especially if he knows your family background. I am assuming you are under 25. If you have good communication lines with your parents I am sure they would be willing to give you all the support they can. Best of wishes. You are in my prayers.

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