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Maddie's Mommy!!
I am scared!!!?
I am pretty sure i have postpartum deprssion. I am going to the doctor tomorrow moring. I am scared she is going to take my baby away or put me in a mental hospital. I don't feel i am a harm to myself or my baby. Anyone have any advice on what they think will happen. Or anyone who went through postpartum depression???
Additional Details
Thanks for all your answers. I feel a lot better now. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks.

Yes. Don't say anything that makes the doctor think you will harm yourself or the baby. If you do, they must report it to child welfare. You can express your depression without doing either of these things. Good luck.


they wont take ur baby they will give u meds most likely thats what they did after i had my daughter good luck

Hai u r perfectly OK. from the first letter as well as from the second one. How can u be so sure when u are writing such good letters. Do not imagine. u will become a laughing stock to doctor. People with postpartum will be moody, feel like crying, sometimes go to some unwanted extent. I only feel that u are tired and need some relaxation after strenuous labour. Relax.

The only answer i know of is the fact that if you are not a harm to yourself, or too others she cannot take you baby away. I do not know your history, but apparently your doctor does. You say, quote " I don't feel like I am a harm to myself or my baby".
The real question is why does the Doctor think you might be a harm to yourself, and your child?

I have went through it and it takes time to work through your problem. I do not think that they will take your baby away. Unless they think that baby is in some kind of danger. I will pray for you

Stop worrying. The doctor is going to give you medicine that will help you. You will soon be feeling much better.

brigette b
Yes I did. I have 4 wonderful daughters, 9,11,16,and18 and with each one it got worse. I don't know what the cause is, but I do know with me I was just so excited to have the baby, but when that time came and I was home from the hospital it was like something was missing. I had my baby and I spent time with her but still something was missing. It was the baby being inside of me I felt empty.My Dr. called it baby blues. You sound like you have it real bad. They won't take your baby away from you they will make sure that you have alot of help and support at home and probably put you on a anti depressant
The best of luck to you from one mom to another.

sweet southern charm
Cute baby √ú Don't worry. Doctors won't put you in a mental hospital or take your baby away. That's good that your going to the doctor, because most women don't. I didn't for my baby blues, My poor husband suffered thru it though! Most likely they'll ask alot of questions to determine if that's what you have, and proscribe (paxil?) medication for you, which I've heard it works wonders. Baby blues lasted me a year and half, But it wasn't serious. Most of it was my own insecurity

Angela M
She can't take the baby away from you. Your fears are part of the illness. Let go of the paranoia, and do the best you can. If you are hospitalized, a family member or trusted friend can take care of the child for you, just like if you had your appendix out. The dr will try to treat your disorder with medication and therapy.
I don't have post partum, but as a sufferer of Bipolar Disorder, my drs were very much concerned about the likelihood. You will be well again, and your baby won't remember it...

tinker bell
I have never been thru postpartum depression before but I am sure the doctor will be able to help you. So try and don't be afraid I will say a prayerfor you and your baby. God bless you and the baby. Hope everything turns out ok. Let us know what happens..

I didn't experience it personally but have seen some friends suffer from it. Don't worry this will pass. Keep patience... visit your doc.. no one is going to take your baby from you. rest assured about it. Doc may give a some medicine to tide over this phase. Sit tight lady and don't worry too much. All will be okay. God bless you.

Lily's Mommy!
They won't take your baby away, don't worry! Postpartum depression is very common. My mom was diagnosed with postpartum depression after she had my little brother, and she went on an antidepressant for a few months and eventually she outgrew it and was able to come off of the medicine. Having a baby takes a lot out of you, so it's normal to feel a little confused and depressed. I wouldn't worry and goodluck!

American Girl
I didn't have that but I don't think they'll take your child away esp. if you are seeking help..... don't worry...

good luck...

I have worked in two mental hospitals, and have seen cases. To write what you wrote you are not delusional. Counselling and possibly meds will be the route. It is a common affliction, and often brief.

only if your doctor is tom cruise

Don't go into the office and tell your doctor that you are pretty sure you have postpartum depression. You should not make a diagnoses like that. Just tell her how you feel and let her make the diagnosis. I have heard of this postpartum depression before and I am sure there is medication for you. There is no reason to take your baby away and they won't put you in a mental hospital either. Don't get all worked up over this and relax. Enjoy your little precious baby and have happy thoughts. Who knows, you might feel a lot different tomorrow.

Special 'K'
I didn't personally go through it myself but had a very good friend that did. You are doing the right thing by going to the doctor,they are not going to take your child unless you have already harmed the baby.They are going to determine what kind of medication would work for you and they are going to treat your postpartum depression. Hang in there! The first step is admitting the problem and you have already done that so keep plugging away. I will be rooting for you!

it is very possible that you do have postpartum depression. no they won't take your baby away, but they may give you some antidepressants to help eleviate the symptoms. this is when you need your family's support. let them know that you are feeling depressed and that you may need them to take the baby for a few hours so that you can talk to someone. or maybe just take a nap. whatever you do if you feel you are overwhelmed please let someone know. good luck!

nah my cousin had this after having her child they just gave her a high dose of a antidepressant and she came out of it she is no longer on it and is doing well

curiously strong
they won't take your baby away, ppd is very common, they might give you some med's temporarily to help you through this...its your hormones so don't panic

thwy will not take your baby away.if you have having strange thaughts keep someone around you,they will put you on some antidepressants wich will not work right away, but maby some xanax to take the edge off. I am bipolar and clinically depressed, I just had my 2nd child and have been depressed for a while but as long as you arent having thaughts you wouldnt normally have ...and if you are call a friend over ..things like that.You are not in danger of getting your child taken away so dont worrie about that.

i went through it, but it lead to severe anxiety for me, which didnt help, they wont take anyone from you, millions of women have it, just remember it will pass, and you were given the greatest gift in the world, They may give you drugs like zoloft or whatever, which i dont reccomend unless its severe, but most women are depressed because of the extreme life style changed you make after having a child. but i understand, its like your so sad and unhappy and feel crazy that you shouldnt be this way because it should be the greatest time in your life. Just say to yourelf "this to shall pass" make sure you have lots of friends or family help also to ease the transition. and give you a break lol.

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