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I am scared to go to bed everynight! Please help, and dont help if your just going to laugh.?
Right, i cant talk to many people about this as they find it hilarious because im 15. But when i go to bed my whole family does too. Im always the only one awake in my house and even though im so tired i cant sleep, you can say its my imagination, but it feels so real its as if someone or something is watching me? And i feel so strongly about spirits and ghosts as my nana sees them, but i feel like there's something evil wants me. It seems so strange i know, but im finding it really hard to explain, i have terrible dreams about dead, and i know it might be because i fear from it im having these dreams. When someone else sleeps next to me the feeling completely goes away, but i cant sleep next to someone all the time. I always face my fears and when i dream im talking to dead i tell them to go away, but it only gets more evil. Im getting so scared about going to bed, it all happened when i was 7 and i seen a figure in my room at 3am. Ever since i feel so scared. Please help, and don't laugh!
Additional Details
thanks everyone so far, apart fromt the first comment! Yous have helped me so much so far, i felt like posting this comment would make people laugh, but yous are all very nice and didnt and helped me so much. Thanks for that, ive came to a solution, my dog will sleep in my room and aswell as that i will pray to god everynight and my granda who passed. I have spoken to my mum and she offered to help, and also im on this quite alot so at night this probley keeps my brain awake and i drink coffee too. So i will come off this early and stop with the coffee. God has played a major role in my life, i always did pray to him, mostly in my head though but im not quite sure he could hear them from inside my head. I have a bible next to my bed, and i will move my bed too as i dont like where its situated. Thanks guys!xxxxxxxxx.


woop woop!
Maybe you should talk to a psychologist. it might help as you sound like you have symptoms of paranoia and insomnia. but don't be afraid to talk to someone about it even if they laugh at first just keep trying to get through to them.

Sith Lord
Tell your parents about it, Kimberley.

And jump up and hit the figure, and scream " I'm not frightened "

it'll **** itself and run off

And you can sleep then :)

Michael Shoe-maker
Kimberly...i don't know but these kind of dreadful dreams and thoughts comes to a persons mind when he/she watched something voilent,horror on the television and also listened to hard rock and very loud music.The dreams you see is 80% of the image what you have done or saw in your personal life, so try to avoid violent, depressing movies or hard rock music.The best thing to do is to keep something like rod, or a baseball bat or a knife something like that next to you on your bed.beleive me it helps a lot.it will push your fear away.Also before sleeping try to think of god.

have you tried changing bedrooms???

maybe go and speak to a doctor and ask to see a therapist???

might b ghosts or an evil entity or might be something bugging you inside?

go talk to a priest maybe, im not religous so i dont really know how it work :S

good luck

hey, i think that is a psychological disorder..i don't mean your crazy,what i mean is that..you might have had a bad experience in the past about ghost or dead people..
if you think of those bad things most of times, you will assuredly dream of it.
the subconcious(sleep) mind pictures it in your dreams because its what in your concious(awake) mind..
don't always think of it..and if you're still afraid, try to pray to God..that's the strongest thing, but you should beleive on what you are praying too.

Do you have any pets? Cat or dog that could sleep in your room with you? A favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Drink warm milk and graham crackers before going to bed.

Kiwi Splash :)
Always pray before you sleep. If you are scared, know that God is listening to you. Pray to him until you lull yourself to sleep. I understand what you mean, but when you are completely alone, He is the only one you could lean on.

Monty O
ok look im 12 and i used to feel really scared but i got over it i think the whole world sleeps and if something was haunting me then why would it be me.......... i sorta still feel like that but not so much anymore though but take a deep breath and just calm down........ if so talk to some1 you trust...... parents well idk if you trust them then yes but talk to some1 like your grandma.

I am certainly not laughing at you and have had some similar experiences myself. I would try your local spiritualist church and when you find someone you totally trust, ask them if they can direct you to someone who can remove the maline spirit.

My sister had the same problem with being afraid at night. Your fear is genuine, so I hope nobody will laugh at you. God wants to help you overcome these fears. He loves you, and He doesn't want you to be haunted by constant fear and anxiety. The Bible says, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7).
The key is to learn to trust God. I know this sounds simple—but think about it for a moment. If you truly believed God loved you and was in control of your future, would there be any room left for fear? Instead, you'd commit every situation to Him in prayer, and you'd know nothing could happen to you that was outside His control. You'd learn to say with the psalmist, "Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear" (Psalm 27:3).
This doesn't mean you'll never face problems or dangers; we live in a world that has been touched by evil. But it does mean you can know God is with you every step of the way, and even in times of trouble He won't abandon you. Jesus warned, "In this world you will have trouble." But then He added, "But take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).

Begin by asking Christ to come into your life—and He will. Then ask Him to help you trust Him in everything. Your fears may not vanish overnight, but as you commit them to Christ "the peace of God ... will guard your hearts and your minds" (Philippians 4:7).

[email protected]

Well you have several options open to you.
Firstly you could find a local spiritual adviser to help you deal with any spirits.
You could find a psychologist/psychotherapist to find the underlying reasons as to why you can't sleep.
You could get over the counter sleep inducing drugs.
You could see a doctor and explain you cant sleep but don't mention spirits so you get stronger sleep inducing drugs.
You could see a doctor and explain the spirits and see whether he refers you to a therapist or gives you drugs.
Hope that helps

david c
say in the name of jesus and say god give me your strength.trust me i have the same promblem and i fix it with the power of god

i know that you are 15, and it might seen strange to run and cry to your parents, but the best thing would be to talk to your parents. they are the people who can help you the most and i hope you feel better!!

Kimberly your not alone all of us at one time or another got caught up with things your thinking about.

But Girl, what have you been watching on tv or what type movies have you seen? Your listening to others, like your nana, and all that means is your mind picks this stuff up and carries your imagination to far from your own mind
You need to control your own thoughts; Power of suggestion can do things to our minds and you just need to stop thinking about what it is you're thinking about!
I say grab a book thats spook free along with saying in your mind (NO I'm not going to think about this, I refuse.)
Only you can fix this. Good luck

alex (:
You might be suffering from trauma.. I really don't know cause im not a doctor but..You might need to go to a Therapist have you witnesses a murder or have seen someone die? Your gonna have to face your fears so a good thing to do i go to a cemetery alone it might heal it might not, ask a therapist.

Ohh; and go to a preist and see if they can bless your home! :)

Call on the lord, passed on family members, &/or archangel Micheal who watch over us. Tell them you will only accept good positive energy around you and to not allow evil negative or dark energies. Repeat it until you feel better. Works every time for me.

Good Luck!

why not sleep with a night light or lamp on?

I agree with changing bedrooms, but also the nightlight/lamp idea.
I've had the same kind of problem on and off for years. One thing that does help is to have some sort of soft light. For me it's my computer monitor, which, from the angle it sits, gives a soft glow to the wall at the foot of my bed.
Also, this idea might sound weird but it tends to work for me. Sleep with lots of pillows. Take 2-4 extra pillows and put them around where you'd sleep, kind of in a semi-circle so when you sleep, they're on your sides. It's like another person (or two) sleeping next to you, or like a little cave/safe place.

First off, are you drinking a lot of caffeine during the day? If you are stop doing that.

Second, nearly everyone goes through a phase in his/her life where he/she realizes that death is part of life. It will eventually go away for you, but at the moment, just accept that death is part of life and accept that it is what you're thinking about. And you'll find that you can move through it quickly than dwelling on the fact nightly.

I can understand that. You have to find a way to overcome this fear. Have you tried a nite-lite or stuffed animal? Try reading or watching something good, not scary. Pray for protection while you sleep. Things will get better if you believe it.

This is quite common. You are anxious about not being able to sleep and being alone and awake. I think all the stuff about ghosts and dead people is just part of this simple problem. The best thing to do is remember millions of people are awake and struggling to get asleep just like you. Maybe even some people in your family are lying awake. Just stay rational. Nothing has happened to you in 15 years of going to bed and nothing will

Honey, the devil (Satan) is seriously messing with you. When you go to bed each night, pray for Christ's protection and peace. Even if you aren't a believer, admit this to God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you by giving you the blessing of peaceful sleep.

I'm not laughing at you, kiddo. I deal with insomnia and it's horrible. I just want you to know that when I was a girl I had a period of nightmares and my mom suggested that I pray that God would take them away. He did, that very night, and to this day, when I pray before bed that He won't allow me to experience any nightmares, I haven't. God is good!

Plague Doctor
It's clear from the information you've given there that your ability to sleep isn't the problem, but rather the fear you have of seeing spirits is the real problem.

I wouldn't just assume that you actually saw real spirits. They could have been psychosomatic i.e. your brain generated them. This happened to me before when I was 16 and I was convinced a ghost passed me on the stairs leading into my bedroom.

It may seem cliché, but talking to someone - be they parents, friends etc. - would really help. If you present this problem to someone you trust, they certainly won't laugh at you. The plain and simple reason for this is that it's not funny. The people who care about you will be genuinely concerned about you when you tell them it and will be most willing to help.

Don't suffer in silence any more. Talk about it!

I really hope this helps and I wish you the very best of luck with it.

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