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I can't sleep because I'm afraid of the dark?
I have always been afraid of the dark since I was little, and as I grew up it faded, but it's come back the past few years. I can sleep in the dark if I'm sleeping with someone, but not if I'm alone, not even with just my dog or cat it has to be a human so I feel protected. I start thinking that there are ghosts or something, even though im sure my house isnt haunted and my thoughts are stupid, the thoughts wont leave my mind. I sleep only when my tv is on, I turn down the brightness and contrast so that you can barely tell its on and also the volume stays at zero. Please can someone help me with this?? is it a phobia or something else, like ocd? Anyone know how I can rid myself of this irrational fear?

I have the same issue..I have slept with my tv on for ever...I also have a plugin with a night light on it.

Buy a nightlight so you will feel protected . :)
Or read a book so you'll fall asleep .
Sleep with a stuffed animal .
Maybe leave the light on.

I'm scared of the dark too , I feel like there's ghosts .
So, I leave the light on and I just fall right to sleep .

Irshad M
You know when i was young i had the same Problem i thought something is around me when i was by my self in the dark. I got over that you know HOW.
You have to Belife in the Protection of God. If God really wants you dead you can not escape try to overcome your weakness there is noting it is just you think about it .

Ramdeepak H
lol Yeah I used to be too, but at the same time, I always used to be attracted to the dark. But let me tell you one thing... If you're scared of dark, it's about ghosts, but according to professional physic studies, 96% of ghosts are good and don't harm you.

Take NyQuil
i also have the same problem but i can't take anything because i have two baby's to take care of.
and my husband works overnights
I usually get into bed until i can't stay awake anymore.

lol...you sound just like me. Some people are just like this. I get super paranoid, i say just keep the TV on and set it on a sleep timer, that way you do get some dark and peace and quiet and you dont even know it. i dont think you have anything to worry about though.

Pastor Carl
there are a lot of people sleep with a night light on so don't feel you are out in left field or something...its ok...

I have your same problem. What I do, (silly as it sounds) is sleep with my favorite stuffed animal, and start leaving the light on. I slowly day by day adjust the light settings so it is darker and darker. eventually it will be pitch black and you will be used to it. If you are still afraid, try investing in a night light. Works for me!

Music will work..if you've got an iPod or something, try playing that while you go to sleep. I have a similar problem, so I blast techno music while I go to sleep. Sounds weird but music really does it.

[email protected]
This can be nothing more then you dealing with some issues that have retrigger old memories, stress, anxiety, and depression are just a few instances. However this can develop into something very serious like paranoia or sleep deprivation. Talking to psychiatrist might be able to provide you the answers, if you have any past mental illnesses in your family it might be wise to discuss this with them also to determine what is bringing this on, usually you do not go from zero to what you are describing without experiencing some traumatic to trigger this. The psychiatrist will be able to pin point your fears and help you deal with them or depending on the severity might prescribe medication to help you coup with them.
Either way I wish you luck.

Jenny N
well (since im only 11 i don't know if this will help) u can sleep with a night light or if u have a radio or something u can turn the music down low but not all the way just so u can barely hear it then u might feel as if someone is right beside u

Try practicing the meditation available at this site: fhu.com

It is not something that you will fix overnight. Stay with having the TV on for a start and also some type of light on maybe a night light, or an electric clock that illuminates the room in a subtle way. After a while try turning the TV off and just going with the other light.
Also before going to bed try reading a novel maybe a love story or something humerous to take your mind off ghosts and haunted houses. Good luck.

leave your tv on

you should buy a night light. to tell you the truth,i am afraid of the dark too,but with a night light, and sleeping with the door open feels much safer,and also preying to god helps you feel a whole lot better..

hope i helped you!!!

get a night light
i hope that helps

Are you afraid to sleep, cause its dark when you close your eyes..

bethh :)♥
keep your light on or buy a night light.

why dont you leave your door open and leave a lamp on in the room ?

night light?

get a night light.

It isn't ocd and like all unbased fears it is irrational like you say.

Ghosts don't exist and even if they did, they could hang out in the dark or the light so why do you care. Leave them alone and they will respect your space.

The dark isn't any different than the light, just more stuff to see.

It is ok to be afraid, we are all afraid of something.

use a night light.

i dont know your religion, but i had the same problem a few years ago. i just prayed to God, knowing that he would protect me, and i had no trouble sleeping from then on :)

(night lights help too) :]

Kayleigh M
You should try hypnotism
Urm buy like a little lamp and keep it on through the night.
and maybe the landing light?

No, don't leave your T.V on. That is a horrible idea. A scary trailer might come on and who knows. The best thing you could do is buy a night light. You would feel a little safer it being bright.

Charlotte E
have a little night light or something, it really does help. trust me.


You need to talk to a specialist, your phobia is usually caused by an intense negative experience from your past.

I have the same problem!! Dont worry. I am going to try tonight to see if I can turn the tV off and just try to fall asleep.

You should try drinkning warm milk/ It makes ya sleepy! =)

If you cant sleep with a really bright light get a really dim night light. It helps trust me!

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