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I want to jump off a building or a cliff.when im 30

(im 16 )
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I am 5'7, and I have no confidence in myself because I am too tall...what do I do to feel good about myself
When I am around my friends I feel weird cause I am the tallest one there, and I dont feel comfertable around them. I am so worried, what can I do??
Additional Details
just to let people know i am 15

I'm a six footer myself but it doesn't really bother me. The only concession I make to my height is that I don't wear high heels. It's not because I'm self-conscious of my height but the fact that I just can't walk in them. They hurt and I'm constantly twisting my ankles.

dont worry you have just grown earlier than your friends they will catch u up and then you will feel more comfortable. i was the same at 13, i was 5 5" but i didnt grow any more and everyone grew around me, im still the same height now. my daughter was 5 8" at your age and was miffed that in the year 11 school photo she didnt get on the back row even with her height as there were so many taller than her!

I am 5'6 and I know how you feel I was 5'5 when I was 11 but I am 13 now and my friends are starting to catch up some people just have early groth spirts don't worry

stan j
Ok so you are taller than your class mate's so I guess your suffering the effects of short persons syndrome, that being short people pick on people taller than them.
If being tall is such a problem why are high heels so popular?
Being tall means you won't get a crick in the neck kissing tall guys, true you'll never date Tom Cruise but isn't that another advantage.

Jan Luv
wait a little while, boys like taller girls Good luck

believe in yourself, you are fine the way you are, sweet,beautiful and lovable ok
First of all start loving yourself for if you don’t, the who will.Be perfectly at ease with yourself and remember the others are just like you.Be sure of yourself, you are fine the way you are; and once in that mindset do what you have to.
Have you ever seen a rose trying to be a Lilly.If it ever tried it would end up being neither a rose nor a Lilly.A Rose can only be what it is and nothing else.
No two trees compete one another saying I am bigger than you.They are perfectly happy being , just being……….In nature just look around the whole existence is celebrationg, the birds,the bees,the trees,the wind, the sky n whole…………

At five feet seven inches you are by no means too tall. You'd need to be at least five ten to effectively become a model.

The late Princess Diana of Wales was five feet eleven inches tall.

The best advice is for you to seek the company of taller people. If you are from UK that should not be too difficult because the average height for a man here is now about 5'10'' and for a woman easily 5'6'' - 5'8''

You are not too tall. It's your friends who are too short.

My sister is 6 foot and she feels the same way. Just remember that it doesn't matter and plus I think its better to be really tall then to be really short.

343 Remember
Nothing. You've heard if before, just be happy with the way you are. Sure, improvement is always a good thing; however your height is not something that need to improve. You are tall, definitely NOT the tallest person on earth.. If you are the tallest of your friends, then you're the tallest of your friends. That's it.

The grass is always greener. I am 5'3" - wish I was a bit taller; however I am not.. heels help, but I am simply 5'3" when all is said and done.

You may find as you get older.. that your height is an asset... Look in the mirror and love who you are.

If you're ugly on the inside, then you'll have some work to do; however I doubt that.. so enjoy who you are.

I wish you well.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean. The question says you are 57, do you mean that you are 5 foot 7 inches? If you do I would hardly call you excessively tall as quite a few women top the 6 foot mark and they don't seem to think they're weird.

Most models seem to be fairly tall so perhaps it's your friends who should be worried.

Amanda Overmeyer-Janis of today!
you're not tall. Everyone else is just short.

I'm 5'8" and a lot of other people are taller than me.

Cassandra Marie
I'm a half inch taller the same age. its not too bad. if it really bugs you find something unique about yourself besides your height

Make sure it's clear in your mind that you are not going to get any shorter no matter what anyone says.

Just be yourself walk tall

One thing to think of is that many guys really like tall girls. And honestly you are not that tall. I don't know your age but it may just be that your growth occurred a bit earlier than many. Feel good about yourself - and others will feel good towards you.

5 7 lady....you can be a model with long legs and earn a fortune..wow..
Don't feel down cos your so tall...your the lucky one..how many of your friends want to be taller i bet?
Your more attractive to all the really tall guys as well..lucky you.

5`7 is nothing for a woman. Dont worry.

Since there isn't anything you can do about it...how about you embrace your height? I mean consider the alternative:being very short. Just know that everyone has something about themselves that they aren't happy with.Your not alone.

Dress nice and just be who you are. Carry yourself with pride,confidence and dignity. I'm sure you are an awesome person and alot of people care about you just the way you are.

Don't worry lady, I'm a 6' 3'' man, I'm not tall, it's just that most people are vertically challenged !"

if you are tall, then you are different.


get somewhere, you literally stand out from the crowd and that is a good thing

i am 5'8 and i think im too short so i think you should just accept it and not stress it so much. in this world there are tall and short personally think your a perfect height.

being tall is a good thing! just try to ignore the fact that you're tall if it really bothers you, but no offense, 5'7, is not really that tall-i am 5'6 and i am not even that tall. you must hang out with a lot of small girls! try to also make friends who are your height or close to it. use your tallness for sports like basketball and volleyball-don't worry about it. i'd kill to stay at my current weight if i could be taller-like 5'9 or something lol!

when I am in the supermarket I just love when someone your height come along as I am 5"3 to help me with something from the top shelf,and doing windows and high dusting painting you do have your uses?lots and lots so don't get down you are a person with feelings not matter tall or small slim or fat everyone has problems,never feel weird feel 10 feet tall then your on top of the world

Don't think of being tall as a bad thing. Being tall is beautiful , if you think about it .. models are very tall. I'm 5ft and I wish I'd do anything to be taller.
It's great, you just need to stop being so hard on yourself, you're perfect the way you are.

im 5 foot 8 and a half

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am 6ft tall and 15 and at some times I am a little uneasy but hey I have something they don't. Flaunt your tallness and be proud of it.

Hint hint: your not that tall...

My Gosh.{Oh} xx Livin It Upp x
models have to be iover 5'7 to become catwalk models. count urself lucky and ur friends.. nt so lucky!!!

thatone guy
im 5'8 lol and im only 11! being tall is awesome, dont worry!

Love your height! I bet you are leggy and model like. I was that height at your age and now I am 5'9 and absolutely love being tall! Love your height and love yourself, hold your head high and be noticed for how beautiful you are! :-) xxxxx

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