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I feel upset like 99% of the day!?
IDK what's wrong with me! I can't seem to be happy about anything anymore. I've had thoughts about suicide in the past but recently they are getting more out of control. I can't fight these feelings up depression anymore it seems. I've talked to a therapist and a doctor only a few times so far. I have other appointments but not for awhile. I really don't have anyone else to talk to about this. I'm 22 and feel like this is sooo stupid of me to think this way but I can't deal with this anymore! Whats wrong with me?!!


Kitty D
what are your hobbies? maybe i can help you a little bit. What are the things that annoy you during the day? message me back at [email protected] really, i know exactly what you're going through.

Sounds like your brain chemicals are out of kilter. Get yourself to a doctor ASAP and get some medication to help. You may have to try several different ones and varied doses until you feel right again. This is NOT a problem that you can sort out by talking or just trying to pull yourself up. You would not try to talk yourself out of cancer or diabetes - this is the same. Get help QUICKLY. You can feel better!

Find a hobby that you love to keep your mind off things.
And keep seeing the therapist because it will help in the long-run.
You might also be able to find a group to join in your city where people in your age group talk about their problems. Hearing how other people cope and that you aren't alone can really help.

I would like you to consider listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer. http://www.drwaynedyer.com/listen/

Have you told your therapist you need meds??? This has to be addressed if you are thinking of suicidal thoughts. Stress that you are not doing well and need something to get you out of it! I have depression and they told me to call right away if i have thoughts of suicide. It takes a few weeks for meds to work so PLEASE call right away!

Nothing is wrong with you - lots of people go through that. I would suggest doing the things you like to do more, just relax and take a break and enjoy yourself for a while. Try watching your favorite movie or television show, or take a walk in a nice park or something. Whatever makes you feel better, but not suicide. If you were to do that you might end up in hell or worse, if there is in fact an afterlife. Killing yourself is not the answer and it would be an extremely selfish thing to do since there are people who love you and care about you. Good luck.

you may need medication .talk to your doctor

⇠Doи't Pετ Hυngяγ Crιττεяs⇢
Well, concentrate on the 1% of happiness. At least you have that.

Push through it. I know how you feel. Think of it as a challenge... weather it and push through it. You'll come out better from it. You can handle a lot more than you think. And try to find something you'll enjoy.

It's not stupid and there's nothing wrong with you. There may however be an unresolved issue in your life that's causing you a lot of sadness and pain. You need to surround yourself with people you care about/trust and talk about how you feel. Writing your feelings down might also help you understand what you're feeling and why. Everyone experiences times when they're depressed, but you need to believe that you can and will get though it. Find ways to cope with your feelings.


Anas H
try being around friend especillay guys if youre girl and if youre a guyhang out with girls then like always try make your self busty with like guys then try getting in bed with them

be cheerful for the 1% happiness you get in the day

rou7 nte7ir khayyeh

Depression is pretty common at your age. If your doctor hasn't prescribed any medication, ask him if you would benefit from Prozac or something similar. I've been where you are. Things will improve. Just don't give up.

Trust me I know how you feel. In 2003 my husband suddenly died, then in 2004 my mother passed away. I was so lonly that I thought about suicide. But, then I thought about what my mom told be before she passed, she told me that it wasn't healthy to be alone. So I met my boyfriend about a month after my mom passed, and in 2005 I got pregnant thinking that finally I would have someone to love me unconditonally and someone to take care of but instead I suffered a mis-carriage. Then in 2006 I became pregnant again and suffered from a troublesome fibroid needless to say I lost that baby too... then lost my job a month later. as you can see I have had alot of loss but the one thing that keeps me here is knowing that all the people I lost I can't bring back, and they would not want me to make a mistake and end my life to soon and miss out on the rest of my life and leave all the people that love me that is still here going through what I myself am going through.
I hope this helps just think about all the good things it really helps

Is there anyone close you could talk to, like family or a friend? It isn't stupid at all, there must be reasons for you feeling this way. I hope the therapist can help you get to the bottom of it so you can deal with it. It makes life so much easier. It is scary when you don't know why this is happening, you can feel desperate, but please speak to someone, depression is sooo common eventhough you probably feel so alone. Take care and find some help.


stop putting so much focus on how you feel

i know its easier said than done-- but it can be done

nothing is wrong with you --your just being human

oh -

putting yourself down

or even killing your-self

isn't going to help your soul feel better

life is always going to have its ups and downs

you have the choice to choose - weither you want to spend 99% of your life being upset ..............!

to have a better day tomorrow

Call your suicide prevention hotline and see if you can get an appointment with a neuropsychiatrist fast. Or go to the hospital and check in for a few days.

It sounds like you have probably two issues. Some sort of mania and some sort of depression though its not clear.

The one thing they try and do is get you to a base line and treat the depression with anti-depressant medication. That at least gets you on your feet first. Then after that you can try and recover from it to the point that you either do not need meds or yuo will need maintenance medication.

The point is, do not let depression ruin your life. At 22 you have everything ahead of you and at this stage, the one most important thing I can think of is starting to enjoy your life again. I know it doesn't sound like much now, but really once you're out of the mood and back into normal range things do get better and much more tolerable.

Therefore, get some help fast.

It could very well be clinical depression. Don't blame yourself for how you feel- it could be caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain. Other signs are sleeping too much or too little, not enjoying activities you used to enjoy, gaining or losing weight, and trouble focusing. But even if you don't have these, suicidal thoughts are a major sign, and you should definitely see a doctor and tell them about these thoughts. You don't have to deal with it alone!

Jack Daniel's
This might be because you have so much time on your hands. It's been proved that when we have to much time we start thinking about upsetting events in our lives. I was in the same situation and even today I regret that I didn't take my mom's advice to have some activities, earlier. As soon as I took it however, because I made sure I barely had little time for myself, I was too busy to feel depressed. However this lifestyle had its drawbacks too. I was feeling to exhausted to be able to hold on for long like this. So eventually I decided I need to keep a balance between relaxation and activities. Thus I was ensuring that I had some free time, just with myself, but whenever I was starting to think sad thoughts I would make myself busy with activities around the house, such as repairing a broken socket, mowing the lawn or call my buddies out for a beer and even go for a pick up, when I felt up to it. Having a girl, in my case, every now and then in your life it's really a good way to maintain a joyful and optimistic attitude towards life.

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