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 What do you think of people who become obessed with you from Y!Answers?
To the point that they follow who you pick for best answer and also follow your questions later just to give their opinon of your last question? Shouldn't stalking be banned from Y! Answers?

I can't take this loneliness any longer and I don't know what to do anymore?
I figured that by 25 I would have met someone in life. However, I found that I haven't and everyone around me seems to be in love and it some how bugs me badly. I don't know why I feel so lonely. I have no real friends, I have no girlfriend, I have really nothing going on. I took advice and tried to volunteer, tried to go to church, tried to go to a therapist, tried to focus on pets, tried to go back to school for my masters, I tried everything, but it only makes my loneliness worst. I can't go to clubs or someplace loud because I have hearing problems and just would make me feel worst. Last night, I went to a 4th of July outing, and saw that everyone had someone, no one was with friends, they all had families, girlfriends, and having a good time. Then I was walking along, and noticed that these two girls were looking at me really nasty like, and I just decided to give up and go home. I never felt more miserable before in my life. Everyone tells me not to worry, to just go with the flow, and someone will come along, but I no longer believe this, I no longer believe that I am right, I feel that I'm ugly, marked with a curse, that I don't even belong in this world anymore. I'm ready to give up, and just call it even and end it all, but then there is another side of me just hoping, just wishing there was someone out there. I didn't even go to church today because I no longer believe in a god. He has other things to worry about than just a silly person like myself. I just want to know how others get rid of loneliness but I no longer understand.
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At 25 it's either you do or you don't, I think. It's not about self-confidence any longer. I just want to get rid of this feeling. I just don't know why I feel so lonely. It's debilitating because I can't do anything else in life. My therapist says I have to build confidence up too and change the way I think when it comes to women, but I don't want to deal with that anymore. I just want to get over this feeling of loneliness. My entire day is centered around feeling of failures, feeling of loneliness, and going out and trying is just making me feel worst.

Eden Farias
upload a picture please. then we will know the truth.

michael c
Man, this is uncanny. I'm feeling almost EXACTLY the way you do right now, except I might argue that it's worse for me because I recently turned 33. I've never felt more lonely than I do now, it's almost too much to bear.

Have you considered medication, such as anti-depressants? I have tried them with some success in the past. When you talk about doing those things to meet new people, but your loneliness gets in the way, that might be also because you are depressed. When you are feeling happy and positive, you are also more communicative. Not only do you want to talk to people, but they will want to talk to you more as well.

As for meeting women, I would advise starting with internet dating. I would be lost without it, quite frankly, and would probably have killed myself by now were it not available. I really do mean that. It is frustrating and laborious, but it provides me at least a glimmer of hope that I can find a soulmate.

As for making friends, you should try and find a hobby or activity that you really enjoy, and then get involved. I'm trying rock climbing at the moment, and I also plan to learn Spanish. You've got to look at this as a war, and you are a soldier fighting to survive.

By tackling this thing head on, you are saying that you are mad as hell, and you're not going to take it any more. Get tough and get out there. But please think about medication, it might make life a bit easier.

I understand what ur feeling, and i can relate to that.
How I overcame this was by taking up a sport, I started by running, then I eventually joined a running club, and I met some lifelong friends, and it lead me to meet my wife. I moved on to bodybuilding, and I started feeling much better about myself, but remember that u have to just go for it with all ur heart, no giving up.
Don't bother with clubbing and going to the pub, those things are destructive, both mentally and physically.
And don't give up with church either, theres a lot that a community like that can help, remember that God exists, perhaps God sent me to help u with this answer. The devil will do everything to make u doubt Gods existance.
And remember, theres no such thing as an ugly person, thats all in ur head, and one last thing, don't let people mess u around like they have done, u have a right to be treated properly, and we all have to fight for that.

you should build up your confidence ... go out get a haircut buy some new outfits maybe start going to the gym where you could meet some women there too...try and start up conversations with women and get them interrested in you but whatever you do, dont give up its probably just that you are thinking way to much about this and its getting you down make a list of all the things in life that you need work on and start crossing them off but then make a list of all the good things about yourself . no one is ever too ugly to find a girlfriend you just havent found the right one ... hey send me a picture of yourself ...my e-mail is [email protected]

Please don't give up. There is someone out there for you. This person will arrive when you least expect it. Right now is a good time to focus on yourself and what you really want out of life. First, with a mate... Make a list of exactly what you want in a partner. Then focus on improving your self-esteem. There are several good self help programs available. I used Lucinda Basset's Attacking Anxiety and Depression kit. It is cognitive behavioral therapy and is very good. I got more out of this than 15 years of therapy twice a week and it cost me a lot less.

Another thing that helped me is Jack Canfield. He has a self esteem audio book with worksheets called; "Maximum Confidence: Ten Secrets of Extreme Self-Esteem". He has several programs that help. Another good one is; "The Success Principals". Just reading his chicken soup for the soul books can lift your spirits and give hope. A good one for you would be "Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul: Stories of Love and Inspiration for the Single".

The most important thing to know is that "Happiness is an inside job." No relationship will make you happy if your are unhappy with who you are inside. That would be a lot of pressure to put on your future partner, don't you think?

Focus on yourself and when the time is right, the perfect love will arrive.

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