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I KNOW I'm depressed... and I KNOW I need meds. How do I go about getting them? What type of doctor do i go2
It's been too long... I don't have a "primary care" doctor... and I don't think I need one to get some meds to make me feel better. I need to know how to go about getting meds...........please............

and please dont tell me "oh you'll feel better..just do this and this and this..." or any comforting... it helps a bit, but that's' not what I'm asking for....

Please help me....by answering my question...

Talk to your regular doctor, then tell them exactly how you feel. If it's just depression they will most likely prescribe you meds for it. If there is more to it, then they will refer you to a psyciatrist.

You sound like your panicing. You can go to the emergency room, and tell them how you feel. They can get you in to see someone faster. Also you can see your local county psyciatric clinic. Look in the fron of your phone book.
If it's really bad, tell them your suicidal.

u MUST tell your age first maybe is the adolescent....and dont take drugs!!!

Evil One
See a psychiatrist.

Talk to your family doctor. Hell, any doctor. My ob/gyn prescribed me antidepressants.

diamond girl36
i would suggest you go the nearest mental health in clinic in your area tell them your situation and they'll know what to do........in the mean time you can call a crisis hot-line for someone to talk to right now this is very serious and you shouldn't be down on yourself ............if you have time find a primary doctor explain all these things he'll then refer you to someone more equipped to handle the situation. the type of doctor that you probably would see would be a psychotherapist,psychiatrist etc. i wish you the very best and i hope and pray that this was helpful.....

Derick Graham
If you have a general doctor... he can prescribe them to you

go to your primary doc, and have him send you to a shrink, or therapist. Your primary doc can give you an anti-depressant, and get you started back to seeing the "light". I've been there, my doc gave me effexor, and now I see a therapist. It's really helping a lot. I wish the ultimate best to you hon. Good luck ~~

Although you may not need a "primary care" doctor, unless you live in one of a couple of states in the U.S. where a psychologist is able to prescribe psychiatric type medication, or go see a psychiatrist, there is no legal (or safe) way to get this type of medication. At this point in the U.S., the majority of antidepressants are prescribed by primary care physicians such as Family Practitioners or Internal Medicine specialists, and typically referrals are made to psychiatrists by the P.C.P. if the person isn't responding to treatment. You might consider the fact that not all "depressions" are best treated with medicine. Particularly the milder forms of depression may be treated sucessfully with psychotherapy alone, though sometimes a combo of psychotherapy and medication works best.

One reason to consider going to a primary care physician is the fact that that there are a number of medical problems that can cause depression.

you could find a primary Dr to give you the meds its cheaper or a psychiatrist can provide you with meds also but that would be more expensive. I would be afraid to try online pharmacies because you really never know what your getting, I prefer a primary Dr because they dont go into details about your depression. Best of luck :)

You need to go to a psychiatrist. Most probabely psychiatrist will prescribe you a anti-depressant called PAXIL or other anti-depressant. Till now Paxil is the best and most effective medicine for depression. It works fast but has some very painfull side effects and withdrawal effects which is also Paxil is famous for. For some people side effects and withdrawal effects less and for some more, it depends on a person to person. Paxil and other anti-depressants are addictive for many people, because of that many people are taking it from many years.
Treating depression with anti-depressant Paxil or other anti-depressant is a very complicated, painfull and expensive issue. So, before going to psychiatrist I want to suggest you one best thing to do.

Try this herbal supplement called 'St. John's Wort' before going to your psychiatrist. It is really wonderful for treating depression. It has no side effects and It woks for many people. In Europe it is widely used and famous. Europeans prefer St. John's Wort instead of anti-depressant for treating the depression. And it is easily available on counter. It is available in the form of capsules and other forms but mostly capsules. You should check properly and buy the best and good brand one.
St. John's Wort has no side effects but, you should avoid direct sunlight after consuming.

Taking 3 capsules of St. John's Wort after dinner everynight for around two months is very effective. I myself did the same and it worked for me.

I took Paxil one and half year back for one month. My depression gone away with a very painfull withdrawal effects for more than 2 weeks. But my depression was back again after 3 months of relief.

If you need any information you can message me.

go to your own doctor,i dint know where you live ,but you must be regitered with a doctor. he or she will give you meds ,dont be ashamed to ask ,as one in five people suffer deppresion.dont expext them to work quickly ,as they take 4-6 weeks to get into your system ,but they will help ,also you have to help yourself, good luck

You need a family practice doctor or a clinic who can evaluate you. They can then prescribe the medication if needed. Takes about 6 weeks for meds to start having an effect.

See a general doctor and she/he should be able to send you to someone in your area.

But don't let them use meds alone! Ask for some therapy to help you understand WHY you're depressed. I got put on meds and had no clue why I was upset. Therapy really made me understand myself. I'm not saying you won't need meds (sometimes, if it's a chemical imbalance that can be the ONLY answer!)

You really need to see a GP. If not possible, try contacting your local hospitals out-patient dept.
Meds should be prescribed, as there are a variety depending on the type of mental health difficulty you are experiencing.
Avoid Seroxat; it seems to cause an urge to do self-harm.

Make an appointment with a general practitioner. Clinics are usually less expensive than private offices. Tell him your symptoms and that you think you need meds. See if he can help or refers you to someone else.

nicole p
Just go to your normal doctor tell him/her what is going on. They might want to see you a couple times before the prescribe something. But I just went to a normal doctor and he asked me a series of questions and then he gave me a Rx for anti-depressants.

yvonne s
hi there, with all honesty i would go to my own doctors, that way he could prescribe the right medication for you, if you have not got a doctor then get one even if it is only to get this problem sorted, hey by the way well done...not all people admit they are depressed, at least you know you need help and medication
good luck
i hope this helps

You should go to a psychiatrist. They are the best at diagnosing and treating psychological problems. A psychologist gives 'talk therapy' and counseling but cannot prescribe meds.

If you go to a General Practitioner they will probably give you a sample of an anti-depressant but then refer you to a psychiatrist so you might as well go straight to the psychiatrist.

check your phone book for your local mental health association and they can refer you to a local clinic.

susan p
The best place to start is with a doctor. If you don"t have one it is important to find one. Depression is a decease and must be diagnosed by a MD to be prescribed medication. Hope you follow through. When depressed it is often difficult to motivate oneself. Can you ask a friend or family member to help make an appointment?

You can go to your local mental health facility if you do not want to engage a primary care doctor and they can not only provide counseling but the meds if that is something that you both deem as something that would be helpful.
I myself found great help in my primary care physician...in fact as far as the medicine end, he was the most helpful to me of all..but that is just one persons experience. Get help where you feel the most comfortable but more importantly, get help.

Hey there,

I think that is a great question. I think a very important question would be, Do you have insurance? I think that makes a big difference to a lot of people. If yes, you can call your insurance company and find out who can provide that service to you without you having to pay a huge copay. These days I see primary Dr.s issuing meds for depression all the time. A psychiatrist is your next best. They have gone to medical school and their focus is on psychotropic drugs. But don't expect a counselor!! They don't do that.

If you don't have insurance, then there is a mental health agency in your area. You can find it in the yellow pages. Its usually a county agency or a state agency. There you can get counseling and meet with a psychiatrist and get on a program. If you don't have alot of money, they base it on a scale.

They are going to ask you a lot of questions. Does depression run in your family, How long have you been depressed. There are virtually all differnet kinds of mood disorders and the key is to narrow it down to the one that fits your symptoms. Perhaps you can write some of your history down so you don't forget the major and important things. I hear you say that you have depressed for a long time. They need to know how long.

You can also go online to http:www.nami.com and there is alot of info on that site.

The best therapy for depression is talk therapy and or medication.

Good luck......... I hope this helps and I believe it takes a very brave person to ask the smart questions, as you have done. But, make sure you make that next step........ Call....... Knowlege is power.....

If you have insurance.
Go thru them and seek counseling. It helps to talk about it. Or even if you have a close friend...Dont hold it in. Also, last but not least...Pray to God and seek his word. Read Psalms.

you have to go to a general Doctor, you DO need to go to the doctor so he can give you the best prescription for you.

Donald A
go to a mental health provider.

Well you should go to a psychologist (sory if i didn't write it well) first he'll try to help u out first with out medications but if he sees that it's something else then he'll send u to the psychatris (the same), I know u don't want me to tell u this but, I've been depresed and I know how it feels, trust me if u try hard, u'll get better.

Hope you get better soon!! =)

Well a psychiatrist is the type of doctor to talk to for those specific medications.... a general practitioner or primary care physician could refer you to one or could prescribe those medications also.

Violet Pearl
You'll have to get meds from your general practitioner if you want them.
Otherwise, you can try alternative medicines like Saitn John's Wort (the natural Prozac)

Christina M
Feel your pain. Just go to a regular doctor first. See if they can make a appointment with someone else if they won't help you!

I would start by contacting your normal doctor and ask him for references to other specialist.

you may not even need meds, but a pyschiatrist or psychologist would be the one you want to see.

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