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Shawn W
I like this girl so much and she doesn't like me and it's driving me literally insane. what should I do?!
I can't do or think about anything all day but her.

thats cute, but you've gotta give her some space. Its kinda like playing tug-o-war. i know it sounds crazy, but its just liek it. you've already taken your steps to show that you lie her, now just wait til she takes some steps toward you. just back away for a bit, and she'll eventually take a few steps toward you. space is sometimes good.

Maybe you should cut your hair?

You can't FORSE her to like you. Pretend that EVERTHING has changed. Don't be mean but treat her as a good friend not as a girl friend. DON'T forget to talk to her and do show interest in what she is doing or other things.

Mdme. Mango Keeps it Real
Start to think about all the things you hate about her: Her nose, her goobery laugh, her big feet, her pimples......


move along

get over it, this will happen 10 more times before you get married.

decide what kinda person she is (i=this mite sound like usin but u will get over it) if shes the jelous type go out with one of her friends and you can probaly decide the rest with her type.

did she tell you she does not like you.You can ask her why not right but be aware you may not like her answers

Tin S
You must work for total insanity.. This is total freedom.Suicide is a viable option. Go for it.You are living a fantasy that is so immature that you will be powerless to defend from it. Dieing is the best alternative.Love ya man. I know it hurts but she will let you see he with other guys. She has no interest in you. Let loose. And live.

go for another gal, make her jealous , then she will come running back to you, trust me, it works!!!!!!!!

Tom T
has she told you she didn't like you?...well. to be honest..if she hasn't told you that.. I would go for it dude...just man up and ask her out. Tell her your feelings for her. I honestly have been in that situation before, and trust me i wish i had done what i told you to do..I didn't do nothing when i had the chance...

GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well shes not thinking about you and no girl likes a guy in a sympathetic wway so just forget about her and maybe she will notice yoyu then, it will work better than dwelling on her. trust me, i promise

D. M
just be your self,
if someone can't accept you for you
then there missing out on someone special
in their life, but if it's that bad try talking to other girls to get her off your mind, maybe that'll help. ( :

hey that happened to me before.
but never say say never,
so i pretended not to like her but i really got close to her on the pretense that I just want to really be her friend.
after a while, she developed a liking with me and now we are together.
just be patient though, if you are really serious with her, you got to take your time and take it slow

Jessie D
Don't become a stalker!!!!! You need to stay away from her as much as possible and try and find things to occupy you. Stay away from anything that reminds you of her

You can't make someone like you. Infatuation is a strange monster and it will pull you in and not let you go. You are young don't get pulled in, you will have plenty of time to go out with girl, respect the girl and hopefully she will respect you, give her space and show that you have respect, this will when a girls heart more then stacking.

u cant make someone like you.
just move on, there are plenty of girls out there.

Miss Brookyn
You have to know that the universe wants to give u the best that there is to offer and she is not it. Have faith someone better will come along.

Moxie Crimefighter
You have to move and get over it...

Honestly, I don't know you so it is hard to adress your particular situation but I had a friend who had the same problem his freshman year of High School (you are more than likely older than he was) he really really liked this girl at school, they were friends and he finally mustered up the courage to ask her out. She turned him down(nicely). He was absolutely crushed and it made him think of her even more I think...it took him a few months more to get over her but eventually he let himself be free of thinking of her all the time, and then he found a girl he liked even more than that other girl. So I know it's hard to let go, but once you do, you will open you door of opportunity to meet a new girl who will be just as crazy about you as you are about her. Hope that helps :)

Murloc lover
Yeah man same thing just happened to me, the only thing you can do is move on. Actually i just posted a question about it.

get over it and move on dude just get over her your a guy forget it

just walk away, it's not meant to be

turtle exprt
if she dosent like you then get over it

Devin M
Well I don't know how you are sure she doesn't like you. If she really doesn't like you than there's really nothing you can do about it. I've been in the same situation and you just have to try not to think about her. Keep yourself occupied, and try not to follow her around so much.

Artis Ninja
wear her skin as a coat if it would make you feel better?

alternately, you could subscribe to the "fish in the sea" theory which holds that there are many of the theory's namesake.

One Ho
Sounds like you're pining for her! Don't. There are better girls out there. You just have to open your eyes bigger and you'll find them! Busy yourself with other things and move on. It's not worth your time.

You can't make her like you. You can only control yourself. Move on and do something productive.

You cant force someone to like you, you need to try to move on!

get a hobby

I believe in fate, things are meant to happen when it's right, when it's not, it's not..... If she's the right person for you, things fall into place like a missing piece on a puzzle. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be... so get yourself busy and occupied, call some friends out for a good night out....

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