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 I used to cut myself? ?
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 why is it so bad to cut yourself. if it makes you feel better isn' that good?

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 What illness do I have?
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 How do you deal with loss of a loved one?
My mother died more than a year ago and i cant get over it... i dont think im depressed but cant tell. im only 12 so i acnt take an anti depressant. ive talked to people but nothing will ease my pain....

I cut myself and nobody helps me even when i do get help from doctors it just doesn't work for me it just hurt
Well i am depressed and i don't like saying why i am because it is in my family and i wish i was dead all the time and cutting just makes it feel like i am alive even if i feel like i wasn't supposed to be here i wish i was dead and nobody can help me even if you do I probably won't listen to you because i don't see any reason for me to be alive

You can think about the day after and hell ,s forever punishment.

Jersey Style
Okay, to begin, I don't know what your exact situation is at home but if someone is abusing you, you should contact DYFUS immediatley or call the police.

As for you having no reason to be alive, that is not true at all. Everyone serves a purpose in life, we are all here for a reason. Maybe you are a good friend to someone and they need you, maybe you will grow up to have a kid one day; no matter what there is always a reason and purpose.

As for the cutting thing, I don't know too much about it except that it is a type of disease. A therapist may help but only to a certian extent, you have to find the strength and love within yourself not to cut. I'm sorry I can't help you with the cutting thing, I wouldnt want to give you any wrong advice but all I can tell you is you are worth a lot and once you find that within yourself the cutting will stop on it's own. Please seek help if your family is hurting you in anyway. Tell a teacher, cop or some sort of authority. Good luck to you - much love

Next time, try cutting deeper.
or just actually try to kill yourself.
Stop boring everyone and be usefull for a change.

Well, it's better than killing yourself.

And by the way, killing yourself by cutting your wrists is nearly impossible. You can bleed and bleed and not die; it will eventually just heal up. You have to cut all the way down to the artery to kill yourself, past the visible veins, and even then it's unsure. Plus, it would be like digging your wrists out with a ******* sharpened ice cream scoop. You have to cut and cut and cut.

if you could would you?
you are definintly screwed aren't you?? either i tell you advice and you don't care, or i don't tell you advice and you don't care.... ummmm well don't kill yourself now since you haven't done it yet... live in the moment not the past or the future--- take a breath go outside feel the sun on your face and dance in the rain--- that's it---

crying is better than cutting.
trust me.


There is no reason for anyone to survive for that matter.We make our lives precious by making our goals and aspirations.You shouldn't really give in to things like depression and such.These things will pull you away from your infinite self.So better get some help and stop looking for reason to live.We're all alive because life is precious.We shouldn't waste it.
Good luck.

Mr nice guy 2U
funny ain't it
I like to cut when I feel good
when my depression started getting me down, I just didn't feel like slicing myself up

Well, what you need to do is look inside yourself and change it. Since you are so stuck in your worthlessness though, you won't do what it takes, so go ahead, kill yourself.

I don't think you will though because this is a plea for help, and if you haven't killed yourself yet after cutting yourself, you won't because you actually see a value to your life and want to live.

its better to feel the physical pain than the mental pain right? thats why i used to cut myself you need to talk to someone when your feeling like you want to cut. im here if you ever need somone to talk to.

If you don't want to be alive so much then why are you? If you REALLY wanted to die you would have cut yourself right in the first place.
If not, stop trying to get attention and seek help.

i used to cut myself all the time as well. believe me when i say it can get better. i was depressed for almost 7 years before i got help. recognizing it and wanting help is an important step. sometimes you just need to take a step back from everything in order to heal yourself. give yourself some "you" time and figure out what is on your mind and what you can do about it. also, talking to my friends really helped me. good luck with all of this!

Who dat
go to a Psychologist. You are here for a reson and you will be denying that person your life. Do not be selfish. you are cared about an loved. Seek help, look to the Bible, go read John 3:16. I am a life coach and I believe you are a purpose inthis world, not a mistake or a failure. you have thousands of reasons to live, one of them is love...yes love, you are loved.

You do not say if you are on meds Or what kind of help you try to get from your doctors. Obviously there is more here than is being stated, but my first incline would be to find a new doctor & get on some anti-depressents. GOOD LUCK!!

Big D
You know what, maybe right now there isn't any reason for you to be alive.....but what about a year from now...or next week, or tomorrow? what about in the next 5 minutes! The point is, nothing stays the same, and no matter how much your hurting and you think things will never change, they can....but only YOU can make the change! You have to seek the help you need! Like you stated before- you probably wont listen, and nobody can help you! Well no one can change your attitude and ultimately it is your choice-Your depression could be interfering with your decision- that's where you need to force yourself to seek professional help! you life will turn around....but ONLY when you make the first move-It's up to you....TOTALLY up to you! and what ever choice you make, you'll have to live with it the rest of your life!

I am a cutter too. I feel the same as you do.

Girl, I had something like that when I was like 13-14 years old. I truly believed that the end of my life was the only thing to look forward to. Please don't feel alone. The only thing that helped me was to get on line and find other people who were in similar situations and talk to them truthfully and it really helps you start to let go of the desire to do it, when you know you might actually miss someone or something. Best wishes

if it hurts dont do it.... there are other ways to deal with depression. try talking to someone, not exactly a doctor, but someone ur really close to. there is many reasons to be alive, dont let anything get u down!!!

Please ignore the nasty insensitive responses you got. Listen to the others who went through it. Keep looking for a good counselor or psychiatrist. Find someone you trust and share this with them so they'll help you find a professional who will get to the bottom of your problem and help you through it. You see everything bleak now and say you see no reason to be alive because you can't see straight. Life can be better for you. Anti-depressants work wonders, and once the edge of depression and self-destruction is reduced, you will be able to do positive things. Just go by faith for now. Start with investing all the energy you can muster in finding a real person who will assist you to get treatment.

well I was depressed for awhile. Killing yourself isn't the answer. Depression is in my family too- believe me it will get better!

Do not cut yourself anymore... You should try to go to an psichologist instead of killing yourself... it will help!

¤Rep. Hernandez™¤
I have a friend with the same issue. I am trying to help her and I hope you get help as soon as possible because this can be really risky and dangerous. Please don't ever try stupid things such as suicide, remember that there is people who care about you, whether you say no, but I am sure that at least 10 people care about you.

Also remember that there is a second chance!

try calling 800.999.9999. did you try getting some medicine?

some people are being plain nasty on this thread. If you are not on antidepressants, i recommend that you do. soon. don't kill yourself. I'm not going to ******** you and say that i believe that life is worth living, because i deal with depression too. right now I'm in one of my bad periods, where i don't feel a purpose for being alive. I won't kill myself, because quite honestly, i don't have the guts to do such. cutting seems to be the farthest i will go.
but no more about me, please don't do anything severe.

Depression is a very hard thing to move on from...In fact you never really do. How do you not see any reason for you to be alive? If you killed yourself...your friends and family would miss you dearly. If you say that you dont have any friends, maybe you do, you just havent let any people come into your life. If you say well my family dont care because of this or that. Well I can tell you this they do care no matter what happened in the past. Cutting yourself is very serious to your health. I am no doctor or no professional...I understand though what you are going through I have been there before.

Kelly S
Please....don't stop asking for help. Have you tried inpatient therapy followed by partial hospitalization ? I was in a similiar situation a few years ago and that helped me tremendously. I still get depressed sometimes but not that horrible feeling you have right now.
I don't know if you believe in GOD or some other higher power but pray, meditate....something to connect yourself to.......Life does get better.

Go to this website. www.suicidology.com. It has some good tips.

Listen, I've been where you are, but maybe not to your extreme. I used to be a heroine addict, and I am now sitting at work in a doctors office. I have over 2 years clean, and I was just like you. I don't have the best family background, and I tried many times to end the life I was gifted with. If you change things and seek the right help, you will see a purpose to your life. Believe me, I mean it, it's not bull ****. I pray that everything works out for you, and I will follow up on you.

something happened at some point in your life that made you feel worthless. I cannot understand why your family does not help you understand that you matter. Everyone matters!!! Without getting too religious or philosophical, the life that you have been given is such a wonderful gift. Whether you know it or not, there are people that do care and love you. However you have to go within yourself and accept this. Practice a few things at a time...Do not complain, watch a sunrise, paint a picture, keep a journal, practice any random act of kindness, do not agree to succumb to negativity.

Morbid Tinkerbell
dear depressed person,
I am 26 now, but when i was younger I felt the same way. In fact I still feel that way sometimes. I recommand going to a rehab camp to where you can find someone to bond with ( but do it on your own time, do not be forced into something) ,and work together to stop, sooner or later you will run out of blood. (if you have a myspace add me: www.myspace.com/lil_gothic_tink we can talk... maybe I can help, please let me try.)

girl i know drugs isn't the answer but i went through the same thing.......got put on lexpro........and snap, a week later..............i felt like a whole new me. like i was normal.........or whatever normal is. but please dont cut yourself.......it's not worth it...i wish i would have never done that. but i do know y ppl would want to kill themselves and i never wwanna feel that way again. i had to get help and it worked! hang in there. good luck

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