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 Im 15 and suicide is what I think about.?
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 do i need some pot to calm my nerves?
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 I've been really depressed lately and nothing seems to help!!!!?
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 am i weird or its me (huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself)?
huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself

i tryed to cut my arms
i tryed to eat medics and i ated lots of them
i trewed myself in front of a car the car stopped
hang ...

 I truely need help, I'm feeling so suicidal?
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 i have Suicidal thoughts.. help me please!?
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 Help Me With Myself!!!?
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 I use yahoo answers when I'm lonely, does any one else ?
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 thoughts of suicide, i want to die but, i also want to live?
i want to know how to want to live when i feel as though my world is crashing down around me.

i have made a list of everything that i want to do b4 i die but, everytime i look review it, ...

 Suicidal, have asked for help and nothings happened?
I don't know what to do anymore.

I have told my GP and Key worker how I am feeling. My psychiatrist says theres nothing else can be done. I have rang the samaritans and the crisis ...

 I'm afraid to sleep alone? 16 years old!?
Okay..im a 16 y/o girl
my room door is always open, and my parents room are on the other side of the house and their door is always open too..
when im alone at night, and every ones asleep,...

 How can I learn to take critisism better?
When someone critisizes (I'm not sure if that's spelled right) I take it personally. I don't ever show I do, I won't get angry or anything, but after someone says something I try ...

I get angry quickly. I'm very hot tempered. need to be relaxed and control my anger. any suggestions? thanks

Additional Details
thank you for all your answers, its comforting know that many share the same issue and manage to deal with it. thank you all

Buy a punching bag that helps me big time

I really recommend the old trick...count to ten and breathe out slowly. You can also look back on what has made you angry in the past and avoid those situations. If you can't avoid the situation, try to think of ways to handle your anger or the event differently. Also remember not to take your anger out on things or people that did not make you angry. LIke if you are mad and a friend approaches you, don't take it out on them. And if you feel yourself putting your anger on someone else's shoulders, just ask yourself if they were the person/thing that actually made you angry. Hope this helps...MayMay
PS-check out www.hufa.org...you can diagnose your anger!

im the same as u!

u r like me .... what i do take a walk ,try to get from the problem ,talk to a friend about it..

Yes sometimes this happens to me. The only thing i can tell you is that when it happens to me i get up and walk around and try thinking of other things that are good feelings to me. I know this ain't much help to you but the next time you feel that you are going to get upset or angry just try to think of something that makes you feel go. It don't matter what you think of just think of something different of what has you upset.....

Anger causes spikes in blood pressure, which create craters or depressions in the walls of arteries. The body repairs them with cholesterol-- sometimes gets over-enthusiastic, resulting in: lesions, narrowing of arteries, and heart attacks. So stay cool, and live longer!

Anger Management Classes. Very effective and will help you with coping mechanisms and also enable you to identify your triggers.

eddie hooche
Ask your self if what you are getting angry about will, efffect you in 10 minuts , 10 hours or 10 days from now if the TRUE answer to this is no. Then is it realy worth getting even the least bit upset over.

Something or someone is buggin' you. You need to talk it out with someone you feel comfortable with. Let's get real. All the aroma therapy, bubble baths, comfort food, and shopping sprees, can only help for a little while. Talking to someone you trust, and coming to a solution to control your anger is something you might want to consider.

Get your thiroid gland checked.

Stop it. It's not cool to get angry so fast. It's great that you noticed. When you see it happen, that's the alarm. Take yourself away from the situation and collect your thoughts.
It helps to identify your triggers and watch for those.
You don't want to do this. Breathe deeply. Pray if you need to, it helps. Be brave and go face the situation, practicing what you think would be the perfect response. In time, it will become second nature and people will praise you for your patience.

Don't keep expectations from others.
Try to help others but don't feel so.

Avoid caffeine and stress. Eat a healthy diet aviod meat cheese and dairy don't allow little things to bother you. Spend time in meditation and relaxing. Do not use drugs.

i was first like that but it was only one thing that helped me and i hope it will help you too. when i came to realise that every little thing upset me, i always try to control myself by laughing over anything even if it hurt i only laugh or smile about it and i tell you it really helped me to get over my quick temper even up till today
some people call me funny names just because i like laughing but i don,t care becuase i know what it does for me and by so .doing i have been love by many people . i hope you also try it and i tell you , you will see how people will love you ,because if you are hot temper nobody want to play or talk to you because they will think if they do you will get mad at them.and if this happened it will not help you because anything can happen at any time.all the best

it may not be legal....but i know i am a much calmer individual when i am smoking marijuana....i don't get road rage, i don't let the small stuff piss me off so much.....

Brenda P
I would say learning to love life for what it is and get into ralaxation time and see how the world is around you your a pin dot on this planet how do you shine above others.

It is normal to get angry, it is how you deal with that anger that defines you as a person. If youre having troubles with anger management there are many books on the subject, you should try counting before answering an annoying/angering question, you should try slowing your breathing down, and not yelling your answers to those around you. Ask for a minute to compose yourself if you feel like youre getting angry. Talk about what is making you angry with whomever is making you angry. It is often times easier to get control of your anger if you understand that the person making you angry is asking something wanting something because they cannot do it themselves or dont know that they are getting on your very last nerve.

Nunoyvgvna Awi
1. 10mg Prozac
2. Fish tank, sit and spend 1 hr a day just watching
3. Yoga
4. Meditation
5. Soft music with headphones
6. Realize there is no reason to get angry
7. Realize a quiet person is taken more seriously than a noisy one.
8. Talk to a physcologist
9. Take boxing, karate, something aggresive to release the anger
10. Go for a run, jog, bike ride, skate to release the anger
11. Hit a pillow, scream in a pillow, have a pillow fight
12. Just realize the other person is dumber than a box of rocks and just giggle over that fact instead of getting mad.

This is my answer to a similar previous question that I believe may help you as well..

I would look into a rarely known and surprisingly very common affliction called Intermittent Explosive Disorder
it is something that could be an everyday occurance .. like road rage.. or spilled milk on the floor really gets you going.. and the anger becomes disruptive and uncontrollable.. follow this link and be sure to see a doctor or psychologist for a proper diagnosis..
you may find this link to be very helpful?
But, definitely keep yourself from following any of the things that are said on here.. playing doctor is a whole lot different than being one.. and nobody here is in a position to know you or what this might be. Get checked out.. it may be serious. Especially if it is causing a disruption to your home life or work/school
The link suggests that this IED is commonly and closely associated with many other afflictions that occur at the same time.
Good Luck to you :)

I get that way too. Expending as much energy as possible is key! Go outside and throw something, punching bags are good, get some really good exercise. These are the things that stop me from tearing the house down...Good Luck!!

If your anger seems to come out of nowhere, click on anger on the symptoms page of www.hufa.org. You may be surprised at what may be the cause, and how simple the solution.

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