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 I am scared!!!?
I am pretty sure i have postpartum deprssion. I am going to the doctor tomorrow moring. I am scared she is going to take my baby away or put me in a mental hospital. I don't feel i am a harm to ...

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 sad songs about depression?
for some strange reaosn all i can listen to is sad, depressing music. even when i'm feeling relitavely happy.

how do you know when you are medically depressed ? if theres such a thing....

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i always step on every crack on the sidewalk.
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i keep telling him to stop... and so does many other people
i hate seeing him ...

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 Which is harder to give up, cigarettes or alcohol?

 how to control angry?
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 Am I going crazy?
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 Is it weird that i talk to myself?
like i do it all the time and sometimes i play the role of other people
sometimes its out loud other times its in my head

am i crazy or am i just blowing this out of ...

 What should I do if someone is threatening my life?
Allright so i use 2 smoke weed alot ( i know it's bad i quit now) well when i use 2 smoke i bought it from this guy but he gave it 2 me and said i could pay him later but he didnt give me the ...

 What's so bad about cutting?
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Im downstairs by myself with my parents upstairs. i heard scratching on my door leading to the outside, i can hear breathing in the distant which i think is coming from outside my room! im freaking out its 3 am in the morning. please advice!

Open the door and look.

Confused one
ATTENTION! Before u go outside to scare it off, take a camera with u so we can see what happens.(and laugh) Maybe its just the Blair witch kids...

wow. that's scary. here's what you do.
1-lock all doors and windows
2-turn all lights on(inturder + dark=too scary)
3-get a weapon(baseball bat/knife/gun/whatever could cause damage)
4-make your parents aware
5-call the police 911
6-if someone is outside and they come in remember not to attack until you've seen their face and have confirmed they are indeed an intruder and not someone you know messing with you.


7.you could just grab a knife and jump outside and confront your stalker/intruder

good luck, keep these great men in mind, what would they do in your shoes?
james bond
seann connery
indiana jones
captain caveman

Is this a fake question? Why would you post this question when you should be telling your parents???

1. Are you on drugs?
2. Call your parents
3. Call the police
4. Do you have a BF that knows where you live that plays joke
5. Do you have siblings that does the same
6. Do you have friends that does the same
7. Dont be afraid to check it out (other wise too late)
8. Grab a knife
9. It could be a tree
10. It might be a killer

Anyone one of these options should do the trick.

do not make noice, move slowly, peep from inside and observe if ever it is an intruder you can call the police but communicate to to your parents to close their door and also tell them not to panic.once the police will arrive with an instruction to have a back up thats the time that you have to tell your parents to go out with all light on.

Take a weapon and go see who's there. It could be your mind playin with you though, which happens late at night.

If you have a cat its probably it or maybe a stray
Shout up to your parents or grab something and go look your probably stoned

you have prob freaked yourself out. Roll up in a blanket get under you bed and sleep.
in all honestness. Have a phone? if your really worried call your house and tell ur mom (so u dont leave the room)
Or what not. Good luck

Stan Cranley
it's probably your kitty cat. Cats are cute!

if it's a rapist, call the police. yahoo answers can't help u.

u watch 2 many scary movies :-D

Switch your lights on and off. Shout out 'the police is on their way' if not pray to God.
Good luck

How did you hear me? I was so quiet.

Err. . .I mean. . .

Just go back to sleep. . .everything is just fine.

The scatching sound is probably just a serial killer coming to chop off your head.


Are you in possession of a mobile phone, you could perhaps text your parents and ask them to come to you, and tell them the reasons, stay safe

Could someone in your house come back drunk?

That's scary, you might want to get something to help you defend yourself. It could be a person, it could also be a pet, or a wild animal, or your imagination...

assuming you are not on drugs, get out of the house and phone the police.

go up to yr parents..or scream. maybe whoever it it theyll go away

Its me.
So why don't you just step away from the computer and put your hands where i can see them!

Get a ghost hunter to find out then your safe.

check it out?
call your parents down?

I would go ahead and try to stop using the cocaine. It is really starting to show.

© ~Not My Fault~ ™
Get a knife or a mallet.

With the knife, shove it through that door and hope you poke the person/thing.

With a mallet, bang on the door like a maniac and hope you scare it off.

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