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I've just been to a funeral. Can you help me with a question?
I've visited the funeral of my sisters' best friends' mother. She was only 52. Cancer. The family are devestated. How long does the whole "grieving process" take? Is there a standard process or does it differ from person to person? Please only serious answers. Thanks.

it does take people time to deal with stuff
my nan passed away , it took me a few months to run out all my tears , its hard on birthdays and anniversys

It has been my experance that it depends on how close you were to the person who has passed on. Also just when you think the grieving process is over the first holiday comes up and it starts all over again but not as bad. Things such as holidays the persons birthday, certain odors,etc. are known as " triggers " and will start you to thinking about the person who has passed. This person was 52 unborn or very young grand childern will not have a grangmother in there life and this will cause the childern of this woman to start to grive and miss there mother, when the grandchildern get old enough to ask one of the many questions childern ask Why dose my freinds have a grandmother and I do not?.I know all to well about this subject because I have been thru this myself. I hope this helps

I think it differs from person to person, mostly because each person has different beliefs. I think its a little bit easier to come to terms with the loss of a loved one if you believe in an afterlife and you truly believe you will see them agian one day. If you don;t believe then its harder because you know you've lost that person forever and not just a lifetime x x x

you can't just say
i'll feel better in three weeks & things will be normal again.
while, yes, one person might be feeling better in three weeks, others may still feel as if it just happened.

everyone handles things differently.

good luck.

There are stages of grieving that everyone goes through...people take different amounts of time to go through each stage and it takes varied amounts of time...There isn't anything anyone can do to hurry this process except be supportive and be patient and to not think that just because a period of time has passed the person should be getting over their loss.....they have to have a natural progression through....Shock.....numbness denial anger and finally acceptance....Sometimes grieving is continuous but with acceptance comes the ability to move on with life and accept the loss but it stays with you..

You never get over it, it just gets easier, that I promise, time is a healer,I am so sorry you have witnessed cance, it is somthing you will never forget.....
Take care

There is no "standard" time of grieving,"time is a great healer" is a true saying.

It varies from person to person.

You can chart a “standard” practice, but it really depends on how long each individual decides to spend on it.

Some folks are OK after a few days, other take a few weeks or months, and then there are some who focus their entire lives on the loss of a loved one – these are the folks who will create a shrine to the person – by leaving their room just the way they left it, or put up pictures all around them, or talk about the person, and how much they are missed almost constantly. These are obviously not healthy grieving processes – but it happens – frighteningly often.

How long it takes is different from person to person, and has a lot to do with how each person decides to deal with it, and weather or not they decide to accept the loss.

It varies from person to person. Each person grieves at their own pace. Some may take longer than others.

people get through this in meny different ways ,you can not put a time limit on it.

It veries from person to person. Some people grieve for a short period of time and some grieve for a long period of time. My mother was still grieving for my father when she died, 10 tears after he did.

I have to say sometimes you NEVER get over it. You learn to live with the pain and yes this is a different process for every person.

There are different steps to grieving for different people also. Don't be surprised if ANGER is a major one.

[email protected]
it affects people in different ways , it can take quite a long time to grieve over a loved one .many people say if you talk about the person who has just passed away it does help . dont be afraid to talk about your sisters best friends mum . she is still in there hearts and always will be.just give it time.

Dolly Blue
It is different for everyone a lot depends on how close you were to the person who died. Also it depends on the age of the person who died, how they died and had they had a good life, lived it to the full. If they died young and had lots of life left to live you also feel cheated which adds to the grief. My mother died 23 years ago, I suppose I seriously grieved for a couple of years gradually the pain eases and memories take its place, good memories and over the years it gets better. She was my best friend I still miss her and I suppose now I think about it I still grieve from time to time . It will get better but it will take time.

Very different for everyone. This being a young person to die will make it very hard for all concerned and you may find the grieving hasn't even started in earnest yet. Everyone has different coping strategies and it's best to let them sort this out for themselves as it is such a personal process. Be supportive and think of yourself too.

it differs and it could take forever, its the way people deal with it thats the difference

My Gran (we lived in the same house for all my life) died about 23 years ago, I grieved for a couple of days.
A friend died about 20 years ago and I still cry every few weeks. Both were unexpected deaths.
Once every 1 or 2 years or so I'll think of my Gran but no tears.
Explain that rationally, I loved my Gran, I liked my friend. There is no reason to grief, it just IS.

everybody is different my dad died 18 years ago and my mam 11 years ago. i am a granny and if i sit and think about them i could cry. my son was stillborn 27 years ago and i still can't talk about him without getting upset. so you grieve. the pain eases but you never forget. myself i know that when i die i will be with them all again.

I think that it differs from person to person. People handle grief in different ways, people are stronger in different ways. Some people will be able to handle it really well whilst others will have to have more support than others. I think that they should all talk to each other and be there for each other as they each know what they are going through.

♣ My Brainhurts ♣
Everybody is different, it takes as long as it takes.

angie n
it takes time, depends on the person, try this for an idea, tell your sister's best friend to take deep breath's hold for a short while , whist doing this think that the sun is shinning above there head inhaling capsule's of goodness, happiness and confidence let the feeling past though their lung's and into their tummy let this then past into the whole body, healing and repairing.

well it depends from person to person.
I lost my big brother 17years ago and I still grieve for him sometimes, also lost grandma just short of a year ago and it still hurts in the middle of the night.

Tell your friend there are lots of people they can talk to if they need to and trust me it will help and it will get better as time goes on.

nas88car300 Clint wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it varies from person to person...it really shows when the first holidays come up and they are not there

my mom died of cancer actually it was 5 years ago this past june and i would have to say time heals all wounds and yes it does get better as time goes by, but everyone is different and i dont cry as much now as i used too but i still miss her more than ever....(my mom was only 45).

paddy bom
the grieving never ends.
Its like a loved one taking a train from the station.- we go there to see that person start a new journey and as the train pulls away the loved one goes a little more away from us as the train speeds off.
We know from then on that the loved one is on a journey but the journey is only one way. We love them as much as we always did but the train is not coming back.

jemma b
It totally differs from person to person!It can take weeks months or even years!I lost my nan to cancer 3 years ago and still to this day have never shed a proper tear for her!I love her to pieces but to me she is still her n she never left!Death is hard for not just the family but the people around them to and all you can do is just be there for them!Take care chik n chin up!

Hey, it differes from person to person..
Some people are happy to see a person that was suffering die.
These people are very strong.. It hurt them Mucho to see them suffer.
When my brother died, I did not even want to go to the Funeral. I only wanted to remember the good times we had. He had cancer and I did not want to see how he looked after..
Have a good day.

The grieving process is not standard, it depends on how much the person was involved with the departed. The closer you were to that person the harder it is. But just be there for your sister and the friends you have. God bless

it depends from person to person and family to family ...

death is inevitable and we all have to go some time.... the best thing you or your sister can do to the bereaved family is by trying to bring them back to normal life as soon as possible ...

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