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 How can I learn to take critisism better?
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 was it a suicide attempt?
my mate.

took 13 paracetamol
night nurse
broke his knuckle
cut his wrists
got drunk

cutting his wrists didnt work as the blade was blunt and when he pushed ...

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I really feel like ending it all..
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 Hey will someone talk to me, I'm feeling kinda suicidal and really alone...?
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I'm not interested in calling some stupid hot-line
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 If you could only keep one of the five senses, which would it be and why?

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I couldn't be happy without my site. I have a good ear for sound and music so I could remember sounds well. as for touch, taste and smell those seem to be ...

 Why is it that I get so depressed when I see my mom?
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 Is it possible to be a well-adjusted, kind and loving adult even when you had a shitty childhood?
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 Would spending time in a mental home ruin your life?
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 Mom's computer addiction?
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 is sucide a way out or is it a choice to end pain?
well 31 years old alone dying (hiv) and so angry about it didnt tell anyone and lost my job from the anger dont you think sucude is the way to go or dye a long painful ...

 How do I tell my mom that I am depressed?
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 Why do people say self-harm is bad?
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Help? Kind Words?...

 I don't really know what these attacks are.?
I get these all the time and they last for about 30 minutes.
hear voices
shake uncontrolably
i see faces trying to get me
i lose control of my body

 I'm having a really bad day; can anyone help me to feel better by telling a joke or giving inspiration?

doktor of the mynd
I've been really depressed lately and nothing seems to help!!!!?
ive been real depressed lately and been feeling really lonley, i feel like im sketchin around the brim of sanity. ive tryed every thing that makes me feel good (no drugs or booze) evrey thing i love is loosing its purpose its meening. is there something wrong with me? what can i do with out using psycological pills and other nonsence like that?
Additional Details
its even drivin myself to self mutilation just once and my ex gf flipped out.

I feel exactly he same :(

sam d
are you a male or female, let me know first

man if i knew i would tell you because i swear im getten the same exact way and i have no idea whats wrong with me.....

see a councellor

man if u stay in mumbai join my group.u will never think this way again.

wright down your feelings like in a journal or do it on the yahoo thing so that your not keeping it all bundled up and dont worry if it doesnt make sence and then read it over to your self and just know it will be better soon and dont worry you can cry dont try to be strong bc thats never good

it also happens to me but you may try this i am very sUre its going to work --relax in Ur chair put Ur hands on d handles let them be heavy without any force attached then close ur eyes think about ur happy days like what u ate,places u went ,good moment u shared with new and old people.when done with DAT take Ur bathe, eat and sleep in d evening, stroll in an area where its not noisy and also visit friends,,,it will surely work for u See u do that

If pills and counselling are out, practice for 20 mins daily the meditation technique at http://www.healthyplace.com/communities/ and when it recurs. If you feel the urge to self harm, put a rubber band over your wrist (for a few minutes, maximum) and flick it, or hold an ice cube in both hands, or draw a red line across your wrist. See http://www.focusas.com/selfinjury.html and http://www.beattheblues.info/? and www.depression.com/- and the blogs of Shan Eris on "tackling depression" in myspace blogs at www.myspace.com Exercise daily and eat a healthy diet; keep occupied.

Gunny Bill
See a psychologist, they do therapy. Not a psychiatrist they do chemical imbalance of brain (drugs). Psychologist may recommend that you take antidepressant until you get stabilized in treatment.

anuradha ramapriya
Hello sir, don't take any english medicines. Please go though yoga and meditation classes. Be happy about yourself. Don't think negative thoughts, be always positive thoughts. play with your good friends. Please take ayurvedic medicine. You Always thinking about GOD's gift don;t afraid, be happy, be com, be cool.

gowry k
Its best thing to go to a professional ask for help. You can get into meditation or go to those meditation camp in India.

lokendra d
you please consult professional and do believe in god .Think positive and in past when you were happy.Be in touch with good friends. Try to see hindi comedy movies of GOVINDA .

would you take aspirin if you had a headache or a sore knee? then what is so bad about an antidepressant for emotional pain (if it is persistent and for no real reason, brain is just wigging out on you).

Here are my non-medication depression tips (and even if you take meds, these are all good!)

Try going out with friends more, even if you don't feel like it. Pass the time by reading more or doing crosswords, to get thru the bad times. play happy music, not down and depressing stuff. write a list of things you love and read it (fluffy kittens, restored antique cars, fresh towels after a hot shower, etc.) include all your senses in the list. go out and get more sunshine. Exercise every time you feel bad, it is a natural mood regulator. go get counseling.

If you're female, it could be PMS, you will have to keep track.

if these things don't do it for you, you either have to suffer this until it ends (if it ever does) or take pills.

This is not unususal. See how many who have answered your question are also sick like u. I said sick because it is a sickness which can be healed.
Hello all answerers:
If u r in India please go to a meditation centre. The process of meditation, even one sitting, will show the miraculous results to you.
If not a psychiatrist is an answer. There are medicines which help you get over the depression.
What ever u do, do not prolong it.

PLZ join Art of living .... (follow it sincerely) This can cure any thing and everything

It's not an easy life so there isn't really an easy answer. But if you have a girlfriend you shouldn't be lonely so much. Consider yourself very lucky. Some don't have what you have.

As for things losing their meaning I would definitely talk to a doctor because if I was you, I couldn't bear to live like that. You should definitely get on meds because it sure sounds like you need them. Either that or check out this website:


Good luck and know that I'm rooting for you. We're all underdogs. ^_^

There are two type of depression;1) reactive depression.2) pathological depression.Reactive depression usually due lose;family member lose,friend lose,business lose,school failure or love fair failure.Unless very sever most people can handle it take some time to recover.If case go to xterm such as suicidal ideation show or attend that need professional help.I hope you are belong to this group and not very serious.If you have previous his-try of mental illness and belong to second group that no double you need professional help.

You don't have to take medication, but it does sound like you need to talk to someone. A counselor would really help you if you want to feel better. I say that because a lot of people say they want to get help, but are then unable to be honest about their feelings with their counselor....so they don't get better. If you can be honest and open to suggestions, then you would really benefit from this.

Exercise. and find things that make you happy again.

This just came on all of sudden? Has there been a significant change in your life lately? I strongly suggest you see a physician for an evaluation, just to make sure it is nothing physical. Then perhaps you can discuss some medication should your physican feel you need it. Depression is serious and needs to be handled by professionals. As much as I tried to help my son with his depression, he did not want to help himself and recently died of a street drug overdose. Take care of yourself and see your physician, good luck to you.

you need God. Pray, Pray Pray

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