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We cant go anywere!
Its 10:19 at nite!
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I Dont Have Tv!!

I don't really know what these attacks are.?
I get these all the time and they last for about 30 minutes.
hear voices
shake uncontrolably
i see faces trying to get me
i lose control of my body
am terrified

Additional Details
I talked to my doctor: they are severe panic attacks. Gosh, I AM NOT POSESSED!!!!!!!!!!

Do you really,or or you just joshing with us?Sounds like it's time for "Ghostbusters" or an Exorcism!

Lol, srry for laughing, but it reminds me of the sixth sense. uhh call the hospital?

Seriously Katie, it sounds demonic. I don't know anything about your beliefs- but I do know I will pray for you wholeheartedly. If you have been doing any kind of witchcraft, watching TV about it or playing with tarot cards etc. - throw them out. They seem harmless but they open up airways for spirits. And that is all they are. So, you can defeat them. Write me ANY time you need someone to pray- I will help you. Melissa

bill l
uhh ohh..you might be possesed..take a tablespoon of holy water and see if it burns..if it does..go see a priest immediately.

see if you fit in this category:


My Deathly Dearest
ur being possesed by deamons... call the spiritual leader of whatever religon u have and watch very scary shows about hauntings like:
most haunted
most haunted live
ghost hunters
a haunting

Ol' Skool
Sounds really serious if that is what is really happening. Most of the time the problem is that you are a psychotic. That means you are having a little bit of a problem maintaining your sanity.
May need to seek some medical attention. Hopefully you will have a freak-out while with the doctor so he/sh can diagnose it.
Good Luck

Hun that's really serious... it's one thing to sweat and shake but to hear voices and lose control of your body?? You can't live like that. Theres help. A lot of people go through that.

Juan O
seek pro help.... it could be serious

Brimstone Halo
shell shock?

umm get to a doctor pronto

u should like go see a doctor or something sweetie becasue u dont sound to good

i think you have sever panic attacks combined with sphysophenia (cant spell sorry)
Medication is a must

thats not panic attacks
seek pro help
theres nothing anyone here can do

Umm. Schizophrenia perhaps. I don't know... I am not a doctor. You should seek professional help.

schizophrenia-see a psychiatrist asap

Daddy's Gurl
idk what u believe in but it could be memories of a past life or u seeing ghosts srry cant help u out more then that but hope i helped

Get real help not the internet! Seriously if its that bad should be easy to diagnose, get more than one opinion.

umm.. see a doctor... NOW

Timothy E
I t could be an onset of schyzophrenia, but it can also be side effects of some drug. You really should seek professional help if these continue and bcome more persistant. there are meds you can take for this.

Could be anxiety, schizophrenia, psychosis. See a mental health provider immediately.

Missing U
They are panic attacks.

Natasha D
severe panic attacks.

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