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I cant take it anymore? help?
well for 2 years now i've been feeling like this.. ( im 16)
i think people don't like me as soon as they meet me? but im always nice to them, i always compliment people and everything but i just feel rejected all the time.. like for example when i go to a party and people talk to my friends and not me , i get really upset, people think im a really shy inocent person. but i am actually confident and funny at home just not in public.. i don't know who i am anymore or what personality i have .. as my personalitys all differnt.. depends where i am! , i just want to be one. i want to be myself but how? thanks :} xxx

its ok babe.just seat back down and relax

sit back and relax. don't be what people want you to be. be who you are. if you're funny and confident at home then be like that whenever your out too.

this happens to me sometimes to.
its all in your head, i'll tell my friends' i dont think they like me' and they always reply with' what are you talking about? they told me that they want to get to know you better' or 'they really do like you'

you should try to tell someone close about this, they will probably help

hope this helps

I feel the same except I feel like I never have anything interesting to say whatsoever and I am boring

Just try to be liked and just unleash your true self

just act like you do at home when you are out in public

Be yourself. You will find true friends.

they don't hate you. When a person is shy people just don't talk to you like they think your boring but your not. I don't want to be mean or anything but if your dad or mom drinks,does drugs, left you or anything thats the problem. If they did leave you its not your fault when someone is into drugs or drinks they don't care if they hurt you then just want more drugs or just wants to drink. You started high school when this happened high school is different for middle school. Your shy and its harder for you but this is it start talking to people little by little go to the movies with them or a party see what they like if they like tennis then play tennis go to a water park go to the beach if you live in a warm place. You only need one good friend

Don't focus on "people". Focus on a person. Talk to someone who looks like someone you'd like to know and the rest will be easy.

Shane H
You sound exactly like my best friend. You have a while to find yourself. The type of social interaction you are trying to get accepted into is usually based on appearance. Sorry to say it, but thats the truth. You really shouldn't care what they think, and I know you'll hear that a lot but its true also. Your stressing yourself out. You say your confident, but you are also doubting yourself. Its all mental my friend. Be confident on the inside how great you are, and it will show.

I know that this may sound silly,but i think most of this is being a teenager. I would bet if you asked some of your friends they would have some of the same fillings you have shared here.Maybe you could talk to school counsel.

Bring your funny, confident personality out in public. At home, you know you won't be judged by your family, so you are who you truly are. That is your personality. Don't be afraid to show it. Truly good people won't judge you for being yourself. If someone doesn't like you as soon as they meet you, then they're not worth getting to know. The majority of people will judge you based on the impression you give. If you're giving off a shy, innocent impression, chances are you need to open up more in public. If you're at a party and people aren't talking to you, try and start up a conversation with someone. When people talk to your friends, ask if you may join in. Use that humor of yours! Let go of your inhibitions and worries and show that confident person you are! :)

i'll be your friend no matter what personality you have :)

Aww I know exactly how you feel because I went through those exact feelings (i'm also very shy in public but fine at home, and at your age i also went through the whole "who am i supposed to be?" personality confusion thing.) Well i'm just wondering - this may not be the case but is it possible you have social anxiety disorder? I ask because I have it and you have the same emotional symptoms as me. Something that may help you clear your negative statement is Byron Katie's The Work. To cut it short, you have to take a negative statement - yours is probably "I feel I get rejected all the time". Ask yourself:
I get rejected all the time - is this true? Can i be absolutely sure this is true? Now, how do you feel when you think the thought "i get rejected all the time"? Does it bring peace/stress? .....Now the important one; who would you be without this thought?? How do you see yourself without the thought "i get rejected all the time"??Close your eyes Notice how you see yourself behaving, notice the differences. OK......so now you need to turn the statement around. The OPPOSITE thought of "I get rejected all the time" would be "I do not get rejected." "I only fear that i would be rejected. (which is the reality) you are DRIVEN by your fear. And without questioning the statement that is holding you back, you will believe this statement, a statement which is not even true. "I do not get rejected." Can you think of three examples where that has been true??
If you type "Byron Katie" into youtube you will see her in action, and i think she could help you.
Other things that have helped me are....hypnosis and excersize. please remember that you are 16 (a very difficult age!) and most of your feelings will pass with time.

become a talker

your facing anxiety.
Describe the limiting symptoms you feel when in public compared to how you feel relaxed at home. Believing people don't like you, creates a potential reality for a percentage of people around you that will indeed believe they don't like you- it's a mindset that effects the way you are perceived by others. Believing people DO like you will produce the opposite mindset and some people will believe they DO like you. it's been proven by billions, so it'll work.

You're just feeling what every other teenager feels. If you really feel like you need help then you should go see a therapist and I'm not talking about those community college quacks that the public schools hire but a real licensed therapist. That is your best chance of finding out if something is really wrong or if you're just a normal teen going through your normal angst.

Just be honest with yourself. BE YOURSELF. You live in this world to be you, not to make other favour you. You will definitely find someone that matches your wishes. The trick is to keep your eyes open , and heart open. Stay happy and feel happy.

the eyes have it!
how you feel isn't really all that uncommon for your age. as we mature you find that people are more opened up and can communicate better with each other. there must be a reason if it is like this all the time. perhaps you talk too much about yourself, or you seem distant, etc. focus more on what's going on and see if you can figure it out before you hit adulthood

Just be more outgoing. Take it upon yourself to start a conversation.

rain shock
act like ur at home and be the your true self

You should probably see a professional doctor to discuss your insecurity. You may just have high anxiety when you're around other people and can probably get some medication to help you out.

Oh, poor you! I feel the same way a lot of the time. I like to keep to myself, though, not because I'm shy, I just find that I don't really like people much.

I have found that the most important thing to do is to learn how to love yourself. If you can have a great time doing things alone and are happy with yourself, people will be more drawn to you. A good way to get started on this is to find out what you like to do and what activities make you happy. Perhaps this could be reading a book, pampering yourself, finding a coffee shop you enjoy hanging around, or anything that truly makes you happy. Once you know what you like and what makes you happy, it's easier to find like minded people who you are more likely to hit it off well with. Being yourself isn't something you can do instantly, but it happens over time. It's kind of corny, but I've even bought a ring for myself that is my self-engagement ring. Doing something like that may solidify the choice of getting to know yourself better. Getting to know yourself and learning how to love yourself takes time, but it is well worth the effort!

well it seems to me you need a good nights rest, and you just need to chill out for a second. And just come out your shell try going out to town or movies or somthing with one person first. than expand. throw a sleepover or party all eyes on you! Im sure that will help!

Hey, calm down.
Maybe they do like you and you just don't know it.
You should try joining the crowd with your friends at parties or whatever.

You might have social anxiety. Have you spoken to your doctor about it?

Social anxiety is a term used to describe an experience of anxiety (emotional discomfort, fear, apprehension or worry) regarding social situations, interactions with other and being evaluated or scrutinized by other people.[1] It occurs early in childhood as a normal part of the development of social functioning, but may go unnoticed until adolescence [2]. People vary in how often they experience social anxiety or in which kinds of situations. It can be related to shyness or other emotional or temperamental factors, but its exact nature is still the subject of research and theory.

Ashley V
girl your beautiful because your the nicest person to people people sometimes won't understand you and some will and until that day comes when people understand you'll be very happy don't worry about them you no what? your just like me lonely rejected sad depressed let me tell you what happed to me..... i grew up in a rich town my first day in kindergarten was lonely i had no one to talk to i already felt lonely inside the next past 5 years of elementary school was a battle field no one like me i was emotionally and physically abuse kids use to beat me up for no apparent reason only reason to this is they didn't like me i always felt scared nervous and as well excited for jr high i thought it would a better experience throughout my life kids but i was wrong kids started spreading rumors about me i thought to myself i can't handle this i want to die so i wrote a death note saying i wanted to die somehow the word got out and i went to the hospital after i got out i felt a little better but when i got back to school i started to getting into more trouble than before i started to fighting the last week of sixth grade i was kick out for fighting on the bus but right now i dont like violence really i dont anymore but after that incident they transfer me to behavioral classes in a public school in my town but it was kidda of harder for me instead of kids making fun of me and saying stuff they would ingore me i felt even more lonely i went to hospital a couple more times but i feel whole alot better than before i feel really good about myself but my point is your not alone your so not don't you ever think that this might sound werid but you can be my friend if you want to if not than i just want to tell you your not alone sincerely -ashley ps: your not alone=] i as well i suffer from extreme social anxiety you just got to be strong like me were both in this together .......... please be strong keep your head high and never look down ....... =]

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