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I feel suicidal and need somebody to talk to anyone please?
If there were any online counseling sites i'd try that; but there aren't. If you have experience/ know how I'd appreciate someone to talk to. I'm only 14 and I'm not on here for attention. I have a lot of problems.

I am a medical student and have seen many people in your state of mind. Just don't do anything that could harm you. Nothing is worth it. I have seen a close friend go through the same state of depression and it was hard but no he is fine and a qualified doctor bossing me around every day. Things have a way of working out. Do you not have any family members you can talk to? I recommend going to see your GP. They will be able to refer you to talk to someone who is qualified to deal with your issues. Just remember that things can be fixed. And what may seem like a big deal now, sooner or later you will look back and wonder why you worried about it believe me! There are so many things that I look back on that sent me into a panic and weren't worth getting worried about.
Remember you are a good person and are loved by many people including God.

Good Luck and I hoped this helped you.

I agree with Budda ( Call the Samaritans)
i really hope you get past these thoughts x

Call a professional! 1 800 SUICIDE or 1 800 273 TALK.

You need to talk to someone. Not email. They need to speak with you. Just try it.

I'm sorry that you feel this way.

I wish you the best.

What is it you are concerned with the most? i remember at that age i always used to feel really down and depressed, i went through eating disorders and didn't get on with my parents or sisters i hated living at home and felt trapped and isolated. I found that it really helped to keep a day to day diary of all the problems i was having, it helps to get them out of your head and almost has the same effect as talking to someone because you feel like you have let go of some of the weight off your shoulders. Life is hard at times and no matter what you are going through there is always light at the end of the tunnel and tommorow or nest weeek you won't feel as bad as right now, things get better and nothing is worth worrying about. You need to focus on something you enjoy like drawing or reading, i used to enjoy horse riding and take time out to do something that makes you happy. I also find going for walks helps clear your mind but whatever your problem is nothing is worth feeling suicidal over. I sometimes feel very down at times even now but i take pleasure in knowing that bad feelings wont last for ever and tommorow i will be smiling about something else. Hope this has helped, take care

Fitter, Happier
Its good that your looking for help, but there are better places than yahoo answers. let me point you in the direction of
its full of lovely, accepting, and understanding people, and caters for all disorders of ever urgency.

Ring The Samaritans

14 can be a difficult age, hormones and all that. You don't say what makes you sad/depressed. Sometimes you have to get things into perspective and then they don't seem too bad. Nothing is bad enough for you to take your life, you are so young, think about your good qualities.

Can you speak to a parent, teacher, friend someone close. You need to state your problems and then someone will try and help.

Problems can be resolved when they are shared.

email me I'm sure I can help, I'm only 14 but I've been through stuff adnn know how to help.

If you need to talk to someone now call 888-SUICIDE.

If you want to talk to someone online, try www.depressionhaven.org. They have a live chat full of people who are going through or have gone through something similar.

Both have helped me at separate times, and I'm sure you can find someone to talk to at either option.

Pastor Ken
Ne one can message me on messenger click my name. If you are seeing things I will believe you. It can stop with help.

Revolution of Truth
i there. i'm sorry to here of your situation. however no one deserves to go through any emotional or personal problem alone. i'm also 14. you can IM me right away at [email protected]

Purple Sloth
I'll talk to you! I'm about your age! [email protected]

(please don't spam me anyone) :) Love to help!

you are 14
you have your entire life ahead of you.
i promise you that if you just be strong and keep living eventually you will not feel so bad.
maybe just teenage depression and it will pass.

please talk to someone you can trust or samaritans

good luck

i used the samaritans ... e-mails or phone calls

If you want to talk to someone
try emailing
[email protected]

or ring the nspcc

They'll talk to you and stuff :)

Hope that helps

1-800-273-TALK (8255).

there are other help lines like this one but they may help. I know people who have called numbers like this before and they say they were helpful...good luck

Dont listen to others Im here the real helpers
i stopped 2 men from harming them selfs.
I can help you

[email protected]

msn meseneger f it

i been suicidal be for so i know a little what your going through send me a message.there is a page i use and its helpful
im here and i wanna help =]

Wendy F
email me i will listen to you

im 14 too
ive been through all of this
[email protected]
if you want to talk

If you need to talk im good at listening, and i will never judge you for anything. I have thought about suicde from time to time and alot more before in my slight stage of depression...I hope you will try to contact me cuz i would love to help, i know its difficult haveing no-one to talk to. So im Here...and btw im 15

Jess B
add me [email protected]
Ive been through it before and know what can help

ok before do anything stop listen to who don't know shjjt
because I try to kill myself once and I still feel suicider

I listen to the people advice to go and look for help and this is what I did

I find myself locked up for 6 days like a criminal into a mental hospital
even I voluntary check in in order to look for help my freedom was penalized

*I can't smoke when I want
*I can't have at least 1 hour walk outside of the hospital
*every time I group is on all other activity are shutdown like TV and Smoking area in order to forced you to go with the group..
*Nurses never leave the Nurse's post so if you need help
you have to walk there
*you will be forced to deal with people you don't like
*I don't eat food for 2 days and nobody cares

and more more stuff

like I say I follow the people advice to get help
6 days into a mental hospital was the worst experience I ever have in my whole life

so before look for a professional help make sure is the right one
cuz people and the authority treat the suiciders has a potential public threat

total cost 6 days + medications
over $13 000 dollars
over $1200 dollars

grand total over $14 200 dollars

insurance pay 13350
I pay 850

and I still want to die...

cait :)
try talking to someone your age, they'll understand what your feeling more. or talk to your parents, tell them your really unhappy and go to proper counselling. it does help.

Kirsty G
I'll listen if you want someone to talk to. I dont have any known experience but i have a good pair of ears on me. And i give good help to my friends!

try to think positive.even in the worst of situations there are always positives.stay calm.xxx

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