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Baby Jack born 4/5/09
I am so depressed...?
My husband just left for a year to go to iraq and I cant get pregnant. We have been trying since last november. I am 29 years old and all my friends around us are either pregant with their first child or already have kids. They are so happy together and i get so depressed ( not saying im not happy for them) when i see them all together happy and secure. i am all alone. I dont know what to do??

Hang out with friends more. Cheer up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wish I were
Think about this....your husband does not need to worry about YOU being depressed while he is over there! You get ahold of yourself and think about HIM and showing him how strong you are without him and that you are fine!!! He needs to concentrate on what he is doing over there so he can come home safe. You put a smile on your face when he calls and don't you dare tell him how depressed you are!!! Quit dwelling on yourself and see what you can do to help someone else! That should lift your spirits and help keep you busy!

Jackie Blue
Everything happens for a reason. I understand your dilemna, I do. Been there. There will come a time, when it is 'right.' Just try to be patient. Look forward to your husband coming home, and starting a family when you both are ready. I'm sure it will happen, just try to get your mind on other things. Fretting now won't accomplish anything, and will only produce a lot of anxiety for you. Know that (if your husband wants to start a family as well) that you have something to look forward to when he comes home. I do empathize with you, but be patient. I wish you both the very best, and appreciate your husband's service to our country.

Lyndsey R
Everything happens for a reason... My best friend's husband's a marine. She deff didnt want to get pregnant right before he left. I know you both want a baby, but him being there with you while your pregnant and during the begining of the babies life is more important, wait till he's home ( well you have to ) and it will all work out. Stress, doesnt help BTW

Sorry deleted
Its sad to hear your husband had to go to IRAQ,and about you not getting pregnant, sometimes nervousness stress etc, can cause this, but it would be a good idea going to a specialist to see how to fix this situation,so you can get pregnant when your husband is with you again.
Hope the best for you and your husband.

harold gardner1946
ok just hang in there and wait for the right time then you will have plenty of time to get pregnant and please dont be depressed because that wont help you out either you have to have some good faith to keep your self together and find something to keep you occupied and dont let your self get down because better days are coming for you ok and thank you very much and put on a happy smile ok keep in contact with me ok

I know exactly how you feel about the pregnancy thing. My hubby and I have been ttc for a long time now, and no luck. Our best friend's just welcomed their second baby into the world recently. My other best friend has a kid. And, it seems like everywhere I go, there is no one who understands what my husband and I are going through. It's not fair-- it seems like the people who desperately want children the most can't get pregnant.

I am so sorry about your husband having to go to war. That can't help the situation; I have a friend who was in that situation too, only her hubby was on a top secret mission and she didn't know where he was for months. Have you tried looking for support groups in your area? Thousands and thousands of women are feeling exactly like you are; alone and sad.

I found this really good website for you: http://www.lovingyou.com/content/groups/military/
Check it out, it might be helpful to you.

Some other suggestions: you can always seek out a therapist to talk to. For some reason therapists get a bad rep because people think you have to be a nut to see one, but that is simply untrue. They can help you deal with your feelings and keep yourself in check. Also, try take B-complex vitamins. They naturally help you to boost your mood while providing you with excellent prenatal vitamins that your body needs. I do this and can tell that it definitely helps.

I know I just wrote you a novel, but I honestly and truly feel for you, sweetie. I hope that things look up. I pray every night for our troops (my brother in law is one of them, been gone since January), and women who have trouble conceiving. I understand how that feels.

Be well, my dear. If you ever want to talk, feel free to send me a message.

Stay strong and hopeful. I know that's easier said than done. Life gets lonely and it's definitely not always fair. I have been down a lot this year, and have suffered from depression most of my life. I'm on meds but even sometimes those don't work. I find the only thing that helps is when I find something to focus on, something that gives me purpose. Goal setting works well for me. Hope is what really gets me thru the hardest parts, hope that someday things will get better, hope that there's a bigger picture that I just can't see right now, a picture with a happier me. I know that it seems like you're all alone, but you're not, more and more people are diagnosed with depression everyday, and even though we don't need Dr's to tell us we're sad...sometimes they can help us get to a better place in life where things seem more manageable.

have you seen a doctor and told them you are having trouble concieving? if not maybe you should think about it and the possiblities that the doctor recommends. also there are many children that need families you could consider adoption

and while your husband is away maybe you could get a kitten or a puppy so your not alone

Come on sister, everyone has their own problems.....it's ok just try not to put too much pressure on it, try to think about something new or something you haven't done that you should get it done. Depressed/Upset/Disappointed are the perfect words for everybody, but just sooner or later....i've been through too many things and i tried to forget them but i couldn't...and when your husband get back..try again keep trying some days you'll find what you're looking for....TY Good Day!!

There are a couple of ways to help. I recommend that you go to a female Obgyn. Get her advice and professional opinion. You could then try artificial incemination. Another option is to call a lawyer and get some information about adoptions. My friend and her husband couldn't get pregnant either. They adopted a brand new baby and a couple years later she got pregnant. She thinks it was because her hormones lined up when her motherly instincts kicked in with the adopted one.

Carlos F
I feel bad for you but I dont understand why wives of military men want to get pregnant before their husbands live. I am not a military man myself (so maybe I don't understand the big pic) but I would rather wait unitl I come back and have the baby so I can watch him grow and to make sure he grows up with a dad.
I also agree with some of the poeple here when they say you should not worry what others are doing. You should live your life and have your own plans. Focus more on education and financial plan so when your husband comes back you are better off.

black witch
oh dear that's so sad.this war has affected too many peoples' lives.i hope ur husband will come back sooner.try to do things that doesn't let u think of those things.after all it's not that good to have a child.

I have one word for you, FAITH. I don't know how religious you are, but I can tell you that everything thing you need to stay happy and content comes from how strong your faith is. Some people don't feel comfortable praying, but it is a very strong tool in keeping sane in a world where one crazy woman can have a child and abuse it, teach it many horrible things or destroy it's life, and a good woman like yourself has problems even having a child to love and care for. My best advise for you is to keep your head up talk to your loved ones as much as possible to draw strength, and most of all, pray. Remember that good things eventually come to good people, and to those who can wait. Take care

Always try to look at the bright side. If you look hard enough, you can always find one. Maybe it would be easier and even more fun to go thru a pregnancy with your husband here with you. A year goes fast, you probably have experienced that before. Just keep busy, think positive and know that better days are coming for you both. Be proud of that husband of yours for his sacrifice of being over in Iraq....we are.

I agree with the person above. Get some support from Iraq family groups, church and/or community organizations. Having children is wonderful but having them with your husband with you will be worth waiting for. Don't worry about your age. I had kids in my 30s and it was all worth the long wait. Yeah some of my friends kids are all older than mine... some are old enough to babysit mine, so there's a bonus. Try and stay strong. The more you get out and socialize, the faster the year will fly by.

Maybe you should adopt.

If thats to much get a pet like a dog or a cat.

Don't worry what others are doing, be your own person. You should be proud your husband is very brave.

That's a real tough situation you're in. Hopefully it won't be for too much longer. You still have time to have a family though. So don't get too worried. But it would be nice to be doing it at the same time as your friends.

You love your husband and he loves you. If you have not been able to get pregnant then maybe it's just not the right time. Be patient and know that soon the two of you will be together again. Focus on that. Everything has a time and a place. Hang in ther sweety. It will all work out eventually.

Since you asked....
Instead of focusing on what you dont have, why dont you focus on what is going right for you. Also, you may also consider helping out your friends with their kids, which may or may not help. This goes to say, feeling sorry for yourself isnt going to get you pregnant. Start doing things like spending time with others, and focusing on the good.

you shouldn't have kids just because your friends have kids. you should only have them if you think your ready. plus, if your not too skinny, then it is possible to have children. if you and your husband are ready to have kids, then talk about it and then just make them!

KC Big Ones
While your husband is away go see a specialist and make sure everything is OK and you can get pregnant.......Don't be depressed !~

Be strong, you'll get your life on track & I'm sure you can have medical help in tryng to concieve if you choose.

We will all pray for husband to stay out of harms way & return safe so you can start a wonderful family together.

Worry for your man and await his return. I am a retired serviceman. Your child will happen you are young and have plenty of time.

Never forget the man you are with. When he comes back and you do have kids he will have storys and be honored in ways those other fathers could only dream about. Your husband is a hero and you will be proud and forever happy when he does return. Never forget that.


a baby is not a solution for depression or lonliness
go and volunteer in a church nursery
or work in a daycare center for a while

Maybe God is just having you wait until your husband is safely back home so you can enjoy your baby together.....just be patient...

and enjoy your friend's children, and just look forward to the future...

right now, you need to focus on your husband and supporting him...you have plenty of time

Get involved with other people and stay busy while your husband is gone. Offer to babysit your friend's kids. Believe me, after they throw up on you a few times you will see that they aren't ALWAYS going to be happy.

The previous answerer hit the nail on the head. Get involved in church. Learn to pray if you haven't done so very much before. Be around people, not at home on the computer or watching TV.

Once your husband is home, perhaps you should both be tested by a fertility specialist, so that you can operate from the perspective of what the facts are, rather than what your emotional fears are. In the meantime, stay busy and be around people regularly. Be very intentional about this.

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