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I feel EXTREMELY depressed now.?
I just watched a show about "What Earth would be like without humans". I watched it with my dad and it really bothered me for some reason. It went into detail about how the cities would fall apart and the effects of global warming would be reversed and how the world would be so much better without humans.

I feel really upset now and can't get it out of my mind.

What should I do to cheer myself up?

P.S. I'm 17/female

Dont worry about it.
That stuff wont happen for millions of years.
If it even does happen, which it probably wont!

- Bree ' ♥
Help the enviorment yourself!

I Hope this helps!!!!! *-* = D

Nadine (L) RIP MJ <3
You seem enivromently concious.
I think you should just contirbute more in recycling and things like that. Then you will feel better because you know that you are doing your part in helping the enviroment :)

My husband watched the very same show, you know that america lives on fear right??

do not even think of it, it is a show,, just like a tv show.. which it was. Shame on the media--tv for making young kids depressed.. they thrive on it. have a sundae---- do something that you enjoy..

My suggestion is to go out with a friend to like a movie or out to a pizza restaurant.

Watch a happy video.

Caitlin R
that is depressing... I think if I watched that I would be upset too. I also get depressed when I watch those little videos that say how many people in the world are in poverty or don't have computers or are living on the street.

ANYWAY... haha, you should go listen to really good, happy music and go through a fun magazine like seventeen. or watch a funny movie or something.

go out side and walk 30 minutes i do this exercise when i feel depress

Long Way
watch a comedy

don't think about it too much. I have the same thing happen, especially with death and the afterlife. Try to occupy yourself, maybe homework or music? Ice cream is always a solution 8D

Become more green. Join groups that help make a difference in the world. I don’t think its too late to make a difference if everyone chips in.

i avoid heavy going stuff on tv like the plague! lol

Because i know how i feel after watching it. I think theres tons of stuff to watch and listen to out there on tv, so whynot just watch the stuff you enjoy!

Yeah it might be true, but then it might not be all the truth about it.

The whole thing about us ruining the world has been said so many times, it really is depressing, but we cant do much about it... so i suggest abit of distraction, watch something funny on youtube maybe? :D

Wow. That's pretty scary. What I usually do when I'm depressed because of family, friends, etc. is sit in my room and sulk. But guess what? that only gets you more depressed! lol So what I do now is listen to upbeat music, or watch a funny movie. Try to stay away from angry/sad music or horror/drama movies at this time.


free spirit
Honey this is not a bad thing. I was watching the same program myself. It's inevitable that the human race will be destroyed again as it has been throughout the centuries.

¿ Maddish ?
I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes hearing the scientific truth is a little scary and overwhelming sometimes.
You just need to take a step back from the deep psychological funk you're in.

Do things that will take your mind off the human race, and think about yourself. Host a party, go to the movies with a bunch of friends (although make it something light hearted and not thought provoking in any way! I just saw Angels and Demons and that DEFINITELY didn't help me, because I'm going through the same feelings as you are now.) Clean or organize your house (that's what I did today and it really helped!) Or grab a digital camera and take wacko photos of you and your friends being silly!

Try and avoid: Reading/watching anything too deep, Listening to emotionally provoking music, Oversleeping, and spending time alone.
Just surround yourself with people and do stuff! Take your mind off the end of the human race-- it's not your problem ;)

haha, i just watched that too!!!

that show was all doom and gloom, watch some cartoons or something like that. you could also read up on all the stuff we are doing for the environment too.

this website has lots of cool Earth renewal centered things:

There's no such possibilty as a world without humankind. When God created the world, he didn't create us to place into the world as accessories in a doll house. This planet was MADE for us to inhabit. Just because we're destroying the world doesn't mean that the world would be better off without us. Heck, if you follow science and believe in "The Law of Entropy", everything is just gonna start breaking down in time anyway.

This earth is temporary and there is going to be "A new Heaven and a New Earth", according to the Bible. Whether that's to be taken literally, noone knows... but it certainly doesn't indicate that Earth as we know it will be around forever. So you should stop worrying about the planet and worrying about what's going to happen to you once you leave it.

Or just stuff yourself with some Ben & Jerry's. :)

Fake N
Being 18/male, I can't say for certain. However, I wouldn't be bothered by it. For one reason, the show was a projection based on someone's opinion--and no one's opinion of the future is going to be 100% accurate. (Note: Global Warming -has- been discredited. It's now "Climate Change.")

To cheer yourself up, though, I'd say just do something to get your mind off it, first off. I generally listen to music when I get down, be it from talking to someone, a show--whatever. (Not uplifting happy-happy stuff, but just.. generally some moderate tempo music, with a nice undertone. Along the lines of instrumental or orchestral music, like Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, for example. Strings work quite well for this effect, just so you know.)

...Er. Went off-topic there. Basically, the first thing to do is to get your mind off of it. Second thing to do, try to see the positives in the world. Yes, humans are a destructive race--it's been proven that we're a warlike race, full of sin--yet they've also done some things that would've been impossible had they not existed. I'm not saying things like the Empire State Building, nor am I saying the Seven Wonders of the World. These are merely constructions; I'm saying true wonders.

By true wonders, I mean... uh... here's an example:

Say that this guy has been having a horrible day, and later in the afternoon goes to get an ice-cream from a vendor. He buys a cone, and gets the last one of a particular type--his favorite type of ice-cream, that always cheers him up. Then, a little kid comes up to the same vendor, and asks for the same type of cone. The vendor apologetically says that he's just sold the last one, and the kid slowly walks away, dejectedly. The man is about to open the cone, but then asks the kid if it was the kind of cone that he wanted. The kid nods, saying it was. The man sighs, and gives him the cone. The kid wants to repay the man, but the man says to 'think nothing of it; it's just an ice-cream.'

Basically, the man gave up a surefire chance to cheer himself up, even if only for a little while, so that the kid wouldn't be upset.

I know it's a stupid story, but it is a true one. I've seen this play out once or twice. Essentially... you can choose to only see the negative, you can choose to see only the positive; me, I choose to see both positive and negative.

...My final suggestion, if you're really down in the dumps, look for some inspirational stories.

...Ah, I know I haven't been any help at all, but still. Hope you had an interesting read through all this. o.o

Do something good for the world! That is the point of the program you watched, it was made to get you to think and take action! Recycle some bottles and cans; cut your shower time by 2 minutes; eat fresh, organic food. Do your part to help save the place we all call home! :)

Chris P
Don't take those shows too serious. Just think how many species wouldn't exist without the help of humans. Those shows are meant to provoke emotions.

eat icecream, and try to think of positive things. we are only humans and we were created for some reason right?
whats our purpose, we are helping somehow!

eat ice cream. hug your Dad

watch family guy or south park! don't take themselves to seriously

Yeah, I just love some of these History Channel shows. They have gone for the shock method to expand their audience.

Just remember that the intent of the show is to help gain a large audience for the channel. The researchers provide "what if" scenarios based on what could happen, whether or not that is likely. Then, to make it real to you, they have outstanding graphics technicians so you can see what the researchers are talking about. Really interesting stuff, but sometimes a bit overdone.

Don't stay inside if you feel down. Go outside, walk around, talk with friends, eat a peach, do something routine that gets your mind off what you see. It helps me get my mind off horror movies that I somehow fail to avoid.

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