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Sarah L
I don't want to sleep because I keep having bad dreams and they scare me. What should I do?

get over it. it's just a dream. i used to have bed dreams all the time bu then i changed it to funny. just think funny thoughts before bed and don't think about the bad dreams. then you won't have them

why don't u say im gna fight in my dream with the thing which trying to scare me. instead of saying im scared. be brave.if something keep coming to scare you,u cant run away then face it. for how long u wont sleep? be confident.n not be scared.

Billy Jean (who caused a scene)

i have had that problem, I would go to your doctor and ask him if there is anything he can prescribe that would relax you more so that when you sleep you are not too afraid. I would stop watching any horror films too - I did this and it helped!!
but im afraid your gonna have to sleep at some point, so if you try and stay up, you will most likely find yourself asleep at the kitchen table. With me it was just a phase and I think it will pass with you too good luck x

Let me rock your world
i think i know what your going through. not too long ago i was getting about 8 hours of sleep a week. this went on for about a month.. i tried to think of good things but everything good turned bad. for instance, i tried dreaming of the shopping spree i was going to go on, but as the dream went on, it turned into me being chased through macy's!

about 50% of my dreams were of me being chased; 30% of my dreams were of me being caught on fire; 20% of my dreams were of me being chased WHILE i was on fire. and the weird part is, my BESTFRIEND was usually the person catching me on fire or the reason why i was being chased!

after a while, they went away on their own.

im thinking its my anxiety acting up..last year i was diagnosed with anxiety and border-line depression. i wish there is something reassuring i could tell you, but the bottom line is: they will leave on their own.

before you fall aslepp, like as your laying bed think of something that makes you happy. close your eyes and imagine whatever makes you happy and if you have a normal brain than you will most likely dream of what you were thinking about

I'm guessing you are too young to have an Answers account?

Tell your mum, they always know how to sort things ;)
Leave a lamp or TV on to keep your mind off it.
Your body, by instinct can make you do stuff anyways.
Your survival instinct is excellent, if you try to stay awake forever, they say you will die, but your body will force you to fall asleep way before then.

It is Scientifically proven to give you Bad Dreams.
Also, don't pick dandilions.
Surpsrisingly, accupuncture bands work. You use them for travel and seasickness and they are 100% natural.
Anxiety pills might also help or go to pshyciatrist.

Total lol.

Go to bed at exactly the same time, wake up at exactly the same time each day like clockwork. eg 11PM to 8AM EVERY time you sleep. establish good sleeping pattern, this improves sleep maybe helps dreams

think about all of your favorite things

Figure out what is scaring you in real life and see if it is reflecting anything in your dreams. You do have to go to sleep, that's the real important thing. bad dreams are something you have to face.
good luck
and have a good sleep!

im not every girl
yea i know how it is to have bad dreams. i go thorough this all the time. i sometimes even wake up in the middle of the night shaking and crying. its soooo scary and sad sometimes. when that happens to me i try and think happy thoughts or listen to music til i fall back asleep and pray i dont have bad dreams anymore. also figure out what you are doing right before you go to sleep. and dont eat junk, spicy, or salty foods, they can make you dream. also think pleasant thoughts and try to relax. eventually you will stop dreaming these bad dreams all the time. but in the mean time try and use those tips i gave you okay...because you have to sleep. otherwise your life will be miserable. SWEET DREAMS LOVE! GOD BLESS!

Prodigal Son
Speak with your GP, we need to sleep.

fFrstly, make sure your evening meal is not too heavy and that you eat it early enough. Keep away from coffee or tea during the evening, or coco cola, as they have a lot of caffeine in them which inhibits sleep. Don't eat cheese late at night, it's difficult to digest and can bring on bad dreams. Get your self into a comfortable routine to go to sleep. Don't watch television or do games on the console or use the com- puter late at night, the braine just races afterwards. Read a calm, interesting book before going to bed or listen to some calm music. Take a warm bath, not too hot and pamper yourself. When you are ready for bed prepare a drink of warm milk or warm chocolate milk and drink it in bed. Your room should have been well aired during the day for an hour or so. This will cleanse the air. It's healthy not to sleep with any heating on, unless your room is really bitterly cold. Try a hot water bottle instead if you must. Make the bed really comfortable. Pastel coloured bedding is more sleep inducing than red for instance, which should not be used in a bedroom. You can place a small bowl of dried lavender near your bed, it will soothe you and is known to help imsomniacs sleep. Otherwise sprinkle some drops of lavender essential oil on your bedding, or place a handkerchief with some oil on it under the pillow. If you have a radio alarm and you like music, then set it on a program with calm, gentle music and let it send you off to sleep. you can time it to turn itslef off. you could also get one of those tapes to listen to with sounds of nature or animals, which you play really gently and they help you drift off peacefully to sleep. If you still have problems with nightmares it may be that you are worried about something. Write down your worries and try to rationalise them and sort them out one by one. there are books which can teach you the technique to use to face up to recurring bad dreams and help you to choose the way the dream continues. In other words you learn to neutralise the bad part of the dream. It really works. I think you could already go a long way to helping yourself by changing your idea that going to sleep will automatically bring you nightmares. do this by setting up a bed routine which you enjoy and look forward to, whateverbrings you comfort and makes you feel safe to go to sleep. If you want to leave a lamp on, then do so, if you want to leave the door open, then do so. If there are things you like to dream about, then concentrate on them and urge yourself to dream of them only. It doesn't matter if they are fantaisies, it still works.Hope this helps and sweet dreams.

Just think of cool stuff and theyll go away. think of technology, CPUS or bugs bunny. go to rarecpus.com and have a good laugh ;)

then your having night mares - take a sleeping pill 2 help you - 33 percent of people dont remember their dreams

if u can whatch tv like george lopez is n nick every night at 10 its a funny show and always leaves me with good dreams put ur tv on sleep timer

Just sleep maybe leave the tv on a hannel and that way what you hera you will dream about and remember dreams are not reality

you need relaxation.
like take a bath and relax,
try and mellow out as much as you can,
then go to bed, with out th e t.v or any music, so you can have a more relaxed sleep and maybe you won't have bad dreams.

think good thoughts before bed

Fragile Rock
Try to think of nice thoughts about what you did during the day or what you plan on doing tomorrow. Sleep is important and dreaming is good too. Night...

I'm sorry you are having this trouble! There are a lot of possible solutions to your situation. The best solution would be to see a therapist. A therapist would definitely be able to help you pinpoint the exact problem. If you don't prefer that, there are a few ways of approaching this problem, and some of them depend on your current situation, such as if you are on a normal sleep cycle, if you get enough sleep at night, if you take naps during the day, sometimes what you eat/drink before you sleep could make a difference, if you constantly have a similar bad dream, and more. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or is everything fine except for having the bad dreams?

Here is my advice, possible ways to approach the situation:

1) research common ways of getting a good night of sleep. This may include: doing something before sleeping that induces relaxation. A warm bath, stretching, etc. This does not only mean relaxing physically, but mentally as well. When you are laying in bed before you sleep, try and clear your mind of all negative thoughts. The day is over, you can deal with your issues the next day, now it is time to get a good night of sleep. Often, when people have constant bad dreams, it somehow connects with their life, such as constant worrying, negative thoughts, and the such. Try to clear this out of your mind before you fall asleep.

2) Solve the problem by understanding what your dreams mean. Start keeping track of your dreams. I know it might be painful at first, but keeping track of your dreams is a great way to begin to understand them and possible develop a solution in real life that makes the dreams stop occurring. Keep a notebook and pen by your bedside, and when you wake up, immediately recall your dreams and write them down with as much detail as possible. Over time you might see common patterns, and be able to interpret them, understand what they might mean. If you dream of a family member dying, maybe in real life you are worried something bad will happen to them, or that they might die? Try to look at it in that way.

Those are just some ideas. I guess I could go on for a long time but this should be a good start. I hope I was able to be of some help.

Good luck, and don't worry too much, they will definitely go away soon enough :)

Good luck.

Jessica O
i've been there but ask your mom if she can sleep in her room and just realize that they're not real hope i helped

Sleep with a nite light. Have a comfortable routine. Read something pleasant before you go to bed. If you have a dog or cat, let them sleep near you.

drink something warm or exercise that helps me.. strangely ha

Future Citizen of Forvik
Learn to live in them. So when you see yourself in them, take control and let the events go your way.

Phoebe Richards
Well we don't really know what age you are , so for starters . Speak to someone about it if your really young , maybe your mum. And tell her that you don't want to go to sleep at night because your having really bad nightmares , and they're terrifying you. And she'll probably take you to the doctor and they'll help you out. Or if your old enough to go yourself (16+) then go and explain the exact same thing. But don't stay awake all the time sweetie , everyone needs to get rest or else your going to start hallucinating and things , and that could be just as bad.

Good luck , Phoebe.

talk to a therpist?

Have a nice bath before you go to sleep. Then after the bath read a book thats a happy book. Also get a dream catcher...Maybe you dont believe it that but when i have one of them up i never get bad dreams.

bleu cheese
before you sleep, try to think happy thoughts.. most likely you will dream about the thoughts you think right before you fall asleep.

You should start attempting to lucid dream.

This way, if you are in control of your dreams, you wouldn't create nightmares.

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