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I always feel like crap when I wake up even with8 hrs. sleep. Is this normal?

its called puberty

i feel that way when i've had too much sleep. if i get up after 10 am in the morning, i always feel weird and unusuall lazy.

people say you need 8 hrs when infact all people are different for me it is 6 hrs if thats all I get I feel great 8 7 9 13 I feel like crap. Find your number.

well if u get to bed late and sleep late it doesn't matter how long u sleep ur still as tired (if not more so) than u were the day b4

i dunno but same here

Eat something with protein in it before you go to sleep. It will keep your blood sugar from dropping, which might be why you feel bad in the mornings.

Usually that means the quality of sleep you're getting isn't that great. Are you tossing and turning, waking up in the middle of the night, etc.?

Eight hours is a good amount, but make sure there aren't any disturbances that would cause you to lose sleep.

Cung Pow Chicken
You may want to go see a doctor. Sleep apnea can still make you feel tired and worn out even after sleeping for a long period of time.

its normal happens to one of my friends all the time

All you need to do is catch up with your sleep on the days you don't get 8hrs of sleep. Sleep a lot on the weekends.

Dani M
your just not a moring person
just wait it out you'll be fine in like an hour thats what i do

Jake R
i feel like crap throughout the whole day, even if i got 12 hrs of sleep im still tired 12 hrs later

it's really natural...being tired after many hours of sleep makes our body a little bit tired but you have to think that you are not tired because if you do, your body will feel a lot more slouchy.

Ashley H
Ok well most people require different hours of sleep but i would suggest some excersize in the morning before you start your day. Maybe a walk or something but seriously give it a try! It works!!

well sometimes it depends on what time you woke up that effect the way you feel
and sometimes to much sleep for someone will cause that too
or you need more sleep

maybe its thyroid problems

Love VS Pink
I think it just means you want more sleep.

Sleep you are not lacking. Your metabolism is low. Do aerobics and you will feel remarkably better.

It could be normal...or it could be thyroid problems. or you could have mono...but ya know. it depends what other symptoms you have. if youve been having greasy hair lately and your thyroid gland feels large, then you should get it checked out. but otherwise, you are good to go.

I doubt there's such thing as "too much" sleep. I tend to need 12 hours a night to actually feel rested.

It could be that your body's thyroid has stop producing what it needs to. One of the symptoms is waking up completely drained. You should go into the doctor for tests.

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