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 Don't you think it's stupid that ten people have already committed suicide due to Michael Jackson dying?
I mean, why in the world would someone commit suicide because he died? How stupid can you get!? It's almost as if it's a Michael Jackson religion or something.

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 My girlfriend cuts herself and almost?
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 Depression, is setting in. How can to shoe it away?
Feel like crying today....

 I can't reach any of my friends, and I feel like dying. ?
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 I am 5'7, and I have no confidence in myself because I am too tall...what do I do to feel good about myself
When I am around my friends I feel weird cause I am the tallest one there, and I dont feel comfertable around them. I am so worried, what can I do??
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just to let ...

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 Ever get so mad you want to bite or cut yourself?
This has happened to me sometimes- but I never actually go through with it. Anyone else expierence this? And no, I am not this crazy out there type of girl. No one would ever think I had the ...

 I feel sad because I'm ugly.What can I do?

 Im really scared please help me!?
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 Help me I want to kill myself!!?
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 ***PLEASE READ***<-please tell me what this sounds like!....thanks?
i am on a very strict diet, i only allow liquids for most of the day. when i do eat, it must be alone!
i exercise a lot (i biked 8 miles yesterday, in an hour) i do at least 40 sit ups a night. ...

 My friend is turning into a huge sl*t and is doing drugs. I'm trying to make hers top but nothing is working!
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* Social withdrawal
* Hostility or suspiciousness
* Deterioration of personal hygiene
* Flat, ...

 i found out that my friend wanted to commit suicide on sunday night?
One of my friends called me and said I really need to talk to you about this girl...She called me up and started venting about how she was tired of getting teased and made fun of and that she always ...

 What do you worry about in life?

 If you cut yourself does that mean you have a mental illness?
Okay well I do cut myself, and people are always talking about like all these "mental illnesses" you most liikely have if you cut? Cant you just do it with out having to be "messed up&...

 I'm feeling really depressed. Can anyone help me?
I should be feeling really happy today, and Iwas (for like, twenty minutes). I won first prize in a music competition, and I thought everyone was really proud and happy for me. THan, my daad started ...

 I want to die I think about death a lot?
I am a 22 year old female, just turned 22 today as a matter of fact Its just another nail in my coffin, I am going down sooner rather than later. I have clinical depression and have been on lexapro 15...

 IS it bad that ive already planned out my death?
I mean everyones gonna die i just want to be the one that does it...the whole dying thing.

I want to jump off a building or a cliff.when im 30

(im 16 )
Additional Details

 This is an important question, it will decide on a very big problem which is quite personal. Yes Or No!?
This is the question:

Yes Or No!!...

I hate myself. What should I do?
I really do. I've always been hated by other people ever since I was little, and I hate myself. What should I do?

Give your life to God. Become a religious sister or brother or Nun. Or just be a hermit, where you don't have to talk to anyone (all good choices)

seek mental health

I love you

I'm sorry that must be hard.
Talk to your parents or go to a professional therapist to talk to.

i would just forget about what other people say and go ahead and live my life

MALAIA! Dominican Qutie <3
First, gain self esteem.
That's a very important part of a person's life.
Who care's what people think, u know what u know...

That's a sad thing to hear. It sounds like you need to speak to a professional about it though really. This subject is something so complex, I could go on for endless paragraphs.
Please take a long hard think about why you hate yourself. Make a list if need be. Then think about positive changes you could make to please YOU. I'm sure it's not true that so many people 'hate' you, and people who are negative toward you generally are like that for their own personal reasons. Remember everyone has their own agenda. I hope this helps.

don't kill yourself.
who cares what other people think about you or if they hate you.
there are people who will like you for who you are so don't change yourself so people will like you either.
in the mean time go see a psychologist and get some antidepressants or something

Boo$kie Bby
You should get more confidence and you should pray you need a hug and you need a positive mentor you shouldn't hate yourself u r a starrr.

Okay... My situation might be a little similar. I was hated as a child and developed poor social skills due to it. Later in life I came to the conclusion that it just WAS that way for me. Kind of an anti-charisma about me. I stopped caring what others think. Just go about my business and keep to my very few friends. It is a tough pill to swallow that you can't be a social success, but once you really accept it, it won't bother you. This happens in stages though. You will think you are okay with it then something will happen and you will realize that you have a way to go. Religion helps. I suggest something more zen.

Flower Girl
people hate u becoz they are jealous...becoz they feel that they are better then...be ur self...dont talk to people dont like u good luck

Melise R
Sounds like your self esteem is gone. Unless you never had it all. You need to find a way to build yourself up. Tell yourself one thing you're good at or like about you. I would also recommend talking to a trusted friend, family member, counselor, therapist or spiritual leader. Otherwise talk to your doctor about your feelings or get a referral for a psychiatrist. I'm sure that you're not hated by everyone. And if so, then those people don't know what they're missing.

Ask yourself why do people hate you? must be for a reason, so find that out then youve cracked it an you can change what people dont like about you.. Or maybe its just you thinking people hate you or think bad things about you? im like that sometime, but then agen am proper paranoid anyway.

Sorry to hear that you are not doing so well it would good I think for you to have someone local to talk with click on this link find the number for where you are and give them a call they are there to help you


Start doing random small acts of kindness for others. You'll start to feel better knowing you're making a positive impact on others lives.

simple: change what you dont like.

dont be a hater be a lover!!!☺

WHen you are another person is mad you should ALWAYS the good qualities in you.
For example: you can be excellent in french, math and many more.
But DO NOT look at the bad qualities in you or you might feel even worse than you feel now.
Who cares what other people think. If they think that they are invincible and jump off a cliff, then would you think you are invincable and jump off a cliff?
Just remember to find the good qualities and not bad and dont listen to what other people think.

Alix Y
well, why do you hate yourself? is it your appearance? your style of clothing and your life style? could it be where you live or how you were raised? any part of your every day life could possibly add to your stress.

first, think about why others hate you. maybe you aren't really kind, maybe you always bother people. if other people don't hate you, think about the characteristics that they like about you. take these into account and love that you have these good qualities. then think, maybe it's just them. what are their problems? have they gone through something simillar to this in their lifetime? maybe you ned to get away from these people. have they been holding you down? no one is hated by everyone, and that is true.

next, think about what traits you possess that make you angry with yourself. maybe you have speech problems, or maybe it's hard for you to find a person who you can really connect with. write down everything that you hate about yourself, and assess it. are these things really that bad? or are they really unchangeable? maybe you have yellowed teeth. well, that can be fixed. maybe you have very low confidence levels.

try to think about what you love about yourself. maybe it's not that obvious, but no one hates everything about themselves. maybe you have a perfectly working digestive system. or, perhaps you have a unique view on the world. cherish these things, and write them all down.

now that you have assessed yourself, maybe it's time to look into counseling. i have been to many counselors before, and not all of them have been successful in helping me with my problems. just be patient. you know how they say that every one has a lover, they just need to find that person? well, it's the same way with counceling. if you have problems with sharing your feelings with other people, you ned to help yourself first. you need to aid yourself in moving past those road blocks.

i may not know you personally, nor do i know any one who has this problem personally, but i beliave that with a lot of hard work, you could start to see yourself in a different light very soon. remember, we don't all start off in the lime light, sometimes we start off in a dark cave, but keep walking, eventually you WILL see a speck of dusty light. even if it is is your imagination, it will still guide you through this.

Delicious Pear
You should figure out WHY you hate yourself, either through therapy or personal meditation and reflextion.

Once you've figured out WHY, you can work on fixing it.

Until you like yourself, no one else will either.

First of all, stop hating yourself! Second, when I feel bad about myself, I do something nice for myself, like get a new haircut, or go shopping. You should try to think of things you do or could like about yourself, and go from there.

Jeffery G
Start by realizing that you are infinitely precious to God. He loves you and wants whatever is best for you. He knows your true value and paid in blood for you. Ask God what he thinks of you and see what answer you get.

well, why do you hate your self? hoew old are you?

listen, dont hate yourself. everyone is different and im sure someone loves you! you must be a great person and dont worry! you must be great! look at the stuff that is good about u.
i hope the rest of your day is great!

Callie S
Reward yourself with one of those cute purses in the display window at Macy's and you'll love yourself!

decide on what type of person you would like to be...then change to be more like that.

Get therapy.

Reid C
trust me whatever you do, do not kill yourself or hurt yourself. Your in a low point. Life will get better. Have an amazing attitude and try and find a hobby that makes you happy. If you always have an amazing attitude, you will notice that more and more things will go your way. And if your into God and stuff like that, pray about it. God will help you. I used to be like that, but then I just tried to have a good attitude about everything and it started being better

FizzleDrop (:
Maybe you should get some counselling
Talk to your parents about it
They'll understand
Dont worry :)
Theres a girl like that at my school, and shes been making more of an effort and shes started to it in just fine, A few months earlier she wrote a suicide note. Now, well thats forgotten

Matt B
Why would anyone hate you?

Talk to a friend about this.

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