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 ***PLEASE READ***<-please tell me what this sounds like!....thanks?
i am on a very strict diet, i only allow liquids for most of the day. when i do eat, it must be alone!
i exercise a lot (i biked 8 miles yesterday, in an hour) i do at least 40 sit ups a night. ...

 My friend is turning into a huge sl*t and is doing drugs. I'm trying to make hers top but nothing is working!
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 Can you have Schizophrenia, but not hear voices?
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* Social withdrawal
* Hostility or suspiciousness
* Deterioration of personal hygiene
* Flat, ...

 i found out that my friend wanted to commit suicide on sunday night?
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 What do you worry about in life?

 If you cut yourself does that mean you have a mental illness?
Okay well I do cut myself, and people are always talking about like all these "mental illnesses" you most liikely have if you cut? Cant you just do it with out having to be "messed up&...

 I'm feeling really depressed. Can anyone help me?
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 I want to die I think about death a lot?
I am a 22 year old female, just turned 22 today as a matter of fact Its just another nail in my coffin, I am going down sooner rather than later. I have clinical depression and have been on lexapro 15...

 IS it bad that ive already planned out my death?
I mean everyones gonna die i just want to be the one that does it...the whole dying thing.

I want to jump off a building or a cliff.when im 30

(im 16 )
Additional Details

 This is an important question, it will decide on a very big problem which is quite personal. Yes Or No!?
This is the question:

Yes Or No!!...

 Have you ever considered suicide?
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 Why do some people kill others before comitting suicide?
like well it's really sad if they wanna kill themselves, not saying that they should but even if they decide to commit suicide they should just suicide themselves, not kill others, especially ...

 Why should anyone care that I commit Suicide?
Why should anyone care that I commit Suicide?
If all these people in my life are going to supposedly care or be hurt by my death, then why are these people not caring about my life? I have let ...

 is it weird that I'm affraid of penutbutter?

Additional Details
I'm afraid I'll suddenly become allergic to it and my throat will close and I'll die
cause I have alot of other ...

 is drinking alone wrong?
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 No friends, never had relationship, anti-social, heavy depression, and miserable. 21 years old?
i have a major issue. i'm 21 and i have NO friends, and i've never even had a relationship with a woman. as you can imagine, my days are BORING as crap. i usually stay online for unhealthy ...

 I've been feeling?
I've been feeling depressed and like crying for no reason i'm a virgin, and i'm 14 what's wrong with me?
Additional Details
Okay the men weren't supposed to ...

I called upon the Lord to save me from my depression, but he hasn't. Why not?
Why won't God help me in my life anymore?
Additional Details
yes, I know I put this in the wrong section... however depression is veiwed as a mental illness sometimes. I apologize for the wrong placement.

Sometimes the devil tricks me that God doesn't care. He does, he sacraficed himself to go upon and die on the cross for everyone. When you are having a real hard difficult time, you know that your day is coming soon. The closer you get to Jesus, the closer evil gets to you. Dont let bad feelings inside, dont listen to those bad whisperd words.God gives us trials and tribulations, to make us stronger.Don't let your enemys defeat you. The bigger your problem, the bigger and brighter your future will be.Dont act on what you feel, act on what you know.Stop looking at what you don't have and look at what you do have. Be posative.Psalms 9. Christ will allow difficulty to make you progress. It is all in his will. When the time comes he will reveal to you why and clarity shall follow. A light bulb will come on, and you'll say oh yea, I see now. Thats why, but kep the faith and listen to Jerard woods, or CeCe Winans. Pastors Kimberly Ray, and Sheryl Brady. google them. Good Luck God Bless

God helps those who helps themselves:

A believer in god sat upon a rooftop during a flood and prayed to god, "God I believe in you and I am faithful, please save me!" A few moments later a boat comes by and the men aboard say "hurry we will save you!" But the man replies, "No! God will save me!" A half hour passes and again the man prays. Just then a helicopter comes by and lifegaurds call out to him "Climb onto the rope, we will save you!" To which the man replies, "No! God will save me!" Then the flood waters rise and the man is carried away and drowns. In heaven, he goes up to god and says, "Why God? Why didn't you save me?!" And god replies to the man, "Who do you think sent the boat and the helicopter?!"

People like to sit around waiting for god to answer. But we have to help god help us. Talking to friends, a counseler and a doctor. Why do you think god gives us those people?!

God is helping you; in smaller ways than you may see. God loves all of us and does not leave anyone behind.

Try talking to a psychiatrist, or perhaps even a priest, they can help you sort out your problems, the way God intended them to.

Good luck, and God bless you. Remember, GOD LOVES EVERYBODY; UNCONDITIONALLY!

Thomas l
The saddest man to ever walk the earth was Gods son. He felt are pain, and saw how we suffered. When lazeras died, The scripture sais Jesus was so over taken by grief that he would rather die than to feel what he felt at that time. I have Bi polar and have asked God why many times. He sais in our greatest moments of weakness, he will make light of our strengths. I know it is hard, I feel your pain. So does he. Keep your head up and don't ask why, ask what, what God do you want me to do. If it is Your will, be it unto me.

Mike N
patience is key

Maybe you should not "depend" so much on the Lord, and maybe help yourself a little. That is why the Lord gave us our gifts of reason, dignity, and many different capabilities. For us to use!

Get up off your butt, and pick yourself up. Quit waiting for someone else to do it. WE are responsible to ourselves for our own happiness.

You can pray, but with each prayer do a little something that is a real accomplishment for yourself, ike showering, or taking a mile walk down the street. Then say another prayer and do the next task, like clean a room, and so on.... In your prayer God will hear you and move you through a path out of the depression. Along with this, if you need a doctor to help you , say a prayer, and call for an appointment. Good days are ahead. Each accomplishment will give you strength and empower you to meet the next task.

there are over 6 billion people in the world most of them are calling upon him daily just be patient in the mean time go see a psychologist. or join community activities to keep your mind off it

no no no. maybe you're holding onto depression, like its holding to you. you have to help pull yourself up.

God helps those who help themselves. Get thee to a professional.

A man was trapped in the flood of New Orleans. He was on his rooftop."Save me o Lord" he cried.
A man came in a boat. The man would not leave. "The lord is coming to save me" he said. Later, a chopper came. The man would not go. "The Lord is coming to save me" he told the chopper pilot.
The man drowned and went to Heaven. He asked God..."why didn't you come save me?"
God replied "I sent a boat and a helicopter for you and you turned them both down."

god helps those who help themselves. go seek therapy and get help. you may need medication. these are tools that are put here for a purpose and that we can use for help. you don't necessarily need to just wait and pray, just b/c you have faith in god.

I believe that your God IS helping, but you still have to 'row the boat'. At this time, that help may be in the form of additional intervention: counseling, medication, etc.
After all, you reached out here, and that may well have been with some guidance of a higher power right there.

wow...thats a new one....when u pray god hears, but he doesnt make your choices....he gives your your free will....if he just made u not depressed then it would be like a robot....god isnt there to just sit back and give u a big house and money...he made us so that we would have a relationship with him....we are extremly lucky, not even the angels have a relationship with him

[[ s h e i l a ]]
beacuse you have to pray like you mean it
have faith. true faith. and he will respond

Sometimes you have to stand on your own two feet and do what you know the Lord would want you to do. The "right thing" which is to cover all options pertaining to your depression.
Have you consulted with a doctor?
Have you looked within your surrounding to see if it is your situation that is causing your depression?
Have you tryed to change certain behavior patterns that you know make you feel down?
Just sitting around waiting for an answer is not what the Lord intends for you to do. He loves you and wants you to look within yourself for strength. The Lord works in powerful ways but he can't do it without you trying to improve your life. If you have tried and failed- then keep trying. Only when you quit and do nothing does the Lord seem unavailable to you. But at that moment he's just hanging out to see what you will do next.
So know that you are not alone- but also know that no one but you can change your inner turmoil. If you haven't already done so go to a doctor. The Lord made them to help you. Now help yourself. Good Luck.

What have you done so far? Only prayer? Or a combination of different things? God indeed uses mental health professionals to do His work. I had people tell me not to go on antidepressants because they will make me worse, but I found the right medicine, and am doing much better.

This isn't really a question, I'm reading this as a cry for help. You need to seek professional guidance, find a mental health counselor and stick to whatever treatment plan you both decide on. God helps those who help themselves.

He may not come when you call but he is always right on time. He wont put more on you than you can bare

maybe GOD's answer to you is too see a doctor???

have you tried to better your life? just asking for help wont do it.. you have to show that your really trying to get better, then He will help you.... make sure that your trying to live the way He would want you to...

as to the poster that said to post in religion? just ignore her... mental health and spirituality go hand in hand

god works in mysterious ways.

Rich C
help yourself, go see a therapist a counselor or someone....

God hears every prayer, sometimes he gives u the answer in a way u have to work hard to find.

Lovely Lady 27
God is having you ask us this question so we can tell you to get counceling. You probably have a chemical imbalance or situational depression that can be cured through meds or counceling. Go get help I know it is scary, but its worth it. Remember to look for Gods answers, sometimes they are so obvious when you look back. Good luck.

nicholas t
the great Lord will answer u in signs, when u are happy it will be because of his doing, the Lord loves us all

God usually takes a long time(what seems like forever) to do things. But eventually, he'll help you. In the meantime get some good medicine and maybe somebody to talk to about it.

Karan G
Have you helped others? Do you only call him in times of need? Also, see a docter, it might help more :P

Because you need to help yourself and not wait for someone to fix it, only you can do that.

I'm not trying to defile or berate your religious beliefs AT ALL.
But if your depression has gone on for so long, and nothing has changed, you might want to seek medical help.
I'm sure God would rather you take medications to relieve your symptoms than, in the worst case, end up committing suicide because He hasn't helped you in any tangible ways.

not to be rude but this would be way better in the religion section. most mental health help is based on science and the 2 don't mix too well.

Allergic To Idiocy
He wants you to do it yourself.
If your God gave you everything you needed, where would be the success and accomplishment?

I don't believe in God, but I know that I've learnt in religion class that He gave you life, and lets you make your own choices.
He can guide you, but can't do the whole work for you.

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