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Brooke M
I feel worthless... what should i do?
I don't know whats wrong with me lately. I feel like i continuously keep fighting with my boyfriend, the tiniest things set me off. Today i just couldn't take it. We had talked earlier in the day and he said he had to finish up some work then he would try to stop by to see me. So about an hour later he calls me, and says hes getting a bite to eat w/ his friend and his friends gf (by the way i cant stand her, she always tries to flirt w/ my bf even tho he says he would never get w/ her... i hate it) and asks if i wanna come, i tell him i cant cuz i have to tutor at 7 but, i tell him to come over after at 8. He goes idk if i can i promised my sister i would go to the city w/ her tonite... so w/e i get it no big deal. Then he goes i'm going skiing w/ my friends this weekend, and i get kinda pissed. I mean i'm going on a vacation next weekend nd i had planned for us to spend the weekend together, i even was skipping my track meet tom for him. Anyway i didn't want to fight, so i told him i had to go. Lately, i've been so sensitive, immediately i started crying... idk whats wrong w/ me i cry over almost everything w/ him. We've been together 2 years and its never been this bad. I just feel like he doesen't even give a sh*t, he does what he wants. We always see his friends, i rarely spend time w/ mine, not that i care i love being with him, i just don't feel its mutual. Sometimes hes sooo sweet, and says he'll do anything for me and other times i can't take it, its always about what he feels like doing. We always take naps watch movies and go out with his friends its the same story, i wish we had more alone time... I don't know what to do, should i let him call me back its been 3 hours already?... was i wrong to get mad, should i not care, i mean obviously being together isn't as important to him as it it to me... please give me advice im going crazy

lol that was really long...
i didn't read the whole thing, but i did read a few sentences lol
tell him you're sorrry

call back

Fly in the Ointment
Sounds like you may have a chemical inbalance that is affecting your moods. You should get a blood test from your Doctor. You can apologize and also ask yourself WHY, do you feel this way and if you can't think of a good reason tell yourself to stop it.

Silly Girl
Your overly stressed lighten tha load.

Think posotive think about whats right and nawt wrong.

i felt worthless a few months ago...only i contemplated killing myself, which, do not do.
anyway, just talk to him, he and yo will work it out

you should apologized to him

Do not worry about this so much - these are minor things. Just apologise. Good luck!

ok focus on the good stuff and not the crap above and chill and everything will sort itself out then you work on things orderly

Taylor B(ofThe Daylight Atrophy)
Jesus loves you :)

People who are constantly learning new ways to make money don't feel worthless. And those who are constantly making new friends don't feel worthless either.

just watch tv eat food go out

i was exactly the same way.
after 4 yrs i ended up leaving him cause me made me feel insignificant.
if you do really want to save the relationship sit him down and talk to him about it.
explain everything to him and hope that he changes for you.

thats all i got. ><

...dont jump and get a new dude urs sounds like a douche waitin for a beatdown im sure karma will get him tho

I had a friend in that same situation. The thing is, you guys have been together for 2 years so it sounds to me like you are both getting tired of each other. You should maybe break up temporarily and see other people just to have some time off from each other. If it's meant to be, you'll both come back together. Just talk to him about this option and even if he doesn't agree, try it out. He will figure out how much he misses you and maybe he'll learn to value your relationship.

Willy r
you sound depressed that is why you feel like crying so often I don't think you are wrong to get upset.it sounds like he wanted you to come along but you weren't up to it I can relate to that I went through a period of depression as well you really need to let him know whats going on with you chances are he dosen't know whats happening.let him know that you need him to be with you.that you want to spend time with just you and him.not just going out.I know that me and my girl often where at odds and I was clueless to what I was doing wrong. talk to him tell him what you are feeling there is no way he knows unless you tell him.the anger is also a sign of depression. I know its hard but you may need to see a psychiatrist about your depression if it doesn't get better soon maybe spending tie with your boyfriend can help let him know you need him. try to keep your head up every thing will be OK..good luck...

sit him down and tell him how much you care or ask how serious he thinks you guys are.

or maybe ur on ur period or its coming up-and thats y ur really sad about it?

idk it just sounds to me like you need to talk to him

Well taking naps and watching movies together is alone time. So he has spent time with you.

But I am confused. How on earth can he be off skiing if you are at a track meet? Isn't that like total opposites? Or do you two live very far apart yet see each other often?

Big Bear
Listen to "Sons of Odin" by Manowar. It will put a smile on your face.

Jasmine The Reggaeton Lover =D
Well you guys should just sit down and talk about it.
You should also consider getting a couple counseling

hEaRt on mY sLeEvE;(
well hormones can do sh*tty things to us gals... but if he is disrespecting you and making no effort to make you happy then....NEXT....

***(above) how on gods earth can you tell that she is overwieght by this question?????????????????????????

Call him back, apologize for yelling/crying, but let him know that lately you've been getting the impression he rather spend more time with his buddies than with you. Let him know you love him, and you want more alone time with him. You weren't WRONG to get mad, I prolly would've been a little upset too. However, I would call my boyfriend back, apologize, and talk to him about whatever it is I was feeling. Explain why you are upset, and maybe he'll understand, and try not to do it as much. Good luck!

I think you should just go and talk all these matters directly with your BF, frankly, without detours, you will find out right there if he really cares for you as deeply as you seem to care for him.

Sometimes, love is just a one way ride, and if thats the case, you'd be better off with someone else.

The fiercest: Jenny
I think you should tell him exactly what you've listed here. Next time he calls, tell him that you'd like to talk to him when he gets back from skiing.

I think you have a right to feel SAD because you want to spend more time with him, but the right to feel MAD? That's a bit tricky. I'd be mad if he purposely made plans without inviting you or blatantly disrespected you in some other way--doesn't sound like he did. Just sounds like he's simply busy.

However, if you're feeling there's an inequality in your relationship, you absolutely should talk to him about it and hopefully you two can come to some sort of compromise. Maybe one weekend spent with his friends, the next with yours?

Also, how about one weekend a month is JUST for you two-- no friends or family members; just pure alone time? That way, he has time to hang out with his friends/fam, you time with your friends, and you have alone time with him. Done, done, and done.

What I think is happening is that all this time with him, doing what he wants is now affecting you.
Talk to him about it.
Thing always get better by talking, you've been in this relationship for two years don't throw that away because you couldn't talk to him about these things. Make him see your point of view.

You are right. Spending quality time together doesn't seem so important to him as it is to you. I know those type of guys. Have you considered that maybe he is just not compatible with you. It seems to me that you are not happy and you are getting irritable and depressed because of it, well denying your feelings or putting it on the back burner. It is time that you start putting yourself first. Plan for you first. Your mind/body is telling you something. Let him be the one to crave to spend time with you. You need to do something fast. Either you speak about it with him or just do your thing. Do not make yourself available to him as you use to. Let him be the one to be feeling just as how you are feeling now. Be strong girl. There are other guys out there that will treat you much better. One more thing, are you sure that you are not depending on him for your happiness. Somewhere in you statement I sense that. If you are you are making a big mistake and anyone can pick up on it. It can be quite unattractive and place an unbearable burden on him....and maybe that is how he may be feeling and finding other ways to lighten to load and not feel so responsible for your happiness. On second thought, he may be trying to show you how you should go about your life so that he can be the one to pursue you. It is best to either talk it out or act it out (but a guy usually rather you act it out because if you verbalize it and get too emotional they see it as nagging/clingy/needy and will mentally shut you out). Start treating him just as how he is currently treating you and start putting yourself first. Let him be the one to want to talk to you about having more quality time, then you tell him how he made you feel and why you start to drift away from him.

Sometimes if you put too much into a relationship, it can drive people away. I mean what is attractive to someone is the respect they have for the other person, their determination, interests, hobbies, dedication to pursue their dreams.

Don't let your own life become less important than his, or you may start feeling worthless. You will lose that "chase" guys find so attractive, and lose out on the purpose for your own life. Spend time with your own friends and move forward without him. It sounds like he is pursuing his own interests and you are pursuing him. It's difficult to have a good relationship or marriage if you can't keep your own goals and identities in tact, and still have fun together. When you find what your own goals and hobbies are and put yourself into that, you will find value in yourself no matter what this one guy thinks or does. Strange thing is, most of us are genuinely more attractive, when we don't really need someone else. As you pursue your own interests and get to where you don't care about having a guy, usually that's what attracts them like honey.

Lord Of The Watch Tower
Hey your not worthless i'm not going to read all this but just so you know your not worthless!

Well I think you should tell him that you two need to have a chat... but don't make it sound too scary. Get him alone, say, over dinner or something. Explain to him how you feel. Tell him that the two of you need more one on one time without the friends around and that's just how you feel. I get a little upset when my man is out doing his own thing when I think he should be spending time with me, but I always try to remember that each of us needs our together time as well as our other friends time. There has to be a balance. Try setting up a once-a-week date for just you and him. Your date together comes before everything else and it's just for you and him only. That way you both have a special time that you can be together and not have any outside interruptions like friends or family... and keep the cell phones turned off for these too.

I hope I helped a bit and I hope it all works out for you. Communication is key, if you don't tell him exactly how you feel the problem will never go away. You just have to be open and talk about it. Everything will be okay in the end.

Well, are there any other causes besides your frustrations with him? School? Parents? Is there anything else that is causing you to feel like you're losing your mind besides him?

Anyway, though, what you really need to do is talk to him about this. I've gone through this too with my boyfriend and sometimes I have to take away my time with him just to be with my friends. All of these emotions of frustration and hurt from him not taking the time to be with you is bottling up inside of you in a bad mixture - which is the reason why you came to tears. You will have to talk to him somehow, whether it be by person, phone, txt, aim, letter, or whatever. Get your thoughts out and hopefully he'll understand.

Just make sure not to yell or lose your cool because yelling at him won't look good on your part. He might just think you're PMSing or something and it might come as a shock to see all of the emotions you're feeling all at once.

I hope it all works out for you.

Thom, if you are not going to read it all don't tell us, just click next question!

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